Long Time No See

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My computer is back up and running. Thank goodness.

It’s been over a year since I’ve written anything on this blog. Unfortunately I haven’t been feeling inspired. I was hoping that being home would somehow trigger my creative juices. I haven’t looked at a chart or opened my software in almost a year.

My passion for astrology just isn’t there any more. I consider myself a life long student (Thanks Gemini Moon in the 9th) but the need to do astrology on a professional level fizzled away ages ago. I closed my Etsy shop down and will no longer be offering readings. I’m abandoning Venus in The Fifth for good. The site will still remain up for those who are interested.

What I am passionate about is tarot/oracle cards. It seems to come to me easily, especially as someone who is a visual learner. I love the imagery, occult aspect, and symbolism. As a Pisces Sun/Mercury working with cards allows me to tap into my intuition freely. The process feels more organic and close to my heart. I’ve never felt as though I was a good astrologer to begin with, to be honest with you. I never felt confident doing charts for clients. I never felt good enough.

With that being said, I plan on spending more time on my Tarot-Oracle blog Venusisascending. I’ve purchased my own domain and plan on changing the look of my blog eventually. I’ll still be adding some astrological elements, but it won’t be as heavily focused on astrology as this site was. It was good while it lasted. I’ve met some amazing individuals within the astrology community. I just don’t feel as though I have a place in it anymore.

Review: Moonology Oracle – By Yasmin Boland

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Moonology Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

I’ve always mentioned how thrilled I am when I come across planetary themed oracle/tarot decks. The Moonology Oracle is quickly becoming one of my favorite oracle decks to work with. It’s what lunar dreams are made of.

The deck was created by Yasmin Boland (with artwork by Nyx Rowan) and consists of 44 cards broken up into 4 sections: Moon Phase cards, New Moon cards, Full Moon cards, and a set of specialty cards. There are Full/New Moon cards in all 12 zodiac signs, and the specialty cards include: Void-of-Course, Eclipses (both New and Full) as well as the Moon’s lunar nodes (North and South)

The 8 Moon Phases are as follows:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Crescent
  • First Quarter
  • Gibbous Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Disseminating Moon
  • Third Quarter Moon
  • Balsamic Moon

Each section can she shuffled individual and can…

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An Independent Little Spirit

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Raising an independent 10 year old is harder than I thought.

venus is ascending

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle

The Full Moon in Pisces is slowly approaching and as a Pisces Sun I’m definitely feeling it’s pull. My daughter, seems to be feeling it as well. She’s a Libra with a Pisces Moon (her Moon is conjunct my Sun/Mercury) and she’s quite sensitive. Uranus is conjunct her Moon (Uranus trines my Moon) so she is quite the independent spirit.

My daughter also has a Moon/Pluto square and her Sun is tightly conjunct my Pluto in the 12th. I’ll admit, I winced when I first saw these planetary interactions. We’ve all read the chapters of astrology books that discuss the difficulties of Pluto aspects in synastry. I’m hyper aware of her aspects, especially today.

My daughter will be 11 next month and I am blown away by her self-awareness, confidence and independence at such a tender age. Today she went to a corner store (it’s…

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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Custody Blues

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I haven’t written a post here in God knows how long. I just haven’t felt motivated or inspired. It took a little celebrity gossip to get my astro-juices flowing.

I was reading some news today and decided to take a  look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s synastry chart. Things are getting kind of intense between these two. I quickly jotted down some notes in my astro-journal about these two. Nothing too detailed. Just some observations.

I have new software (yay!) and created a tri-wheel. Brad’s chart is the center wheel, Angelina the second wheel, and the outer wheel is their current transits.

Despite Brad’s sunny Sagittarius nature (Sagittarius Sun/Rising) he has a lot of Capricorn planets (Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus) I know how cold and calculating Capricorn can be (His Aquarius ex, Jennifer Aniston, mentioned him having a missing “Sensitivity chip’) He’s definitely using his P.R. team during this child custody debacle.

Speaking of kids, I think this is going to get uglier. Transiting Pluto is on his natal Moon and Pluto/Moon transits, especially the stressful ones, unleash all kinds of emotional triggers and power plays. He’s in survival mode at the moment. Transiting Pluto is also on his Venus which rules his 5th house of children. Transiting Uranus in Taurus is slowly approaching his 5th house and this can indicate a broken relationship with ones children or at least a sporadic one. This entire situation is a bit unpredictable.

tumblr_pdqct9Uftj1u0nkhg_540Transiting Ceres at 22 Degrees is approaching a conjunction to his Midheaven at 26 Degrees Virgo. We all know the Ceres/Persephone myth concerning a parent (Ceres) losing her child (Persephone) for Brad, his parental issues are being played out before the public (Midheaven) Transiting Ceres is also opposing his 4th house cusp (home/family) his Chiron (wounds) and transiting Neptune. There’s a lot going on that’s not being revealed (Neptune)

Angelina is being hit hard by transiting Chiron in Aries approaching her natal Moon in Aries. Her natal Ceres (motherhood) in Taurus will be hit with a transit from Uranus in Taurus. This is definitely upsetting her family set-up. She has the asteroid “Child” in Cancer at 3 degrees opposing transiting Saturn in Capricorn. This can be a restrictive (Saturn) situation involving her kids. This could also be the judge (Saturn is associated with authority and discipline) requiring her to allow Brad to see the kids, and all of these ground rules concerning support, etc. I know this is difficult for a free-spirit like her who is known for her wanderlust.

Brad’s “Child” is at 0 Degrees Sagittarius in his 12th house. I think once transiting Jupiter enters Sagittarius next year there’s going to be a shift in HIS favor. His “Golden Boy” image is really going to get played up once Jupiter touches his ascendant. Angelina on the other hand has transiting Pluto and Lilith opposing her ascendant and transiting Chiron approaching a conjunction to her Midheaven. Her we have the “Bitch” (Lilith) image and that’s how the public may paint her. Combine this with Chiron on the Midheaven and her public image may take a blow.

Take note of Angelina’s Neptune conjunct Brad’s ascendant. Did she project her own fantasies onto Brad? I always got the feeling she did. Their union always made me think of the weird goth girl that managed to snag the captain of the football team. I don’t think either one of them saw the other clearly to be honest with you. His interest in her always felt self-serving. I’m sure he loves her, she’s the mother of his children after all, but their was always this waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop energy surrounding their union.

Brad met her during a major Pluto transit to his natal Sun. This is a profound transit, and his meeting her was no accident. People come into our lives for good or bad I suppose.

This is one big mess.

Getting To The Root of The Matter

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The Wisdom of Natural Hair Oracle

It seems like ages since I’ve published a post here. Sometimes, I’m learning, life get’s in the way. The above card (“Honor you hair’s femininity”) reminds me of me, my daughter, and my grandmother. I’ve been looking into my roots lately and I’ve discovered the names of my maternal great-great-grandmother, and my great-great-great-grandmother (who was born on a plantation in North Carolina) I was fortunate enough to know great-grandmother (her name was, Ollie) and one evening I started to remember some of the conversations we had when I would visit her while still in high-school. She was a Libra (Like my daughter) extremely outspoken, and quite the fashionista. I remember our last conversation like it was yesterday: I had visited her in her Harlem apartment and we talked about her marriage, family, and being women in general. She told me how much…

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Jupiter Enters Scorpio – October 10th, 2017

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Abraham Janssens The Agrippine Sibyl Netherlands (c. 1575) Düsseldorf, Kunst Palast

Jupiter enters Scorpio today [October 10th, 9:20AM, EST] ushering in growth and expansion through transmutation, something I’m personally looking forward to. Jupiter in Scorpio, for me, symbolizes fearlessness and survival; a sort of spiritual digging/unearthing, and there’s nothing pretty about it. That’s the joy of it all (at least for me it is) raw and penetrating.

I also foresee an increase in occult studies, shadow work, and the darker parts of the soul/psyche. We see this in popular culture with the rise of television shows that deal with everything from zombies (The Walking Dead), witchcraft and mediumship (Midnight Texas), and magical Gods (American Gods)

Jupiter is tied into religion and faith, more so than Neptune. Even the church of Satan has become more visible. After all, Scorpio’s ruler (Pluto/Hades) rules the underworld, and getting down and dirty to the heart of the matter is what Scorpio does best.

Of course themes surrounding sex and death (death can also be symbolic) may also take center stage during this time.

Facing our “demons” (and possibly be-friending them) can bring about a wonderful learning and healing opportunity. Scorpio has tremendous regenerative abilities.

This takes me back to my 2006 solar return when Jupiter was in Scorpio. I went through a divorce and the death of a loved one, but I also began to reevaluate what I valued and even my own self-worth. Jupiter in Scorpio was transiting my 2nd house at the time and it felt as though I had unearthed a buried treasure. I also shed some of my materialism, de-cluttered, and realized how liberating it was to live with less.

I wasn’t a big fan of Jupiter in Libra, believe it or not. All that “niceness” was becoming too contrived for me, almost phoney in some regards. I don’t see us holding back with Jupiter in Scorpio. And why would we want to?

Dr. Amos Wilson & Making Astrology Practical

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Arguably, in this day and age, we have access to more information than ever before regarding spirituality, holistic health practices, and various tools for evolution and self development such as astrology, tarot, feng shui, meditation techniques, dream work and astral projection.

Because we’re faced with such a wide variety of options, it’s of paramount importance to employ our powers of critical analysis and discrimination wisely.

We would be selling ourselves and our brains short if we hopped on every bandwagon which proclaims “peace, love and light”, or followed every trail of incense smoke, complete with shea butter rubdowns and wheat grass shots.

It’s absolutely essential that we trust our inner voices when confronted with bundles of rhetoric which do not encourage any behavioral changes, yet are cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing.

I quote from the esteemed ancestor and brilliant psychologist Dr. Amos Wilson:

“There is nothing wrong with using the astrologies, the esoteric religions…

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Virgo New Moon – September 20th, 2017: Authentic Dreams

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Trust the process and be the best you YOU can be.

venus is ascending

The Crystal Oracle

This New Moon in Virgo at 27 degrees [1:30 AM EST] is a call to self-awareness and putting in the work in order for us to become our most authentic selves.

Malachite Keywords: Healing – Change – Insight – Loyalty.

Chiron’s opposition to the New Moon has a critical energy to it that may have us questioning our sense of self and self-worth. “Am I enough?”, “Am I good enough?” This isn’t a race, and comparing our progress to others may trigger self-defeating behavior. There is confusion in terms of who we are and how we view ourselves. The beauty of this New Moon is Virgo’s ability to make something from nothing with hardworking and analytical flair, and most importantly, results. Malachite’s purpose as a healing stone is to usher in healing, change, and loyalty. Sun/Moon conjunct can create a space to be loyal to our…

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Face The Fear, and do it anyway

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Sometimes fear can be useful…

venus is ascending

The Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Could a career change bring more money?

I’ve been thinking about leaving the field I’m in (medical) for good. Everytime I leave CNA work I come crawling back to a different facility and the same amount of unhappiness and stress. It’s time to move on, and I’m scared. I have Cancer ruling my career house (10th) which is the perfect placement for nurturing and caring for others. Yet the ruler of my 10th (Moon) sits in the 9th house of higher learning and philosophical studies. I feel as though I can nurture people in different ways. Being around sick people every day is starting to take it’s toll on me emotionally and even physically.

I’ve been looking into writing horoscopes (and possible e-books) I have no experience as a freelance writer (or horoscope writer for that matter) but the majority of horoscope writer’s aren’t even actual

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Things that go bump in the night

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The Enchanted Map Oracle – Goblin

“Fear is an illusion…”

This “Goblin” card is very much the trickster. Causing one to see things that aren’t really there. Today was a difficult day for me emotionally. Currently the transiting Moon in Sagittarius at 14° is opposing my natal Saturn in the 8th. I was dealing with a lot of self-doubt, especially when it came to my writing and creativity. I had convinced myself today that I was unworthy, un-lovable and simply not good at anything.

This is what Saturn in it’s lower vibration can symboloze: Fear.

There was an emotional heaviness that kept me awake last night. I kept playing my failures over and over again in my head. I became angry with myself for not posting more often and started to even question my abilities as an astrologer.

Goblins manifest when we focus on negative thinking/self-talk and allow our fears to…

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