Venus enters Cancer – July 29th, 2017: Security and lasting bonds

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“Red Crab” – Larisa Ivakina Clevenger

Venus enters nurturing Cancer today (July 29th) at 10:54 AM EST. Venus’ in Cancer’s strong need for bonds, protection and closeness will have us on a quest for the ideal “family” situation. Family isn’t always those we are related to: work bonds (10th) partnerships (7th) and other facets of our lives will more than likely get an emotional overhaul during this Venus phase; Cancer’s hard outer shell could also have us on the defensive, forcing up to protect what we hold near and dear. Security will be desired whether it’s on the home front or in the work place.

Ceres in Cancer, at 8 Degrees, is conjunct her daughter’s abductor, Hades. Hades can often symbolize decay and deeply buried sorrows from our past. With Hades in Cancer these feelings are magnified. Ceres’ nurturing energy combined with Hades can bring forth transformation and healing (though it may be a bit painful) and we may also offer healing counselling to those we love, or even those we don’t know. Sit with your feelings and allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel in order to heal.

Venus in Cancer also has a “shadow” side and this may be triggered with her tight conjunction to Hades. Smothering and being emotionally attached can lead to possessiveness, allowing hurt from the past to consume, and make it difficult for us to move forward.

During the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th, Venus will pair up with Ceres and trine Neptune in Pisces. Divine (Neptune) mother (Ceres) energy will be quite strong during this time; make a small offering to the goddess or to the maternal figures in our lives that we’ve lost. Even better, honor the divine within.


Weekly Planetary Trends: December 19-29

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jacob-cornelis-van-oostsanen-the-adoration-of-magiDecember 19, 5:55AM EST ushered in Mercury’s retrograde phase in Capricorn at 15 degrees. The beauty of retrograde phases, and yes, there is beauty, lies in the ability to revisit situations and dot our “I’s” and cross our “T’s.” Mercury Rx often triggers panic but it can be a productive time if the energy is harnessed properly and constructively. In Capricorn a cautious approach is best. The results may surprise you.

December 19th also brought with it Mars’ ingress into Pisces [4:23AM]. This placement encourages us to take action intuitively; we assert ourselves with a certain level of sensitivity, colored with emotional martyrdom. A prime example of this energy was displayed with the recent assassination of Andrey Karlov, Russian ambassador to Turkey.

On December 21st the Sun enters Capricorn [5:44AM] aligning with the Winter Solstice. The Sun in Earth is a symbol of practicality, forcing us to navigate through the material world with a sense of purpose and sharp focus. Capricorn is a sign associated with hard work that brings with it tangible results. Capricorn’s Cardinal vibration is about self-control and ambitious determination. This frequency combined with Mercury’s Rx phase triggers a cautious drive that enables us to make our desires a reality. There is nothing pie-in-the-sky about this this planetary energy.

On the evening before Christmas, December 24th [7:21PM] Saturn at 20 degrees in Sagittarius forms a trine to Uranus Rx at 20 degrees Aries. Here we have structured (Saturn) energy harmoniously merging with individualistic freedom (Uranus). Perhaps during this holiday season family members who feel like outsiders will find security and approval from like-minded individuals. This time of the year can be especially difficult for those who are dealing with family trauma and tense relations with relatives. Family isn’t always genetic. Celebrating the holidays with those who love and support us for who we are as unique individuals is the only real family we need and this may come in the form of a social group/club. Uranus embodies the energies of its sign, Aquarius: a universal/collective family.

The day after Christmas, December, 26th [1:35PM] Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Our faith in change is heightened during this period and with all that’s going on in the word politically I’m not surprised. Uranus’ radical/anarchist energy in fiery Aries will be fueled by the rays of Jupiter (already a gas giant). There’s a tug-of-war between a diplomatic approach (Libra) and breaking free from conventional ways of thinking with bulldozer-like force (Aries) Here we have the “I” vs. “We” axis awakened.

New Moon in Capricorn at 7 Degrees makes its presence known on December 29th [1:53AM EST] the same day as Uranus’ direct station at 20 Degrees 33 Minutes [4:29AM] The new moon forms a conjunction to Mercury and sextiles Mars/Neptune in Pisces. This is a lovely mix of empathic-creative energy. Uranus’ direct motion uncorks just in time for the new year after starting its Rx phase on July 29th, releasing some of the bottled up tension I’ve been hearing people talk about so much. A flexible state of being is definitely needed for the unpredictable nature Uranus possesses. Keep an open mind.

Mars enters Capricorn, September 27th, 2016: Focused & Cautious Ambition

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venus is ascending

The Tarot of Cat People

Victim hood and feeling as though we’ve been treated unfairly is what drives us to accomplish and achieve. We certainly have something to prove, and if any sign can get the job done its, Capricorn.

This is a spread that symbolizes achieving the impossible dream, believing in yourself and new plans (7 of Swords) Mars in Capricorn expresses itself in cautious, yet ambitious ways; The Ace of Swords, while associated with Air/Mercury, functions in a very Mars-like way (especially within this spread) being assertive (Mars) and initiating (swords) ideas and solid plans (Capricorn) is what’s being asked of us. Mars in Capricorn is telling us to get to the heart of the issue, maintain self-discipline and make things happen. This isn’t a pie in the sky scenario. Capricorn requires tangible/earthy results.

In your chart, see what house is ruled by Capricorn (and any Capricorn planets…

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Venus enters Libra, August 29th, 2016 & The Virgo New Moon, September 1st, 2016: Spiritual Actualization

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Maat/Libra: Goddess of Truth & Justice.

Venus enters charming Libra on August 29th at 10:06 PM EST ushering in the kind of balanced and cooperative love we know we need and deserve. By no means is this a one-way street: Venus in Libra is about give and take; the ever poised peacemaker who is constantly giving life to beautiful ideas and expression.

Venus in Libra’s constant search for perfection/balance and idealistic beauty can often create unrealistic expectations that lead to disappointment.

On August 30th, Mercury stations Rx at 29’05 degrees Virgo. Retrograde phases are ideal for revisiting issues associated with the house Mercury is transiting in your natal chart. Confusion and difficulties may arise when it comes to receiving and interpreting information but the energy can still be used in a productive manner.


New Moon Eclipse in Virgo @ 9 Degrees – September 1st, 2016

This particular eclipse is intense, emotionally heavy, and steeped in mystical manifestation. With that being said, it’s an eclipse that needs to be handled with a certain level of caution.

The eclipse forms a stressful square to Saturn and this may create feelings of fear, negativity and defensiveness. Stressful Sun/Saturn aspects in particular can trigger insecurity and inferiority complexes causing us to become painfully aware of our shortcomings. Everyone may feel as though they’re a potential threat to us and conflict with authority figures (or those we perceive as authorative) may rear its ugly head. The flip side to this energy is a disciplined approach when it comes to responsibilities and bringing about results through hard work. Squares can be blessings in disguise; they force us to buckle down, work hard and not give up.

Virgo NM

The Moon’s square to Saturn can create creative blocks and threaten our desire for emotional security and stability. I feel as though this new moon is forcing us to take a long hard look at ourselves. Handling responsibilities may feel like a major drag right about now and there’s an overwhelming feeling of being—well—overwhelmed! Domestic (Moon) responsibilities (Saturn) can trigger emotional heaviness. This is the time of the year where parents (Sun/Moon) are preparing their children for the coming school year and summer fun is long behind us. As stressful as this aspect feels, there’s some symbolic nest building going on as well. Our houses need to be put in order and loose ends need tying up (Mercury Rx)

The new moon also opposes Neptune in Pisces. This energy can manifest in two ways: we may find ourselves wanting to “check-out” from some of the responsibilities we have and this can lead to escapist tendencies. The physical (Virgo) world can be extremely difficult to deal with when faced with the kinds of rigid (Saturn) energy. Or we can use these cosmic forces to bring some magic into our lives. There’s a seesaw effect with this new moon; swinging back and forth between the idealistic (Neptune in Pisces) and the practical/dependable nature of the new moon (Sun/Moon)

Balance is the key here: The new moons opposition to Neptune can be quite magical and mystical. We can use this energy to channel spiritual dimensions that can accelerate healing, growth and grounding.

Healing stones for the Virgo New Moon

These are stones that are associated with the astrological sign, Virgo.

  • Holly Blue Agate – Spiritual/Psychic (Neptune/Pisces) actualization (Virgo) assists in communication skills and encourages one to verbalize feelings.
  • Moss Agate – Emotional balancing and self-esteem
  • Purple Obsidian – Triggers crown energy, stimulates clairvoyance and grounding.

Planetary Trends – February 13th – February 21st, 2016

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Triumph of Neptune (Pisces ruler) standing on a chariot pulled by two sea horses (Latin: hippocampes). Mosaïque d’Hadrumète (Sousse) the mid-third century AD. Musée archéologique de Sousse.

Mercury entered Aquarius on February 13th (5:34PM EST) giving our thought process an abstract influence. The way we communicate and express ourselves will be more objective, detached and individualistic. Being mentally flexible and future-oriented (which is Aquarius’ gift) is the best approach. Look to the house Aquarius rules in the natal chart to see where these energies will be expressing themselves.

Venus has a rendezvous with Aquarius when it entered the sign on February 16th (11:17PM EST) building alliances with like-minded souls and unconventional pairings are just a few ways that Venus in Aquarius expresses itself. We may find ourselves desiring independence within our relationships taking on love with a more intellectualized approach. Dealing with rebellious partners? (Perhaps you’re the rebel) playing around with the thought of an open-marriage or communal living? Venus in Aquarius is very much open to various forms of love and non-traditional arrangements. There is no room, or patience, for gender-roles with this Venus sign either. Romance may possibly take a backseat to friendship. Either way, Venus in Aquarius can sometimes have a somewhat impersonal approach when it comes to the love department.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 19th (12:34AM EST) Compassion, sensitivity and deep soul-yearning are all Pisces traits. Deep emotions and hidden depths always come into play during Pisces season.

Mercury at 9 degrees Aquarius Semi-Sextile Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces on February 20th (3:13PM EST) Eccentric ideas coupled with idealism; our mystical/spiritual antennas may be more receptive than usual. Creative, perceptive and altruistic, metaphysical studies and exploration is ideal during this time.

February 20th (4:38PM EST) Sun at 1 degrees Pisces Semi-Square Pluto at 16 degrees Capricorn: Issues surrounding control and personal power may arise. Focus on your own willpower and transformation. Try not to project some of the more “darker” aspects of the ego onto others. Identity issues that are deeply buried may come to the surface. If something needs to be addressed, now is the time to do it.

Venus at 4 degrees Aquarius Semi-Square Chiron in Pisces at 19 degrees on February 20th (10:05PM EST) There may be some internal conflict between the need to be seen as a unique individual separate from the status-quo and wanting to merge and connect. Perhaps a difficult decision needs to be made when it comes to love or there’s some fear of rejection. Draw from past experiences. Chiron is also a great source of healing and learning.

Sun at 2 degrees Pisces Semi-Square Uranus in Aries at 17 degrees on February 21st (10:20PM EST) Feeling like an outsider isn’t always a bad thing. Celebrate your uniqueness without being a brat about it! Outbursts and temperamental behavior can create some tension during an already nervous/jittery day energy-wise. Pisces’ sensitivity coupled with Aries’ compulsiveness may backfire. Take a deep breath and look before you leap.

Planetary Trends – January 7th – January 10th, 2016

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The Adoration of the Kings
The Adoration of Kings, Flemish (c. 1520s)

On January 7th (7:22 AM EST) The Sun at 16 degrees Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees; expect the unexpected when Capricorn’s methodical and industrious energy bumps heads with Uranus’ erratic nature. Squares are usually internal conflict, but it’s through these conflicts that we become inspired to transmute difficulties into learning experiences. We’re dancing to the beat of our own drummer and not interested in playing by the rules. Try not to be difficult for the sake of being difficult. Our dislike of monotony may have us seeking out radical changes.

January 7th (11:40 PM EST) Jupiter’s expansive nature slows down as it begins its retrograde phase. Restraint may be needed in order for us to get back on track. Jupiter is very much the planet of big dreams and over the top behavour; yet there’s a philosophical and spiritual tone to Jupiter’s nature. After all, it was Pisces’ original ruler.

This is a time of reflection and contemplation; Jupiter in Virgo retrograde period may have us feeling as though our hopes and dreams have been deflated. Was it all for nothing? Look to the house that is ruled by Virgo to see where you may need to cut back a bit in order to find focus. You may have to take it down a few notches and fall back from a situation that you were gung-ho about. Jupiter is also a planet of education and learning. You’re the best teacher in this situation. Trust yourself.

January 8th (9:15 AM EST) Sun at 17 degrees Capricorn Sextile Chiron in Pisces at 17 degrees. The ego (Sun) merges nicely with the need for self-transformation and healing. The climate is ideal for pursuing solutions to some of the wounds we may be dealing with. We may offer healing and counsel to those around us.

January 8th (11:11 PM EST) Venus at 12 degrees Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn. We may feel a bit cautious when it comes to love, especially if we feel there are no concrete guarantees; feelings of isolation or feeling unloved may color our attitude and thoughts. Know that this too shall pass and you are indeed deserving of love. Cracking down on finances may be needed. You’ll be surprised by the fact you can actually live with less.

January 9th (12:25 PM EST) Mars’ Quintile to Pluto allows us to tap into the rich gifts and opportunities that Pluto has to offer. The lord of the underworld isn’t all doom and gloom; Pluto is the ultimate transformer. Our focused energy (Mars) helps us get to the bottom and penetrate anything that gets in our way. We create alchemy though sheer willpower.

January 9th (8:30 PM EST) New Moon in Capricorn at 19 degrees (I’ll be doing a separate post for this)

January 10th (7:23 AM EST) Mercury in Capricorn Semi-Square Venus in Sagittarius. There may be some challenges when it comes to expressing ourselves. Conflict between our love nature and intellect may clash causing internal stress. Understanding others could pose a bit of a challenge as well. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge and the very thought of interacting with others seems daunting, take a step back.

Mars enters Scorpio – January 3rd, 2016: Magnetic initiative & profound intensity

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Simon Willem Maris Portrait of a young black woman 1890s
Portrait of a young black woman, Simon Willem Maris, 1890’s

The warriors spirit takes an interesting turn when it enters the dark waters of Scorpio (January 3rd, 9:32 AM EST) until March 5th, when it then ingresses into Sagittarius. Mars in the natal chart gives insight into one’s physical energy and how one takes action. Mars is also linked to physical/sexual attraction and excitement. Stimulation can be discovered through working with Mars energy; when in the water signs, intuition is often used to bring about tangible results. Mars is focused/directed energy.

Mars in Scorpio has a drive and focus that is ferocious and calculating. The Mars in Scorpio individual is often covert and investigative; they assert themselves through intense emotions. Mars isn’t exactly well-placed in this particular sign. The Martian energy, if under duress, can use manipulative means in order to obtain their goal, but for the most part Mars is Scorpio is highly passionate and focused when it comes to what they want. They often make amazing private investigators and researches. When it comes to getting to the bottom of a situation, no one does it like Scorpio. They pretty much have X-ray vision in that respect.

The Mars in Scorpio individual has strong sexual urges that are expressed and shared through deep emotional and psychological bonding. Not as bold or upfront, as say, Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio tends to get the job done behind the scenes. Issues surrounding self-protection and the need to control almost every situation that crosses their path can be an issue, especially with more stressful aspects such as the square and opposition.

How will Mars’ ingress into Scorpio impact us on a personal level? Our ability to move forward and make things happen may be dampened by obsessive secretiveness and selfish desires. The more positive expression of this energy will be Scorpio’s fixed nature; our desires are guided through intuitive abilities and a strong sense of inner knowing. The need to achieve will be persistent and calculating. We’re taking no prisoners this time around! The, meet-you-half-way energy that Mars in Libra ushered in, will be the furthest from our minds. We’re going to make things happen, no matter what the cost. We’ll more than likely be courageous behind the scenes.

Healing stones for Mars in Scorpio: Mars can be quite aggressive if not properly harnessed. Scorpio, if operating on a lower vibration, can be possessive and compulsive; Scorpio is very much a sign of purging, psychic sensitivity and powerful regenerative abilities. Use this energy to tap into your deepest desires and healing emotional involvement with others.

  • Lapis Lazuli – Good for empowerment
  • Sardonyx – Excellent to work with for determination
  • Smoky Quartz – Helps to release blockages (Scorpio tends to have issues with emotional blockages due to subconscious fears of being overwhelmed by their emotions. This can lead to secretiveness, trust-issues, and feeling as though they can’t “open up”)
  • Obsidian – Another stone that’s good for determination (Mars)
  • Black Star Diopside – A stone for sheer will-power and addictive patterns (water signs in general can suffer from addiction issues)



Sun Conjunct Saturn – November 28th, 2015: Self-Worth Takes Time

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Saturn cutting off Cupid’s wings with a scythe (1802) Ivan Akimov

Transiting Saturn @ 7 degrees Sagittarius is currently conjunct the cosmic taskmaster, Saturn. We may be painfully aware of our shortcomings and feeling confident may be a bit of a challenge. Focusing on our faults and beating ourselves up simply isn’t the answer right now even though we may feel tempted to do so. Saturn is all about disciplined and patient effort; feeling good about ourselves doesn’t happen overnight.

Saturn’s Square to Neptune can create self-defeatist attitudes and we don’t want that, now do we! We can be our own worst enemy with this aspect. As someone who has the Saturn/Neptune opposition I can’t count the number of times I’ve unnecessarily shot myself in the foot. Try to have realistic (Saturn) dreams (Neptune) and work on forgiving yourself. None of us are perfect; work on your flaws but don’t allow them to take over and inhibit your growth. Like the picture above, Saturn can often make us feel as though our wings are being destroyed. The desire to soar and stretch our wings can feel like a daunting task with stressful Saturn aspects, but it can be done.

I’ve been thinking of Saturn quite a bit since it’s quite dominant in my chart (Saturn forms a tight square to my ascendant ruler, Venus, and opposes my Neptune) When not expressed in healthy ways Saturn can lead to fear and too much self-reliance. This can lead to feelings of isolation and perceived rejection. Stressful Saturn aspects can make us cold and defensive. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts; everyone is not out to get you. Leave yourself open to the possibility of love and support. Saturn often gets a bad rap. He’s labeled a cosmic meany who’s sole purpose is to make our lives a living hell.

Like a fine wine, Saturn truly gets better with time. Take this difficult energy for what it is and turn it into a learning lesson. That’s what Saturn has been trying to do all along: self-worth is obtained through focus and diligence.

Lamar Odom and Bacchus’ Return

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425px-Bacco (1)
Bacchus, 1595, Caravaggio

This morning I was shocked to hear that NBA player, Lamar Odom, had been rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. He was found unresponsive four days later at 3:15 in the afternoon. Lamar’s issues with addiction have been in the public eye for quite some time. At the age of 12, Lamar lost his mother to cancer as well as his grandmother in 2004. Two years later, in 2006, his infant son died of sudden infant death syndrome. This man has been through so much.

When I heard the news, I automatically thought of transiting Neptune in Pisces. For all  its spirituality and mysticism, Neptune has a dark side as well; from illusions to escapism and drugs, Neptune is also associated with mysterious circumstances. Lamar’s natal Neptune in Sagittarius is quite dominant in his chart. His Neptune opposes his Gemini Moon and squares Saturn. This is a strong indication of a lack of boundaries and emotional escapism. Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct his natal Venus/Mercury conjunction. This can create feelings of isolation and loneliness. Stressful Venus/Saturn aspects points to a lack/denial of love. Transiting Chiron in Pisces is also square his Moon and Neptune. Emotional hurts are being triggered and the loss of important women (Moon) in his life (his mother, grandmother and demise of his marriage) are probably causing him to self-medicate even more. His natal Uranus in Scorpio is conjunct his Sun and square Mars, creating an impulsive individual who doesn’t look before he leaps. There’s nothing to rein him in.

Lamar’s Natal Chart. Take note of his Neptune/Moon opposition.

This brings me to the asteroid, Bacchus (Dionysus in Greek Mythology) god of the vine, fertility and ritual madness. Bacchus is very much the state of madness when it comes to controlled substances. Addiction, hedonism, and excess are the shadow side of Bacchus. Lamar’s natal Bacchus is in Sagittarius at 11 degrees conjunct Neptune and opposite his natal Moon in Gemini. The conjunction between Neptune, planet of illusion and drugs, and Bacchus, a god when making stressful aspects, associated with alcoholism and the struggle with dealing with reality, is particularly powerful.

Lamar is experiencing his Bacchus return.Transiting Bacchus in Sagittarius was opposite his natal Moon, conjunct his natal Neptune/Bacchus conjunction and quincunx natal Chiron in Taurus when he was found in the brothel by two workers. Women at the facility reported that Lamar took ten herbal supplement tablets over the course of 3 days. This is very much in keeping with transiting Bacchus square transiting Jupiter. Jupiter expands what ever it touches and with it’s stressful aspect to Bacchus, we have an individual who has no concept of moderation. It’s now been revealed that Lamar may have used cocaine while at the brothel. I sincerely hope that Lamar pulls through this.

Lorena Bobbit & The Dark Goddess

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photovisi-download (4)Yesterday, while looking at my transits during an ectopic pregnancy that almost killed me, I started to think about Dark Moon Lilith in the astrological chart. Transiting Lilith was transiting my 5th house (children) when I needed emergency surgery for internal bleeding when my fallopian tube almost burst. Lilith fascinates me, but Dark Moon Lilith in particular, intrigues me. There are three Lilith’s that are channeled in astrological analysis. Spending 10 days in each sign, Dark Moon Lilith takes approximately 119 days to travel around our planet. Darkstar Astrology describes Dark Moon Lilith as:

“Dark Moon then can work two ways like the myth, we either face our Demons or release them safely or we bury them. If they are allowed to fester they become enraged.”

This brings me to one of Lilith “daughters,” Lorena Bobbit. Lorena was thrust into the public spotlight after she severed her abusive husband’s penis on June 23rd 1993. After sustaining years of physical and sexual abuse, she reached her breaking point. Lorena was born on October, 31st 1970, in Quito, Ecuador. She married John Wayne Bobbit when she was just 19 years old (he was 22) she was raped by her husband the night of the attack. The outer wheel is Lorena’s chart. Transiting Pluto (which is often associated with assault /Persephone myth/power struggles) was conjunct her Moon/Venus conjunction and opposite Saturn/Juno (marriage/divine consort/wife to Jupiter) transiting Pluto was also conjunct her natal Dark Moon Lilith. There are three Liliths that are used in astrology, and Dark Moon is the most vicious. She’s associated with revenge, assault, nightmares, toxins, emotional pain and the shadow. Lorena had finally had enough.

On June 23rd, at around 5am,  Lorena used a 12” kitchen knife to end her suffering. The first thing that struck me was the powerful amount of Scorpio energy in her chart. With Juno in Taurus conjunct Saturn, a spouse that can provide her with stability and financial security is of the utmost importance. During the trial, Lorena complained of abuse and financial instability.  The night of the attack, transiting Venus in Taurus (event 12th house) was opposite transiting Pluto (abduction/assault ) in Scorpio conjunct her Juno/Saturn conjunction. Lorena Bobbit attack chart

Dark Moon Lilith isn’t an actual celestial body. She’s a mathematical point (similar to the lunar nodes) There’s an actual asteroid named Lilith (one of the three Liliths used, also known as “1181″) that played a role in this attack as well. Asteroid Lilith is very much the freedom-fighter/feminist and healer. Transiting asteroid Lilith in Libra was conjunct Lorena’s Mars/Uranus conjunction opposite her natal Vertex (fated events) it was through the attack (Dark Moon Lilith) that she was liberated and freed (asteroid Lilith).

Her natal Dark Moon Lilith is in Scorpio conjunct her Moon and opposite natal Hades. Her husband messed with the wrong woman. Venus in the 12th of the attack chart is very behind closed doors. Her Juno/Saturn/Hades conjunction in the event chart 12th describes the hidden abuse/attacks she was subjected to by her own husband that night. For me, transiting Pluto conjunct her natal Dark Moon Lilith, was very much the trigger.

Pluto’s role here cannot be ignored. Transformation is often obtained through crisis. With the large amount of Scorpio in her chart (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter and Vesta!) she rose like a phoenix from the ashes of abuse.

Her natal Hades was also conjunct Venus in the event chart. This woman went through hell. Her natal Saturn in Taurus is what restrained her (her Saturn is conjunct Juno and opposite her Scorpio Sun) because I’m surprised she didn’t kill that man looking at these transits.

Another worthy note: Transiting Dark Moon Lilith in Taurus was conjunct her Saturn/Juno/Hades.

Her natal Nessus, which is associated with abuse, at 18 degrees Gemini, forms a tight conjunction to the event’s ascendant at 19 degrees square her natal Venus/Moon conjunction. Nessus, a centaur in Greek mythology kidnapped Princess Dejanira. Her name translates into: “Destroyer of her husband.”