Brad Pitt: A visit from Melpomene

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Brad Pitt: Sagittarius Sun/ Capricorn Moon

Brad Pitt is currently experiencing two major transits: transiting Saturn on his Sun, and transiting Pluto on his natal Moon. This is the end of a cycle for Brad and I said that this divorce would do more of a number on him than on Angelina. Brad has both Neptune and the asteroid Karma in the 12th house (a house associated with self-undoing) and him admitting to using controlled substances doesn’t surprise me with Neptune in the 12th. Here his dependencies (Neptune) are hidden (12th) and he more than likely hid them from himself as well.

What’s interesting about Brad’s chart is his un-aspected Sun in the 1st house opposite his 7th house. His sense of self (Sun/1st) is tied into his partners (7th) He tends to rely on his significant other to give him insight into his identity.He tends to morph into his partners as well.

During his separation from Jennifer Aniston, transiting Pluto was conjunct his natal Sun in 2005. This is probably one of thee most powerful transits an individual can experience. Right before the publics eyes we saw Brad transform (Pluto) especially in terms of his appearance (1st house) he died his hair black, got the first in a series of tattoos, and began to take part in Angelina’s charitable endeavors.

Pluto is the planet that creates, destroys, and then re-creates. The Brad Pitt we had once known (or thought we knew) had completely re-invented himself.

Fast forward ten years later; Brad is now experiencing another major Pluto transit. This time it’s to his natal Moon. His home life (and marriage) have been completely broken down by Pluto’s powerful rays. Pluto functions like a cosmic demolition man. Whatever is not stable in your life will come crashing down around you. This is part of the regeneration process. In order for something new to be built old structures must be destroyed.

Our Natal Moon gives us insight into how we are emotionally fed, the mother archetype (Anima) and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Moon is the divine feminine, and a woman (Angelina) who played a significant role during his first Pluto transit, has now been removed from the picture (Pluto/Moon)

For further insight I added a few asteroids to his chart to see what’s going on: the asteroid, “Melpomene,” named after the Greek muse of tragedy, is transiting his marriage house. Her symbol is the, “Tragic Mask,” and Brad was definitely wearing his in this GQ interview.

Melpomene, Muse of tragedy and tragic poetry

Transiting Karma and Psyche (seat of the soul) are conjunct in his career/public image house opposite natal Chiron in the 3rd house of communication. His GQ interview was actually just what the Shaman (Chiron) ordered. He finally went into therapy (Psyche/Chiron) and has quite a few wounds tied to his home environment (4th) and spoke of struggling to express his feelings/emotions. There is an internal struggle between his somewhat traditional home life/roots (Moon in Capricorn) and his own progressive idealism (Sun in Sagittarius) His struggles to purge emotionally doesn’t surprise me with that Capricorn Moon of his. Being vulnerable can be difficult for Capricorn energy, and frightening. Sagittarius men in particular seem to be going through it! Side note: the dark goddess, Lilith, is approaching a conjunction to his ascendant. He’s having his ass served to him big time. He’ll learn. He has no choice but to.

Mythology in Synastry: Prince & Vanity [Part 1]

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Prince & Vanity

*Update: I now have Vanity’s birth time. This post will be revised in the future.

Very rarely do celebrity couples intrigue me, or should I say the current crop of famous duos that grace the covers of glossy magazines and social media, yet Prince and Vanity’s coupling was always a fascinating one and even more so since they died within 2 months of each other. The both of them were approaching their second Saturn returns when they transitioned.

In terms of mythology they remind me of Jupiter (Zeus) and his consort/wife/sister Juno (Hera). As we know, Zeus was a notorious shapeshifter with a roving eye. Jupiter and Juno’s union played out like a literal Greek soap opera steeped in power struggles and betrayal. Juno was known for seeking revenge on Jupiter’s lovers, unleashing her fury and wrath; yet Vanity and Prince’s union played out in different ways. The myth also speaks of Juno/Hera bathing in the streams of Argos, cleansing herself of Jupiter/Zeus’ influence and regaining her virginity. This aligns with Denise eventually leaving Prince, finding Christ, and abandoning the persona of Vanity for good.

The definition on Juno in Astrology

Juno is often labeled the asteroid of marriage even though her meaning goes beyond that. While she can certainly point to what we want in a marriage partner and how we commit to those in our intimate lives, she also can trigger jealousy and give us insight into the ultimate relationship: our relationship with ourselves.

The beauty of astrology is in how mythological archetypes often play out literally in the natal chart. This is very much the case when I looked at the charts of these two. While

“Jupiter & Juno on Mount Ida”, James Barry, 1741-1806

there is no birth time available for Vanity (Born Denise Katrina Matthews, January 4th 1959, Niagara Falls, ON) there is a time of birth for Prince (Born Prince Rogers Nelson, June 7th 1958 at 6:17PM, Minneapolis, MN)

While Prince had a plethora of muses, girlfriends (and two ex-wives under his belt) Vanity was the first “official” Prince girl in terms of visibility and public notoriety. I suppose she is the construct or blueprint (Prince’s Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, in Cancer, opposes her natal Venus in Capricorn,making her the ideal canvas for him to project his creative/sensual fantasies onto, hence the name, “Vanity.”) that spawned those who came after her.

Juno in Synastry

Prince followed me, he took off his jacket and asked me to take off mine. I asked, “Why?” He said, “So I can try yours on and you can try on mine.” So we tried on each other’s clothes and realized that we fit each other’s clothes. I thought that was wonderful. – Vanity, JET magazine, May 1986

One of the first aspects that jumped out is Prince’s Jupiter in Libra at 21’59 degrees conjunct Vanity’s Juno in Libra at 21’32 degrees. Here we have the myth played out strongly in the Synastry chart! Vanity’s Juno falls in Prince’s 11th house, the house of hopes, friends, ambition and goals. Vanity certainly benefited from her association with Prince at that time and the 11th house functions as a benefactor of sorts. Juno in Libra often attracts a partner that is quite beautiful and artistically inclined and Prince was both. There’s a strong sense of attachment, support and loyalty between Prince and Vanity’s Juno/Jupiter aspect and it’s obvious that Vanity wanted a stronger commitment. Unfortunately, Prince’s Jupiter is Rx, and the Venusian influence has him on the look out for beauty at all times, even outside of “commitment.” Libra is also quite diplomatic and even though the two parted ways ages ago there wasn’t much mud slinging (Vanity often spoke fondly of him) Peace and balance are strong virtues for Libra and during that time period Vanity confessed to writing a manuscript for a tell-all book yet changed her mind. This is the loyalty aspect that I often see from Juno in synastry charts.

The Dark Goddess: Lilith

Black Moon Lilith is a major player when it comes to these two. In synastry she can unleash obsession, lust and issues surrounding power. Black Moon Lilith is the feminine archetype of dark primal energy. She’s the seductress and the mystical side of sexuality. These themes are quite strong in the charts of both Prince and Vanity individually and in synastry.

In part II I’ll explore Lilith in depth and how their union triggered both the good and bad in each other.





Saturn stations direct, August 13th, 2016: XIII Abbess of Stars

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venus is ascending

The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus

In The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, the Abbess of Stars in the Queen of Swords. The image is Abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) she was an expert herbalist during her time and a gifted visionary. At the tender age of fourteen she was given to the church and became a nun. Her visions at a young age gave her fame.

Like Saturn, the Queen of Swords can be a harsh critic and like most concerned “parents,” Saturn, only wants what’s best for us. The Queen of Swords often serves up the truth with a painful sting and is more concerned with the head than the heart. She’s self-reliant and encourages us to be realistic (Saturn) when it comes to our expectations. How Saturnian is that? There’s also a feeling of sadness and repressed emotions. Saturn’s current square to Venus gives us a strong sense of…

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Planetary Trends – February 13th – February 21st, 2016

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Triumph of Neptune (Pisces ruler) standing on a chariot pulled by two sea horses (Latin: hippocampes). Mosaïque d’Hadrumète (Sousse) the mid-third century AD. Musée archéologique de Sousse.

Mercury entered Aquarius on February 13th (5:34PM EST) giving our thought process an abstract influence. The way we communicate and express ourselves will be more objective, detached and individualistic. Being mentally flexible and future-oriented (which is Aquarius’ gift) is the best approach. Look to the house Aquarius rules in the natal chart to see where these energies will be expressing themselves.

Venus has a rendezvous with Aquarius when it entered the sign on February 16th (11:17PM EST) building alliances with like-minded souls and unconventional pairings are just a few ways that Venus in Aquarius expresses itself. We may find ourselves desiring independence within our relationships taking on love with a more intellectualized approach. Dealing with rebellious partners? (Perhaps you’re the rebel) playing around with the thought of an open-marriage or communal living? Venus in Aquarius is very much open to various forms of love and non-traditional arrangements. There is no room, or patience, for gender-roles with this Venus sign either. Romance may possibly take a backseat to friendship. Either way, Venus in Aquarius can sometimes have a somewhat impersonal approach when it comes to the love department.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 19th (12:34AM EST) Compassion, sensitivity and deep soul-yearning are all Pisces traits. Deep emotions and hidden depths always come into play during Pisces season.

Mercury at 9 degrees Aquarius Semi-Sextile Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces on February 20th (3:13PM EST) Eccentric ideas coupled with idealism; our mystical/spiritual antennas may be more receptive than usual. Creative, perceptive and altruistic, metaphysical studies and exploration is ideal during this time.

February 20th (4:38PM EST) Sun at 1 degrees Pisces Semi-Square Pluto at 16 degrees Capricorn: Issues surrounding control and personal power may arise. Focus on your own willpower and transformation. Try not to project some of the more “darker” aspects of the ego onto others. Identity issues that are deeply buried may come to the surface. If something needs to be addressed, now is the time to do it.

Venus at 4 degrees Aquarius Semi-Square Chiron in Pisces at 19 degrees on February 20th (10:05PM EST) There may be some internal conflict between the need to be seen as a unique individual separate from the status-quo and wanting to merge and connect. Perhaps a difficult decision needs to be made when it comes to love or there’s some fear of rejection. Draw from past experiences. Chiron is also a great source of healing and learning.

Sun at 2 degrees Pisces Semi-Square Uranus in Aries at 17 degrees on February 21st (10:20PM EST) Feeling like an outsider isn’t always a bad thing. Celebrate your uniqueness without being a brat about it! Outbursts and temperamental behavior can create some tension during an already nervous/jittery day energy-wise. Pisces’ sensitivity coupled with Aries’ compulsiveness may backfire. Take a deep breath and look before you leap.

Planetary Trends – January 7th – January 10th, 2016

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The Adoration of the Kings
The Adoration of Kings, Flemish (c. 1520s)

On January 7th (7:22 AM EST) The Sun at 16 degrees Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees; expect the unexpected when Capricorn’s methodical and industrious energy bumps heads with Uranus’ erratic nature. Squares are usually internal conflict, but it’s through these conflicts that we become inspired to transmute difficulties into learning experiences. We’re dancing to the beat of our own drummer and not interested in playing by the rules. Try not to be difficult for the sake of being difficult. Our dislike of monotony may have us seeking out radical changes.

January 7th (11:40 PM EST) Jupiter’s expansive nature slows down as it begins its retrograde phase. Restraint may be needed in order for us to get back on track. Jupiter is very much the planet of big dreams and over the top behavour; yet there’s a philosophical and spiritual tone to Jupiter’s nature. After all, it was Pisces’ original ruler.

This is a time of reflection and contemplation; Jupiter in Virgo retrograde period may have us feeling as though our hopes and dreams have been deflated. Was it all for nothing? Look to the house that is ruled by Virgo to see where you may need to cut back a bit in order to find focus. You may have to take it down a few notches and fall back from a situation that you were gung-ho about. Jupiter is also a planet of education and learning. You’re the best teacher in this situation. Trust yourself.

January 8th (9:15 AM EST) Sun at 17 degrees Capricorn Sextile Chiron in Pisces at 17 degrees. The ego (Sun) merges nicely with the need for self-transformation and healing. The climate is ideal for pursuing solutions to some of the wounds we may be dealing with. We may offer healing and counsel to those around us.

January 8th (11:11 PM EST) Venus at 12 degrees Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn. We may feel a bit cautious when it comes to love, especially if we feel there are no concrete guarantees; feelings of isolation or feeling unloved may color our attitude and thoughts. Know that this too shall pass and you are indeed deserving of love. Cracking down on finances may be needed. You’ll be surprised by the fact you can actually live with less.

January 9th (12:25 PM EST) Mars’ Quintile to Pluto allows us to tap into the rich gifts and opportunities that Pluto has to offer. The lord of the underworld isn’t all doom and gloom; Pluto is the ultimate transformer. Our focused energy (Mars) helps us get to the bottom and penetrate anything that gets in our way. We create alchemy though sheer willpower.

January 9th (8:30 PM EST) New Moon in Capricorn at 19 degrees (I’ll be doing a separate post for this)

January 10th (7:23 AM EST) Mercury in Capricorn Semi-Square Venus in Sagittarius. There may be some challenges when it comes to expressing ourselves. Conflict between our love nature and intellect may clash causing internal stress. Understanding others could pose a bit of a challenge as well. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge and the very thought of interacting with others seems daunting, take a step back.

Planetary Trends – December 8th – 10th, 2015

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The adoration of the Magi
The Adoration of Magi, Pieter Coecke van Aelst, 1502-1550

Yesterday, December 8th, we were reveling in our uniqueness when the Sun formed a trine to Uranus (9:37 PM EST) Our sense of individuality took center stage ushering in invetiveness and the need to separate ourselves from the flock. Uranus in Aries leads the pack when it comes originality and freedom; our dislike of monotony may have us feeling more reckless and adventurous than usual. Being unique always feels wonderful, but being difficult or combative just for the sake of standing out isn’t always the right approach. Our unpredictability may have frustrated more focused and disciplined souls. Sagittarius adds an additional layer of adventure and free spiritedness. This energy could also have us bumping heads with authority. We’re done following the rules.

On the 9th the Sun’s square to Chiron (5:03 AM EST) may have us licking our wounds a bit. This is a complete 360 from the ego boost we receive on the 8th. Sun/Chiron interactions, especially the stressful aspects, create a crisis of the ego/self. Chiron symbolizes transmutation; while the process of healing and transformation can be painful, the rewards are great. Chiron can be both healer and “killer.” Ego destruction can lead to better understanding of the self, thus leading us onto a path of enlightenment. Mentoring is also a Chiron trait. Counseling others can aid us in our own healing quest.

Mercury enters Capricorn today (the 9th) as well at (I plan on writing a separate post for this) 9:33 PM EST. Our communication efforts may be a bit more reserved than usual. Being overly cautious, which Capricorn can be, makes it difficult for us to express ourselves; Capricorns cautiousness can actually come in handy, giving us the discipline that’s required to complete projects that yield tangible results. This is a major shift from the pie-in-the-sky energy that Mercury in Sagittarius put forth.

On the 10th Mars opposes Uranus 8:30 PM EST. The need for independence, excitement and sexual thrills may put us on a path that leads to rebelliousness and reckless behavior. Mars/Uranus is always on a quest for newness. This can create impulsiveness that can backfire if we’re not careful. Arguments and bumping heads with those who may not see eye-to-eye with us may be a major hurdle as well. Mars in Libra’s agreeable nature clashes with Uranus in Aries’ need to be top dog. Play nice if you can!


Gemini Full Moon – November 25th, 2015:Detachment & Mental Sensation

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The Gemini full Moon at 3 degrees ushers in the need to communicate/verbalize our emotions. As someone with a Gemini Moon, I can attest to the fact that security is obtained from being mentally stimulated; this current energy may have us feeling fickle, changeable, excited and inquisitive.

Gemini Constellation, Urania’s Mirror, 1825

Emotions and moods are often magnified with Full Moon’s and The Moon’s opposition to Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun in Sagittarius may have our emotional make-up clashing with our ego and ability to be subjective. Saturn’s conjunction to the Sun and opposition to the Full Moon could make us feel particularly defensive; not all criticism is a personal attack. Domestic responsibilities may feel a bit burdensome, but we certainly have the ingenuity to make things work out in the long run with the Moon’s trine to both Ceres and Mars.

Gmini Full MoonMother to Persephone, Ceres is very much the protector and nurturer. We find the support we need through logical action (Mars) and Ceres’ sextile to Mercury/Saturn in Sagittarius creates an interesting mix of the eccentric and philosophical. Personally, I think one of the best ways to express this energy is through mental pursuits and verbal expression. Now is not the time to hold everything in; this Full Moon has a powerful air element: a grand-trine in Air that consists of the Moon, Mars, and Ceres. Again, the key is expressing ourselves through the mind. The Air realm is about mental sensation. Sometimes detaching ourselves mentally from a situation is the best medicine.

*How have you been expressing and feeling this current Full Moon energy?

Mercury Enters Sagittarius – November 20th, 2015: Idealistic & Philosophical Thought Process

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Sidney_Hall_-_Urania's_Mirror_-_Sagittarius_and_Corona_Australis,_Microscopium,_and_Telescopium (1)Our thought process becomes more open-minded when Mercury makes it’s journey through Sagittarius from November 20th to December 9th. The desire to learn and explore is heightened when the god of communication combines forces with the zodiac’s favorite optimist. We all know Sagittarius has a propensity for tall tales (there’s nothing wrong with that!) but we definitely have to make sure that we get all of our facts straight and research before we enthusiastically share what we’ve learned and what we think we know. Our friendly centaur can sometimes fabricate stories; just make sure that wishful thinking doesn’t take the place of truth.

Mercury in Sagittarius expresses itself openly and honestly; bluntness is one of Sagittarius’ signature personality traits. Telling it like it is and being direct will be coloring our conversations and interactions with others. Mercury in Sagittarius has a knack for encouraging and positive thinking. Just don’t go overboard.

Mercury conjuncts Saturn on November 24th making room for a more disciplined and cautious approach to communication. Saturn’s structured approach will certainly curb Sagittarius’ foot-in-mouth syndrome! Mercury/Saturn aspects can also point to a good memory and ease in retaining information; perfect for focused metal pursuits

Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces the following day, on November 25th. Sagittarius and Pisces have quite a bit in common believe it or not, even though the energies are expressed differently. Pisces traditional ruler, Jupiter, shares rulership with Sagittarius; optimism and looking at the world through rose-colored glasses as well as strong spiritual/philosophical beliefs are prominent in both signs. While idealism is a wonderful trait to have, denial isn’t. Neptune’s foggy nature may make it a bit more challenging to process information. Be on the lookout for communication being misconstrued and projection during this period. If it sounds too good to be true? It more than likely is.

On December 1st Mercury trines Uranus in Aries; thinking is lightening quick, filled with inspiration, and original ideas reign supreme. Feeling high-strung and impulsive can happen with Mercury/Uranus aspects. Ideas come to us so vibrantly and quickly that we may get frustrated when others can’t catch up. This is the perfect time for eclectic creativity and eccentric expression. Now is not the time to play it safe!

I’m on hiatus

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I know I haven’t written here in quite some time. Last month (February 28th to be exact) while transiting Uranus in Aries entered my 6th house of heath (conjunct natal Chiron) a cyst on my ovary burst sending me to the emergency room. I’ve been experiencing fatigue for months and didn’t know what was going on. I’m a pretty energetic person (Uranus on my Ascendant and square natal Mars!) so I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know what it was. I also found out I have multiple fibroids when I was given a sonogram in the emergency room. I have a doctors appointment next month with my OBGYN. I believe in taking control of my own healing. After all, I have the wounded healer Chiron in my 6th house of health. Transiting Chiron in Pisces is conjunct my natal Venus. Venus in medical astrology is linked to the ovaries, so I’m not in the least bit surprised I’m going through these health issues. My Venus is also in the 5th house of children so the fibroids and cyst have had an impact of my fertility.

I’m going to use this hiatus for self-care, studying healing (My Chiron in the 6th is ushering me in this direction!) and studying medical astrology. I’ve also been focusing more on Hygeia in the natal chart. She’s currently in Taurus touching my natal Venus. These are all cosmic signs that I need to focus on myself and my health. As a Pisces I tend to put people’s needs before my own, even when I’m sick. I need to tell myself over and over again that taking care of me doesn’t make me a selfish person!