Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Custody Blues

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I haven’t written a post here in God knows how long. I just haven’t felt motivated or inspired. It took a little celebrity gossip to get my astro-juices flowing.

I was reading some news today and decided to take a  look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s synastry chart. Things are getting kind of intense between these two. I quickly jotted down some notes in my astro-journal about these two. Nothing too detailed. Just some observations.

I have new software (yay!) and created a tri-wheel. Brad’s chart is the center wheel, Angelina the second wheel, and the outer wheel is their current transits.

Despite Brad’s sunny Sagittarius nature (Sagittarius Sun/Rising) he has a lot of Capricorn planets (Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus) I know how cold and calculating Capricorn can be (His Aquarius ex, Jennifer Aniston, mentioned him having a missing “Sensitivity chip’) He’s definitely using his P.R. team during this child custody debacle.

Speaking of kids, I think this is going to get uglier. Transiting Pluto is on his natal Moon and Pluto/Moon transits, especially the stressful ones, unleash all kinds of emotional triggers and power plays. He’s in survival mode at the moment. Transiting Pluto is also on his Venus which rules his 5th house of children. Transiting Uranus in Taurus is slowly approaching his 5th house and this can indicate a broken relationship with ones children or at least a sporadic one. This entire situation is a bit unpredictable.

tumblr_pdqct9Uftj1u0nkhg_540Transiting Ceres at 22 Degrees is approaching a conjunction to his Midheaven at 26 Degrees Virgo. We all know the Ceres/Persephone myth concerning a parent (Ceres) losing her child (Persephone) for Brad, his parental issues are being played out before the public (Midheaven) Transiting Ceres is also opposing his 4th house cusp (home/family) his Chiron (wounds) and transiting Neptune. There’s a lot going on that’s not being revealed (Neptune)

Angelina is being hit hard by transiting Chiron in Aries approaching her natal Moon in Aries. Her natal Ceres (motherhood) in Taurus will be hit with a transit from Uranus in Taurus. This is definitely upsetting her family set-up. She has the asteroid “Child” in Cancer at 3 degrees opposing transiting Saturn in Capricorn. This can be a restrictive (Saturn) situation involving her kids. This could also be the judge (Saturn is associated with authority and discipline) requiring her to allow Brad to see the kids, and all of these ground rules concerning support, etc. I know this is difficult for a free-spirit like her who is known for her wanderlust.

Brad’s “Child” is at 0 Degrees Sagittarius in his 12th house. I think once transiting Jupiter enters Sagittarius next year there’s going to be a shift in HIS favor. His “Golden Boy” image is really going to get played up once Jupiter touches his ascendant. Angelina on the other hand has transiting Pluto and Lilith opposing her ascendant and transiting Chiron approaching a conjunction to her Midheaven. Her we have the “Bitch” (Lilith) image and that’s how the public may paint her. Combine this with Chiron on the Midheaven and her public image may take a blow.

Take note of Angelina’s Neptune conjunct Brad’s ascendant. Did she project her own fantasies onto Brad? I always got the feeling she did. Their union always made me think of the weird goth girl that managed to snag the captain of the football team. I don’t think either one of them saw the other clearly to be honest with you. His interest in her always felt self-serving. I’m sure he loves her, she’s the mother of his children after all, but there was always this waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop energy surrounding their union.

Brad met her during a major Pluto transit to his natal Sun. This is a profound transit, and his meeting her was no accident. People come into our lives for good or bad I suppose.

Mythology in Synastry: Prince & Vanity [Part 1]

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Prince & Vanity

*Update: I now have Vanity’s birth time. This post will be revised in the future.

Very rarely do celebrity couples intrigue me, or should I say the current crop of famous duos that grace the covers of glossy magazines and social media, yet Prince and Vanity’s coupling was always a fascinating one and even more so since they died within 2 months of each other. The both of them were approaching their second Saturn returns when they transitioned.

In terms of mythology they remind me of Jupiter (Zeus) and his consort/wife/sister Juno (Hera). As we know, Zeus was a notorious shapeshifter with a roving eye. Jupiter and Juno’s union played out like a literal Greek soap opera steeped in power struggles and betrayal. Juno was known for seeking revenge on Jupiter’s lovers, unleashing her fury and wrath; yet Vanity and Prince’s union played out in different ways. The myth also speaks of Juno/Hera bathing in the streams of Argos, cleansing herself of Jupiter/Zeus’ influence and regaining her virginity. This aligns with Denise eventually leaving Prince, finding Christ, and abandoning the persona of Vanity for good.

The definition on Juno in Astrology

Juno is often labeled the asteroid of marriage even though her meaning goes beyond that. While she can certainly point to what we want in a marriage partner and how we commit to those in our intimate lives, she also can trigger jealousy and give us insight into the ultimate relationship: our relationship with ourselves.

The beauty of astrology is in how mythological archetypes often play out literally in the natal chart. This is very much the case when I looked at the charts of these two. While

“Jupiter & Juno on Mount Ida”, James Barry, 1741-1806

there is no birth time available for Vanity (Born Denise Katrina Matthews, January 4th 1959, Niagara Falls, ON) there is a time of birth for Prince (Born Prince Rogers Nelson, June 7th 1958 at 6:17PM, Minneapolis, MN)

While Prince had a plethora of muses, girlfriends (and two ex-wives under his belt) Vanity was the first “official” Prince girl in terms of visibility and public notoriety. I suppose she is the construct or blueprint (Prince’s Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, in Cancer, opposes her natal Venus in Capricorn,making her the ideal canvas for him to project his creative/sensual fantasies onto, hence the name, “Vanity.”) that spawned those who came after her.

Juno in Synastry

Prince followed me, he took off his jacket and asked me to take off mine. I asked, “Why?” He said, “So I can try yours on and you can try on mine.” So we tried on each other’s clothes and realized that we fit each other’s clothes. I thought that was wonderful. – Vanity, JET magazine, May 1986

One of the first aspects that jumped out is Prince’s Jupiter in Libra at 21’59 degrees conjunct Vanity’s Juno in Libra at 21’32 degrees. Here we have the myth played out strongly in the Synastry chart! Vanity’s Juno falls in Prince’s 11th house, the house of hopes, friends, ambition and goals. Vanity certainly benefited from her association with Prince at that time and the 11th house functions as a benefactor of sorts. Juno in Libra often attracts a partner that is quite beautiful and artistically inclined and Prince was both. There’s a strong sense of attachment, support and loyalty between Prince and Vanity’s Juno/Jupiter aspect and it’s obvious that Vanity wanted a stronger commitment. Unfortunately, Prince’s Jupiter is Rx, and the Venusian influence has him on the look out for beauty at all times, even outside of “commitment.” Libra is also quite diplomatic and even though the two parted ways ages ago there wasn’t much mud slinging (Vanity often spoke fondly of him) Peace and balance are strong virtues for Libra and during that time period Vanity confessed to writing a manuscript for a tell-all book yet changed her mind. This is the loyalty aspect that I often see from Juno in synastry charts.

The Dark Goddess: Lilith

Black Moon Lilith is a major player when it comes to these two. In synastry she can unleash obsession, lust and issues surrounding power. Black Moon Lilith is the feminine archetype of dark primal energy. She’s the seductress and the mystical side of sexuality. These themes are quite strong in the charts of both Prince and Vanity individually and in synastry.

In part II I’ll explore Lilith in depth and how their union triggered both the good and bad in each other.





The Curious Case of Halle Berry’s Love Life: Neptune in The 7th House

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photovisi-download (10)
Halle Berry: Sun/Moon in Leo; Taurus Rising

Halle Berry’s love life has always played out like a Greek Tragedy. Prior to her union with Olivier Martinez (Capricorn) she was married to Eric Benet (Libra) and David Justice (Aries) those on the outside looking in have labelled Halle everything from”Crazy” to a “Drama Queen” (Jupiter is quincunx her Leo Sun, so there may be some truth to the drama queen label!) but this is a simplistic approach to a woman who is a bit more complex.

When I found out that Halle Berry and her third husband, Olivier Martinez, were divorcing, I decided to look at her chart; she has Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th house square her Leo Sun in the 4th house. She has a history of sketchy taste in partners (Virgo, Gabriel Aubry, is the father of Halle’s oldest child and the two had a nasty custody battle) and always seems to wind up disappointed. This is due to Neptune not seeing the partner (7th house) clearly and projecting unrealistic expectations onto the other; this leads to feeling let down and feeling duped, so to speak. She begins to feel like a victim (and that’s a whole different issue)

The stressful aspect between the Sun/Neptune also gives insight into her father (Sun) and his absence (Neptune) in her life. His nebulous presence during her formative years may have had Halle creating a prince charming archetype.

HallB NatalShe has a pretty impulsive chart: Uranus is conjunct the 7th house ruler (Pluto) and she tends to leap before she looks and winds up regretting it later. She’s also not the kind of woman to stick around if she’s not getting what she wants (Moon semi-square Uranus)  and can be emotionally explosive. Uranus is also in her 5th house of love affairs. It all starts off exciting and adventurous, then quickly burns out–then it’s on to the next one. Currently Halle is experiencing a major life changing transit: the Chiron/Chiron opposition which takes place between the ages of 49 to 51. This is a time of major life changing decisions. If Halle hasn’t taken stock of her relationship issues in the past, this current Chiron transit is a huge wake-up call.

That Neptune in the 7th square her Sun seems to be the culprit in her relationship woes; she tends to look to her partnerships to define who she is and that can be a recipe for disaster. What’s interesting is despite this kind of erratic energy in her chart, she has Venus trine Saturn; Halle really does take love seriously; but there are other factors in the chart that create this inner tension that she needs to work on.

Transiting Jupiter is conjunct the 7th house ruler right now in her chart. I don’t see this divorce getting ugly like the other ones. Transiting Saturn @ 7 degrees is currently in her 7th house and this can indicate a union that has become burdensome. It’s one of those transits than can either bring a couple closer together or have them throwing in the towel. For Halle and Olivier, sadly, it’s the latter.

photovisi-download (11)
Olivier Martinez: Capricorn Sun/Libra Moon; Virgo Rising

Olivier seems to be taking the break-up a bit harder. Like Halle, he’s also facing his Chiron/Chiron opposition, yet transiting Chiron is in his 7th house, opposing his ascendant, and transiting Jupiter. Halle’s Chiron in his 7th house by synastry certainly doesn’t help matters; the marriage may have triggered wounds (Olivier’s Juno makes a wide conjunction to Chiron) and this was evident when he beat up Gabriel Aubry during a heated exchange. Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is forming a difficult square to his natal Juno (marriage/commitment) and conjunct his IC (4th house cusp) not having his wife and children in the home (4th) may be creating feelings of isolation and loneliness (Saturn)

Transiting Pluto is approaching a conjunction to his Capricorn Sun ushering in deep psychological and ego changes; Pluto’s energy can be overwhelming and soul shaking (Brad Pitt had a major Pluto transit to his Sun when he divorced Jennifer Aniston and met Angelina Jolie) Olivier will certainly come out of this situation a changed man. Transiting Pluto is currently in his 5th house. This can play out in a variety of ways: His relationship with his child (5th house) will more than likely go through some transformational changes.

With his Moon in Libra he more than likely won’t be single for long. His Venus in Aquarius conjunct Mars and Bi-Quintile Uranus points to someone who may have difficulties being in a traditional kind of set-up as it is. Venus/Uranus aspects are often quite freedom loving, erratic, and at one point Olivier was known as a womanizer who dated a string of models and actresses.