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Brad Pitt: A visit from Melpomene

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Brad Pitt: Sagittarius Sun/ Capricorn Moon

Brad Pitt is currently experiencing two major transits: transiting Saturn on his Sun, and transiting Pluto on his natal Moon. This is the end of a cycle for Brad and I said that this divorce would do more of a number on him than on Angelina. Brad has both Neptune and the asteroid Karma in the 12th house (a house associated with self-undoing) and him admitting to using controlled substances doesn’t surprise me with Neptune in the 12th. Here his dependencies (Neptune) are hidden (12th) and he more than likely hid them from himself as well.

What’s interesting about Brad’s chart is his un-aspected Sun in the 1st house opposite his 7th house. His sense of self (Sun/1st) is tied into his partners (7th) He tends to rely on his significant other to give him insight into his identity.He tends to morph into his partners as well.

During his separation from Jennifer Aniston, transiting Pluto was conjunct his natal Sun in 2005. This is probably one of thee most powerful transits an individual can experience. Right before the publics eyes we saw Brad transform (Pluto) especially in terms of his appearance (1st house) he died his hair black, got the first in a series of tattoos, and began to take part in Angelina’s charitable endeavors.

Pluto is the planet that creates, destroys, and then re-creates. The Brad Pitt we had once known (or thought we knew) had completely re-invented himself.

Fast forward ten years later; Brad is now experiencing another major Pluto transit. This time it’s to his natal Moon. His home life (and marriage) have been completely broken down by Pluto’s powerful rays. Pluto functions like a cosmic demolition man. Whatever is not stable in your life will come crashing down around you. This is part of the regeneration process. In order for something new to be built old structures must be destroyed.

Our Natal Moon gives us insight into how we are emotionally fed, the mother archetype (Anima) and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Moon is the divine feminine, and a woman (Angelina) who played a significant role during his first Pluto transit, has now been removed from the picture (Pluto/Moon)

For further insight I added a few asteroids to his chart to see what’s going on: the asteroid, “Melpomene,” named after the Greek muse of tragedy, is transiting his marriage house. Her symbol is the, “Tragic Mask,” and Brad was definitely wearing his in this GQ interview.

Melpomene, Muse of tragedy and tragic poetry

Transiting Karma and Psyche (seat of the soul) are conjunct in his career/public image house opposite natal Chiron in the 3rd house of communication. His GQ interview was actually just what the Shaman (Chiron) ordered. He finally went into therapy (Psyche/Chiron) and has quite a few wounds tied to his home environment (4th) and spoke of struggling to express his feelings/emotions. There is an internal struggle between his somewhat traditional home life/roots (Moon in Capricorn) and his own progressive idealism (Sun in Sagittarius) His struggles to purge emotionally doesn’t surprise me with that Capricorn Moon of his. Being vulnerable can be difficult for Capricorn energy, and frightening. Sagittarius men in particular seem to be going through it! Side note: the dark goddess, Lilith, is approaching a conjunction to his ascendant. He’s having his ass served to him big time. He’ll learn. He has no choice but to.

The Astrology of Prince

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Anyone who knows me knows what a massive Prince fan I am. I’ve been meaning to write something about his chart but felt too overwhelmed shortly after his passing. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since he left us. This post was inspired by a series of dreams I had about him. I intuitively pulled a few tarot cards as well…

Prince Rogers Nelson: Gemini Sun/Pisces Moon/Scorpio Rising

I – 8 of Pentacles Reversed

The very first card (8 of Pentacles) is usually a warning about unethical business associates and shady deals in general, but mainly about over-extending one’s self. In the reverse position this card is associated with workaholic tendencies and neglecting one’s health. Saturn’s Rx phase during the time of his death could have been warning him to slow down. There have been numerous conspiracy theories surrounding Prince’s death and with Neptune tightly conjunct the Midheaven of his death chart, his passing is shrouded in mystery (Neptune) but I don’t want to talk about conspiracy theories. I’d much rather discuss how fascinating his chart is. It’s filled with so much creativity, beauty and sensitivity.

Prince was highly intuitive (Moon in Pisces at 1 degree 59 minutes trine his Neptune/Psyche conjunction in Scorpio in the 12th house). This gift of insight and premonition was more than likely inherited from his female ancestors (Moon in the 4th) someone this “plugged in” would know if his time were coming to an end. His Gemini Sun (life force) sits in the 8th house (death) conjunct the Vertex (fated events). Transiting Saturn Rx in Sagittarius was approaching a return to its natal position at the time of his death. The Rx aspect could indicate something burdensome returning (Sagittarius rules the hips/legs)  His health/sickness house ruler, Mars, powerfully placed in its ruling sign, Aries, makes a stressful aspect to Saturn natally so his pending Saturn return, in addition to transiting Uranus in his health house, put Prince under a lot of stress physically. Uranus transits, at least health-wise, are indicative of burn out and anxiety. His body was literally screaming for a break.

Natal Saturn in Sagittarius at 22 degrees 52 minutes was Rx and in his 2nd house

8 of Pentacles Rv.

opposite his Sun (ego/life force) in his natal chart as well and this is the classic workaholic aspect. The 2nd house is tied into self-worth what we value and finances. Prince more than likely felt like he had something to prove throughout his entire life and this is linked to his father (Saturn). In mythology Saturn/Kronos had fears his children would overthrow him and his solution was to eat/consume them. The opposition aspect is often projection, and Prince’s father could have very well projected a lot of his fears/criticism and expectations onto Prince. Depression, perfectionism (which can also trigger depression) and heavy responsibilities (In Prince’s case there is a “debt” to the father) are also associated with Saturn astrologically. For some parents parenthood is often ego-driven. Children become funnels and parents often live vicariously through them.

Saturn’s pending return to its natal placement may have triggered issues pertaining to his self-worth (2nd house) and proving himself, yet again. As someone who was strongly focused on aesthetics/Beauty (Venus in Taurus) I wonder how he felt about aging and getting older. With transiting Saturn opposing his career house ruler (Sun) there may have also been feelings of frustration pertaining to his career. Saturn can create inertia. This must have been especially frustrating for someone like Prince who was quite prolific and full of energy. The slowing down of his physical body must have been pure hell for him.

Saturn, with its penchant for authority, would cause Prince to view men (Sun) as competition in general. He preferred the company of women (Moon/Neptune trine) and felt more comfortable with them. His Mars exalted in Aries makes him competitive by nature. For Prince there was only room for one rooster in the hen-house! He merged the softness of his Pisces Moon with the raw sexuality of his Mars in Aries perfectly. The 8 of Pentacles is a master at his craft. In the image we see a man hammering away at his creations/pentacles. These pentacles (also called, “Coins,” and “Disk’s”) for me symbolize Prince’s music/albums and his creative process. He was extremely prolific and has the astrological chart of someone who has had to work very hard for most of his life and didn’t expect anyone to help him; it would also make it difficult for Prince to ask for help if he needed it.

At the time of his passing transiting Saturn at 14 degrees was also tightly conjunct his financial house cusp and he may have been forced to scale back financially and live with less. Of course the term, “Less,” often has a different meaning for the rich and famous.

But let’s get back to the messages contained in the tarot cards.

II – Judgement – Reversed

Judgement Rv.

The second card (Judgement Reversed) speaks of stasis and isolation and this was probably one of the worse things Prince could have done—cutting himself off from people. Judgement in the reverse position speaks of false spiritual teachings and this could be his Jehovah Witness faith. Prince has always interwoven spiritual/religious/mystical themes into his music (His Pisces Moon is quite spiritually ambitious) and that was never an issue for me. While I am not religious (I was not raised with organized religion) I do believe in a higher spiritual power. Prince’s uninhibited (Venus/Uranus square in his chart) merging of god/sex was one of the key themes that I loved about him and at first found his gravitation to the JW faith quite odd. Eastern/esoteric philosophies with its focus on reincarnation, (another theme Prince explored numerous times in his music) and sex as a tantric expression (“Lovesexy”) seemed more in line with who he was. I’m a firm believer that the JW faith caused him some internal conflict and disconnected him from the essence of who he was and this led to crisis (transiting Pluto square his natal Sun) There could have been fears of judgement as well.

This reminds me of another reading I did for Prince in 2013/2014. I began to sense a spiritual shift in Prince and pulled The Hierophant card in the reversed position. The Hierophant is often depicted as a priest/religious figure and is associated with tradition. With this card in the reversed position Prince may have been moving away from traditional religious practices. With his Mercury in its ruling sign Gemini, at 4 degrees 6 minutes conjunct the asteroids Hypnos/Vesta (dedication to service and obsessive focus) and square Pluto, Prince had a deep probing mind that was restless and constantly searching for knowledge. A stimulating environment was a must for a man like him. He also got bored quickly (Uranus in the 9th) and like a nomad, was always searching for something else. When I saw that he named his group, “Third Eye Girl,” I was intrigued. It was around this time that I began to realize that Prince was more than likely distancing himself from traditional (Hierophant) religious doctrine and exploring more esoteric themes, while maintaining his deeply rooted Christian beliefs.

Prince has the chart of a, to quote Bob Marley, “Natural Mystic” (Moon in Pisces) and healer of the collective (Chiron in Aquarius). He is naturally in tune with Christ consciousness, but his Moon/Neptune aspect can create a sort of religious/spiritual naiveté and makes him an emotional/psychic sponge that is susceptible to deception (Neptune 2 degrees 20 minutes in Scorpio in the 12th house of  hidden agendas).

There have been numerous amusing statements about how bewitching Prince is (his eyes especially) and even YouTube videos accusing Prince of everything from sex magic to witchcraft! The fixed star Enif, located in the nose of the constellation, Pegasus, is conjunct Prince’s Moon and is associated with intuition, as well as the Part of Spirit and the fixed star, Sadalmelik, a star associated with occult knowledge. I think his Pluto tightly conjunct the Midheaven/10th elicits this kind of powerful (Pluto) reaction from the public (10th)

III – Queen of Pentacles – A nurturing woman/Archetypal Mother

Was Prince looking for a woman who exhibited some of the same personality traits as the Queen of Pentacles? It’s hard to say. Women have always played a major role in Prince’s life: creatively, romantically, and spiritually. The “dark” Goddess, Black Moon Lilith in Aries, sits in his creative 5th house

Prince’s Ceres (mother to Persephone) in Leo sits in the 9th house of higher education conjunct Uranus. (his mother earned her masters degree and became a social worker) His mother may have been more concerned with her own goals/development, and there is an erratic (Uranus) element to his nurturing (Ceres). Despite this, Ceres/Uranus speaks of a mother that is vibrant and unconventional. Prince said in early interviews that he got his wild side from his mother.

Queen of Pentacles

This may have caused young Prince to be more self-reliant than the average child his age. His Moon forms an out-of-sign conjunction to Chiron, the wounded healer. Moon/Chiron aspects, in particular the stressful aspects, often point to emotional and maternal wounds linked to a lack of nurturing. Prince left his childhood home as a young man and bounced around quite a bit.Interestingly enough, in mythology, Chiron was abandoned by his mother (the nymph, Philyra). While Chiron can be associated with psychic wounds he is also a symbol of the emergence of hidden gifts. In Prince’s case Chiron’s opposition to Pluto/Midheaven/Regulus gave him the unwavering drive to succeed. With Chiron’s trine to Jupiter (11th) and his Amor in Gemini (7th) healing/nurturing was more than likely obtained through connections to friends, like-minded individuals (11th), and lovers (7th); not necessarily blood relatives.

His ties to women (and his female ancestors) are extremely compelling with the Moon in the 4th house, and his cultural roots are strong as well (his emotional desire for roots is pronounced as well) the 4th house is ones physical home (our ancestors) and childhood. This explains him never abandoning Minneapolis and choosing to stay close to home. But there are a lot of emotional wounds as well (Chiron conjunct Moon) His Moon/Pluto aspect triggered feelings towards his mother that were probably extremely complex, consuming, and overwhelming. Luckily for his mother, Prince was extremely compassionate and forgiving when it came to her (Moon trine Neptune). He adored her, and she adored him (his mother was a Scorpio) It’s weird, looking at his chart I can see she’s deeply imbedded in his subconscious, yet it’s like she’s a myth (Neptune) I wonder what she was going through while pregnant with Prince. Babies absorb this energy (it’s called the Pre-Natal Moon) and the 12th house is pretty much the holding cell for this kind of energy as well as karmic memories.

III/I – Women (Moon) as catalysts for change

His Eros, (symbol of passion and desire) is in Pisces as well, at 19 degrees, giving credence to the numerous stories about Prince doing nothing more than bathing women, or simply brushing their hair. Eros is much more than erotic and sexual fixation: it serves as a funnel of sorts (creativity is passion as well) and in the natal chart it gives clues into where our passions thrive. His Eros in mystical Pisces may very much have been content with just appreciating women, and being in their presence more than likely provided all of the passion he needed. The Mystic (Pisces) and the erotic (Eros) are fused, and of course we see these two energies in almost everything he did, especially in his lyrics and imagery.

His Moon (women/emotional drive), trines Neptune and sextiles his Venus at 7 degrees 50 minutes in its ruling sign, Taurus (ruler of his 7th house) in his 6th house. He was certainly a man who loved beauty (Venus) and linked it to the divine (Neptune) and was a hopeless romantic, yet Venus/Neptune aspects can also produce unrealistic expectations and a lack of boundaries, especially when it came to love. This can lead to disappointment and unwillingness to commit. Often the idea of love is more appealing than the actual relationship itself. He needed someone he could merge with (he could also tap into women empathically) and we see this need projected onto his numerous female protégées. Prince’s lovers and muses are more than musical projects, they were extensions of himself and his sensitive Moon more than likely loved to save women (his Venus sits in the house of service). No one loves a victim, or a perceived victim, like Pisces. Venus in his service house is more than likely the reason he would often get involved with women her worked with. The 6th house, like the 10th, is also a house associated with career.

While his Moon in Pisces is quite caring and sensitive, it squares his Pluto-Midheaven conjunction and the fixed star, Regulus, at the critical 29th degree. Prince had the power (Pluto) and ability to extract your secrets while simultaneously maintaining his. Often stressful Moon/Pluto aspects can unleash manipulation and power plays, especially if one feels threatened or feels as though their own power is being taken from them. So while Prince offered assistance to women, there is an underlying manipulative aspect to his giving! Most of this is due to fears of relinquishing personal power and being abandoned (Moon conjunct Chiron) Like his ascendant ruler, Pluto/Hades, Prince offers his Persephone a very tempting pomegranate, one that is virtually impossible to resist.

The key issue for Prince in terms of his love life is linked to a powerful T-square that consists of Neptune, Venus and Uranus at the apex. Venus opposes Neptune, squares Uranus, and trines Pluto! So here we have someone who becomes enamored quite quickly (Venus/Neptune) becomes almost obsessive in his affections (Venus/Pluto) only to lose interest (Venus/Uranus) when someone more interesting comes along. Newness is something that Prince loved, and this is classic Uranus behavior.

His Moon/Pluto square also gives him an emotional upper hand in his relationships. He was the kind of man who had a powerful (Pluto) influence on others, especially women (Moon). Prince’s drives and desires were often hidden at first glance, especially when it came to love and romantic partners. His relationship house is governed by sensual Taurus and its ruler, Venus, also rules the ever so secretive 12th house. He was not one to kiss and tell and whatever he shared with the woman he was with stayed hidden from others. To say he was private is truly an understatement. It’s actually quite refreshing; especially in this age of social media where a tremendous amount of over sharing takes place.

IV – Death/Power as a vehicle to transformation (8th House Sun)

His Gemini Sun at 16 degrees 41 minutes is the consummate symbol of duplicity and the integration of oppositions. It’s placement in the sexually charged 8th house, which is also associated with death, regeneration and transformation. We see these themes explored in his “7” video where Prince lures different versions of himself into an elevator/capsule and “kills” them off. This is a theme (death) that we see repeatedly, especially with his name change to an unpronounceable symbol and his mantra at the time, “Prince is dead.” During this particular period transiting Pluto (God of the underworld) was on Prince’s Scorpio ascendant ushering in a profound sense of transformation and re-birth. Pluto creates, destroys and then re-creates. This is certainly what Prince was experiencing, and anyone who has felt the forces of a transit from Pluto to the sensitive points in their natal chart (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses) know all too well the almost cataclysmic energy that permeates.

His Pluto on the Midheaven would have Prince at odds with authority and often this was played out publicly (his battle with Warner Bros. in the 90’s) The 10th house is more than one’s vocation; it symbolizes the world at large and how we navigate within it. While he was deeply private (Scorpio rising) Leo rules his career house, conjunct the royal star Regulus no less! Here we have a private figure (Scorpio) with a very public (Leo) profession. For Leo the world is a stage and Prince controlled (Pluto) how his image/public life was portrayed, and rightfully so.

At the time of his death transiting Jupiter was square his natal Sun in his house of death (8th house) his transition was smooth and Jupiter/Sun is very much a release. He’s resting easy now. The New Moon in Scorpio was in his 12th house. Death is merely a beginning.

Travel safely, Prince.

Lamar Odom and Bacchus’ Return

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425px-Bacco (1)
Bacchus, 1595, Caravaggio

This morning I was shocked to hear that NBA player, Lamar Odom, had been rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. He was found unresponsive four days later at 3:15 in the afternoon. Lamar’s issues with addiction have been in the public eye for quite some time. At the age of 12, Lamar lost his mother to cancer as well as his grandmother in 2004. Two years later, in 2006, his infant son died of sudden infant death syndrome. This man has been through so much.

When I heard the news, I automatically thought of transiting Neptune in Pisces. For all  its spirituality and mysticism, Neptune has a dark side as well; from illusions to escapism and drugs, Neptune is also associated with mysterious circumstances. Lamar’s natal Neptune in Sagittarius is quite dominant in his chart. His Neptune opposes his Gemini Moon and squares Saturn. This is a strong indication of a lack of boundaries and emotional escapism. Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct his natal Venus/Mercury conjunction. This can create feelings of isolation and loneliness. Stressful Venus/Saturn aspects points to a lack/denial of love. Transiting Chiron in Pisces is also square his Moon and Neptune. Emotional hurts are being triggered and the loss of important women (Moon) in his life (his mother, grandmother and demise of his marriage) are probably causing him to self-medicate even more. His natal Uranus in Scorpio is conjunct his Sun and square Mars, creating an impulsive individual who doesn’t look before he leaps. There’s nothing to rein him in.

Lamar’s Natal Chart. Take note of his Neptune/Moon opposition.

This brings me to the asteroid, Bacchus (Dionysus in Greek Mythology) god of the vine, fertility and ritual madness. Bacchus is very much the state of madness when it comes to controlled substances. Addiction, hedonism, and excess are the shadow side of Bacchus. Lamar’s natal Bacchus is in Sagittarius at 11 degrees conjunct Neptune and opposite his natal Moon in Gemini. The conjunction between Neptune, planet of illusion and drugs, and Bacchus, a god when making stressful aspects, associated with alcoholism and the struggle with dealing with reality, is particularly powerful.

Lamar is experiencing his Bacchus return.Transiting Bacchus in Sagittarius was opposite his natal Moon, conjunct his natal Neptune/Bacchus conjunction and quincunx natal Chiron in Taurus when he was found in the brothel by two workers. Women at the facility reported that Lamar took ten herbal supplement tablets over the course of 3 days. This is very much in keeping with transiting Bacchus square transiting Jupiter. Jupiter expands what ever it touches and with it’s stressful aspect to Bacchus, we have an individual who has no concept of moderation. It’s now been revealed that Lamar may have used cocaine while at the brothel. I sincerely hope that Lamar pulls through this.

Lorena Bobbit & The Dark Goddess

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photovisi-download (4)Yesterday, while looking at my transits during an ectopic pregnancy that almost killed me, I started to think about Dark Moon Lilith in the astrological chart. Transiting Lilith was transiting my 5th house (children) when I needed emergency surgery for internal bleeding when my fallopian tube almost burst. Lilith fascinates me, but Dark Moon Lilith in particular, intrigues me. There are three Lilith’s that are channeled in astrological analysis. Spending 10 days in each sign, Dark Moon Lilith takes approximately 119 days to travel around our planet. Darkstar Astrology describes Dark Moon Lilith as:

“Dark Moon then can work two ways like the myth, we either face our Demons or release them safely or we bury them. If they are allowed to fester they become enraged.”

This brings me to one of Lilith “daughters,” Lorena Bobbit. Lorena was thrust into the public spotlight after she severed her abusive husband’s penis on June 23rd 1993. After sustaining years of physical and sexual abuse, she reached her breaking point. Lorena was born on October, 31st 1970, in Quito, Ecuador. She married John Wayne Bobbit when she was just 19 years old (he was 22) she was raped by her husband the night of the attack. The outer wheel is Lorena’s chart. Transiting Pluto (which is often associated with assault /Persephone myth/power struggles) was conjunct her Moon/Venus conjunction and opposite Saturn/Juno (marriage/divine consort/wife to Jupiter) transiting Pluto was also conjunct her natal Dark Moon Lilith. There are three Liliths that are used in astrology, and Dark Moon is the most vicious. She’s associated with revenge, assault, nightmares, toxins, emotional pain and the shadow. Lorena had finally had enough.

On June 23rd, at around 5am,  Lorena used a 12” kitchen knife to end her suffering. The first thing that struck me was the powerful amount of Scorpio energy in her chart. With Juno in Taurus conjunct Saturn, a spouse that can provide her with stability and financial security is of the utmost importance. During the trial, Lorena complained of abuse and financial instability.  The night of the attack, transiting Venus in Taurus (event 12th house) was opposite transiting Pluto (abduction/assault ) in Scorpio conjunct her Juno/Saturn conjunction. Lorena Bobbit attack chart

Dark Moon Lilith isn’t an actual celestial body. She’s a mathematical point (similar to the lunar nodes) There’s an actual asteroid named Lilith (one of the three Liliths used, also known as “1181″) that played a role in this attack as well. Asteroid Lilith is very much the freedom-fighter/feminist and healer. Transiting asteroid Lilith in Libra was conjunct Lorena’s Mars/Uranus conjunction opposite her natal Vertex (fated events) it was through the attack (Dark Moon Lilith) that she was liberated and freed (asteroid Lilith).

Her natal Dark Moon Lilith is in Scorpio conjunct her Moon and opposite natal Hades. Her husband messed with the wrong woman. Venus in the 12th of the attack chart is very behind closed doors. Her Juno/Saturn/Hades conjunction in the event chart 12th describes the hidden abuse/attacks she was subjected to by her own husband that night. For me, transiting Pluto conjunct her natal Dark Moon Lilith, was very much the trigger.

Pluto’s role here cannot be ignored. Transformation is often obtained through crisis. With the large amount of Scorpio in her chart (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter and Vesta!) she rose like a phoenix from the ashes of abuse.

Her natal Hades was also conjunct Venus in the event chart. This woman went through hell. Her natal Saturn in Taurus is what restrained her (her Saturn is conjunct Juno and opposite her Scorpio Sun) because I’m surprised she didn’t kill that man looking at these transits.

Another worthy note: Transiting Dark Moon Lilith in Taurus was conjunct her Saturn/Juno/Hades.

Her natal Nessus, which is associated with abuse, at 18 degrees Gemini, forms a tight conjunction to the event’s ascendant at 19 degrees square her natal Venus/Moon conjunction. Nessus, a centaur in Greek mythology kidnapped Princess Dejanira. Her name translates into: “Destroyer of her husband.”

The Astrology of Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette Chart

“She was not a guilty woman, neither was she a saint; she was an upright, charming woman, a little frivolous, somewhat impulsive, but always pure; she was a queen, at times ardent in her fancies for her favourites and thoughtless in her policy, but proud and full of energy, a thorough woman in her winsome ways and tenderness of heart, until she became a martyr.” –  The Life of Marie-Antoinette – Maxine de la Rocheterie

This quote describes her chart perfectly. Marie was born on November 2, 1755 @ 7:30 PM in Vienna, Austria.She had Cancer rising and the ruler of the first (Moon) was in the 5th house of love affairs, Children, gambling and pleasure. Her Jupiter/Moon conjunction in Libra is the charming aspect you always hear when people describe her. Most of her frivolous nature is due to her Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Vertex and Hades all in the 5th house (Pleasure) it ultimately became her downfall (Hades)

Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Marie Antoinette, 1783

She has quite a bit of water in her chart with her Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio and her Mars/Ascendant in Cancer. Her Moon/Saturn square points to a somewhat restrictive mother or a mother who may have emotionally distant in some way. Marie had a somewhat tense relationship with her mother but there was a tremendous amount of love between the two. Moon/Saturn aspects can also indicate a child that may have had to grow up quickly or had to deal with a certain amount of emotional responsibility at an early age. Marie was just 14 when she married the future Louis XVI.

Neptune is Square her Sun, Venus and Sextile her Jupiter. She was someone with little to no boundaries and lived in a dream (Neptune) world detached from reality. I think the tight Square from Saturn to her Libra Moon caused a lot of emotional heaviness, sadness and feeling weighed down by life/responsibilities that caused her to submerge herself in her overindulgent Neptune in Leo. Neptune/Venus aspects give one a deep love of beauty/beautiful objects/art, but it can also give a person poor judgement because one looks at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Her impulsive nature stems from her Mars in Cancer in the first house Square her Libra Moon in the 5th. Her Uranus South Node conjunction in Pisces close to the midheaven gives clues into her public image. Uranus is quite unpredictable and “out-there” and it’s a difficult planet to pin down. Uranian energy hates rules, regulations and any kind of restrictions and it trines her Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio in the 5th house.

The South Node is linked to past life issues and what we’ve mastered. We’ve mastered these gifts because we’ve honed them and done them before in our previous incarnation. The North Node is what we need to work on now and Marie’s N.Node was in meticulous/organized Virgo in the 4th house. Her Karmic lesson was in taking care of 4th house matters (home matters/responsibility)

Astrological Analysis of Cult Leaders (Jim Jones)

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Cult Leader, Jim Jones
Cult Leader, Jim Jones

I’m currently looking at the charts of cult leaders. Jim Jones (Jonestown massacre) had Capricorn rising with Neptune (spirituality) trine his ascendant. Neptune also trines his Mercury (communication) in Taurus. He knew just what to say to the people who followed him. I’ve noticed Neptune/Mercury aspects with other cult leaders as well. It’s the selling of a fantasy/salvation (Neptune) through words (Mercury)

His Aries Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto hints at an individual who’s emotionally erratic, controlling and manipulative. Jim definitely has the chart of a charismatic pied-piper. Venus in Aries trines Mars, conjuncts his Moon and squares Jupiter. This is a charismatic individual with strong leader qualities (Aries) who would promise people the world. Venus is actually quite strong in his chart. His obsession with controlling his followers is even more pronounced with his Venus square Pluto/Saturn.

“Saturn Devouring His Child,” 1636, Peter Paul Rubens

His ascendant ruler, Saturn, sits in the first. Saturn/Chronos was the mythological father that ate his own children with the fear of one of them overthrowing him as the king of the God’s. How revealing is it that Jim Jones wanted his followers to call him either, “Father,” or “Daddy,” and ultimately led his children/flock to their deaths.

He also has Pluto in Cancer sextile his Taurus Sun. What’s revealing is Pluto sits in the 7th house of partnerships. All planets have a “shadow”; Pluto isn’t just transformation; it’s linked to tyranny, abuse of power and manipulation. Combine this energy with the darker side of Neptune (drugs, delusion, deception) and you get a dangerous mix.

Jupiter is also conjunct his Pluto so this is an individual with an insatiable need for power. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. His Jupiter is also sextile his Sun creating a man with an inflated sense of self/ego (Sun).

I’m trying to compare charts to see if Neptune/Pluto plays a role as well as Jupiter and the 9th house (the 9th house is religion/philosophical views) Jim’s Neptune sits in the 9th and trines the 9th house ruler (Mercury) adding an interesting mix to his religious fanaticism.

His Libra Midheaven made him quite charming; the MC is linked to ones public image and former members discussed how persuasive and “charming” Jim was. He had a Venus/Moon conjunction in Aries and he definitely knew how to play on the emotional needs of his followers.

* Waco, TX cult leader,David Koresh (the leader of Branch Davidians religious sect) had a Neptune/Mercury aspect as well (the square) and Saturn was also dominant in his chart. I’ll be exploring his chart next week.

The Astrology of Tupac Shakur

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Tupac Natal Chart

Tupac’s birthday was upon us on the 16th of June. I decided to take a peek to see what I could pick up on astrologically. Since there is no birth time for ‘Pac there’s been some debate on what sign his natal Moon is in. Is it fiery Aries or sensitive Pisces? Emotionally Tupac was both sensitive and fiery. His short fuse and warrior spirit would certainly be fitting of an Aries Moon, yet his poetry, spiritual/mystical beliefs (He was a strong believer in astrology) and strong connection to the divine feminine (women) points to a Pisces Moon. I’ve given him the ambiguous noon as a birth time since I don’t have one. This gives him a moon in the early degree of Aries, 2 degrees to be exact.

Air is the strongest element in Tupac’s chart. His Sun, Mercury, Venus and the asteroid Ceres are all in Gemini as well as the Arabian part of fortune. (That’s the little circle with the “X” in the center) Those with Air strong in their charts have a strong desire to learn study and know. The abundance of Gemini energy in his chart made him quite mercurial in nature: His ideas and philosophies shifted often and he was interested in a variety of subjects. Gemini needs constant mental stimulation and Tupac studied poetry, ballet, jazz and acting while at the Baltimore School for The Arts.

There are three aspects that stand out in his chart: his Venus/Neptune opposition, his Moon/Neptune square and his Saturn/Jupiter opposition. Tupac2

Tupac’s Moon/Neptune Square: The Moon in our chart points to our emotional and what nurtures us. It can also give is some clues into our mother/mother archetype. Tupac’s mother Afeni was very much a warrior in her own right, so ‘Pac’s Moon may very well be in Aries. His Moon squares Neptune, the planet of mystery, spirituality and divinity. Men with Moon/Neptune aspects tend to have an almost divine love of women and often put them on a pedestal. A pedestal that the woman of ‘Pac’s affection would find difficult to stay on. Moon/Neptune is very much in line with Isis/the virgin mother. His relationship and feelings about women were quite complex in nature.

His Venus (Love) opposes Neptune! Here we have the poet and hopeless romantic. What’s interesting is Jada Pinkett Smith’s Saturn, which deals with Karma and past life events, is conjunct ‘Pac’s Venus. This creates strong karmic ties between two people that are difficult to break. Jada’s Virgo Sun/Moon conjunction was conjunct ‘Pac’s Pluto! That’s a powerful connection. The Pluto person (Tupac) often has a strong hold over the person their Pluto touches. Jada has openly talked about what a huge influence ‘Pac had on her and how protective he was of her.

One of the most challenging aspects in his chart is his Saturn/Jupiter opposition. This created an internal struggle for him between knowing his self-worth and often feeling he wasn’t loved and appreciated enough. This could point to the kinds of people he chose to associate with (Suge Knight, etc…) oppositions tend to be projected onto other people and “Pac was often stubborn and difficult to deal with. This is all linked to his feelings of abandonment and self-worth.

At the time of his murder, his Progressed Sun and Moon were both in water signs (Cancer & Pisces) he was going through some intense emotional/psychological changes and often talked about wanting to leave death row and focus on films. Transiting Pluto (death/transformation) was conjunct his Neptune at the time of his murder. Neptune is also associated with mystery. Transiting Uranus was approaching a conjunction to his natal Mars at the time of the shooting. Mars is often associated with violence and Uranus points to events that are shocking and sudden. His murder was both.

The Astrology of Jean-Michel Basquit

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Jean-Michel BasquitChart

I was having a conversation with a Capricorn friend about Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was a Capricorn as well, so I started talking about his artwork and creative expression. I don’t have a birth time for him, so I’m focusing on planetary aspects (not houses) I created his natal chart on the right. The inner ring is his natal chart and the outer ring are the transits that were taking place when he died at the age of 27 on August 12, 1988.

There is no time of death, but his girlfriend at the time mentioned how Jean-Michel would sleep all day and she became worried when he didn’t come down by mid-afternoon. I chose the time above because transiting Vx (Vertex) was in Pisces right on his natal Moon. The Vertex is not a celestial body. It’s a mathematical point that often points to fated events that are beyond our control.

The one thing that stood out for me when I was looking at his chart and transits, was the Arabian part of fortune. Also known as Arabic parts or lots, the part of fortune is a mathematical calculation. The part of fortune is calculated by Ascendant+Moon-Sun/+ Sun. Like it’s name, the part of fortune points to just that: Fortunate events and gifts. In 1968, Jean-Michel was hit by a car when transiting part of fortune was in Aquarius conjunct his Venus. Venus astrologically is linked to creative/artistic expression and aesthetics. Jean-Michel’s mother bought him an anatomy book while he recovered from multiple injuries. The accident was in fact fortunate for him, because it played a major role in his creative outlook.

Jean-Michel’s moon was in creative and sensitive Pisces. The moon symbolizes the mother archetype, childhood and nurturing. Those with Pisces moon tend to have mother’s who are fragile, creative and victims in some way. Jean-Michel’s mother was institutionalized in 1970 when he was 11 years old. Earth and water are strong in his chart, giving him great artistic vision (water) and the discipline (Earth) to bring creative ideas to fruition. His natal Neptune in dark/sexual Scorpio was Square Venus, Trine Mars and Sextile Pluto. His dark images (Pluto) often had spiritual (Neptune) undertones in them. Symbols such as skulls, crowns and halos were prominent in his work. Basquiat2

His Sun and Moon were in the early degrees of Capricorn/Pisces. Signs in early degrees are often impulsive and an almost obsessive need to forge ahead and move onto the next thing. Cardinal energy is very strong in his chart. Cardinal signs (he has four planets in cardinal signs) are known for being initiators and at 15 he ran away from home and was eventually banned from the household. I find that Capricorns are often like little adults in a child’s body when they’re young. The father figure archetype in the home is often overbearing and the home environment in general is heavy and oppressive in some way. Jean-Michel’s work had a very grave/dark serious tone to it and this probably stemmed from his inner life. His artwork was truly an avant-garde healing tool (Chiron in Aquarius)

His natal Neptune while connected to artistic expression, spirituality and higher consciousness, is also linked to drugs and escapism. In 1997 his depression and drug use increased. While depression impacts all of us at one point in our lives, I find Capricorns in particular struggle with emotional “heaviness.” Jean-Michel’s Jupiter, Saturn and the asteroid Juno were all in Capricorn. His Pisces moon opposed his Pluto/Uranus conjunction. This points to intense, powerful moods that are often overwhelming. At the time of his death, transiting Pluto (Death/transformation) was in Scorpio conjunct his natal Neptune (drugs) Transiting Neptune was also conjunct his Sun as well as transiting North Node in Pisces on his natal Moon. The North Node points to what we struggle with in terms of ones soul-purpose; add Pisces to the mix and struggles surrounding dependence/addiction may arise.

With his Moon in Pisces (like Michael Jackson) he may have had issues with boundaries and surrounding himself with the wrong people.

He left behind 917 drawings, 25 sketchbooks, 85 prints and 171 paintings.