“Where do I start? I am in total amazement at the astrology readings that I have received by Ms.Nicole. Everything thus far has been the absolute truth, from beginning to END. I am so very grateful and thankful to have had the opportunity to interact with her & her special GIFT. From here on out I will continue to listen to her & not just hear when what she says…..Thanks So Much Nicole” – Brittany

“On August 31st, 2011, I received a natal chart reading from Nicole and there were only two words that initially came to my mind post-reflection: dead on! Not only was the reading accurate, it was edifying and completely independent of any prior knowledge other than my date of birth and time. Never in my life had I experienced such a powerful moment or received such a meaningful gift. At the end of the reading,not only was I moved to tears- I felt Nicole knew more about me than my closest friends, and in fact she did. She picked up on truths that I was greatly aware of, but had buried and been unwilling to face within myself. It is safe to say, that this moment in my life, this reading, will greatly effect the trajectory of my intuitive well-being, in terms of better understanding myself and both my present AND future relationships. If you allow it, her readings can cultivate you into a more aware self, equipped with the necessary knowledge to pursue intuitive enlightenment from that moment forward. This was my first reading, and possibly the only reading I will ever need…simply AMAZING, unforgettable, and timely for this portion of my journey.“- Stephanie

“I was looking for a little guidance for the coming year. I wanted something more specific and personal than the general horoscopes so I ordered a solar chart from Nikki. It’s amazing how much she knew about me that was true. Everything as far as my personality and the experiences I’ve had thus far this year was right on the money! I’m so glad I asked for her help because her insight makes me feel more prepared for what’s to come. I’d definitely suggest anyone who is also seeking guidance or needs some of the fog eliminated from their vision to call Nikki. It’s absolutely worth it!” – Desiree M.

“Nikki, my birth chart reading was filled to the brim with useful and recognizable information. I feel I am better prepared for the months to come. Thank you for being available to answer my questions after I received my reading. I now know where and how to direct my energy to ensure the best possible outcome. All the best”. – T.L. Davis

“I recently had a Natal Chart and Solar Chart reading done by Nikki and to my surprise she hit a lot of nails on the head.  By looking at my chart she was able to mention some things that I was experiencing in my personal as well as my professional life.  It should be noted that she doesn’t know me personally and coincidentally we share the same name.  I came across her services via the web and was impressed by how spot on her reading was.  She gave me some insight into the future and also offered ways to deal with was is possibly ahead.  I told her that she hasn’t heard the last from me because I will definitely be staying in contact for future readings.  I am a person that goes off vibes and the good vibes I got from her is what initially drew me to her services.  Her personal touches that she ads to her readings will keep me coming back!”-– Nikki

“Nicole Hawkins delivers a very intuitive reading. I have had astrology charts done before but none like this: Nicole’s reading is personally relative, on-point detailed and unerringly accurate. And it was certainly timely. Her delivery is as eloquent as the reading was effective. It helped me back to my center and helped me to see past some things that were driving me to the edge. I never thought of Astrology as a healing science but Nicole certainly brings that aspect to it! I feel that I am one lucky person to have found her when I did”. – Julie

“It’s wonderful! Well, it’s loaded with your intuitive insights and information at least. I’ve been squinting at a paper printout for a little while and I got tired of looking at the tiny little planets, so I really wanted to look for something better. And, your reading is just that! I’ve got a detailed chart that I can look at on screen and I get your planetary details, which definitely captures the essence of my life. Thank you very much”. – Rob

“I haven’t had a reading in a long time and so I thought I would give Nicole a try.  I did the full package (Natal Chart, Solar Chart & Progressed) and let me tell you, she was spot on.  It left me in awe and also gave me guidance on what I need to focus on.   Her readings were so on point from beginning to end about my personal life and what I might want to look out for in the future.  I highly recommend Nicole.” -Aminah

“I received a reading from Nicole aka ms Venusinthefifth and it was amazing! She really took a good look at my chart and explained everything clearly and to the point. Instead of claiming too much about what’s going to happen she showed me how things could play out in the next few months with explanations of planets, positions and transits, letting me know why I’m feeling the way I do about certain things and why things have been the way they are.
All in all this has been the best reading I’ve had even though I reside in the UK, I Will definitely be getting and in person reading when I come to New York”- Tope

“Some people have that connect and you have it beyond measure. Two parts of my Lenormand reading (in conjunction with my SR chart) have come true already! I can’t say it enough: when logic fails, getting your chart done by a person as gifted and talented as you helps so deeply. Thank you for being so open, fair and informative.  I will be purchasing more from you soon!”.Marlena

“My experiences with Nicole Hawkin’s astrological and divinatory readings have been deeply beneficial in regards to how I am navigating through my path in life.  The resonance, intuitive wisdom and clarity of insight that she expresses is wildly impressive.  I truly feel that her service has been a great tool for deeper introspection and guidance through my more challenging times of growth.  I am also just simply inspired by her skill and expertise on interpreting how our lives may be affected by certain details of cosmic activity;  the spiritual aspect of this is very beautiful to me.  Her readings are thorough, on point and very compassionate as well.  Thank you Nicole for the incredible work that you do, it is such a blessing!” –Erika P.

“I recently received a (transit) reading from Nicole. I’ve had various astrological readings from others in the past and found Nicole’s to be in depth and accurate. She is knowledgeable on the astrological nuances/details and makes it easy to understand what influences may be occurring in the chart. I found her interpretations easy to understand and work with. I would recommend a reading from Nicole to anyone looking to gain insight within their chart or a specific situation.”M.T.

Ms. Nicole as a contemporary mystic—keeper and sharer of arcane knowledge—coaxed clarity from the confusion that is my natal chart. Concise and gentle, she guided me to truths about my character, current environment, and wounds. A compassionate strategist, she revealed the most advantageous windows of opportunity, and showed me that my wound is also the key to my path towards healing and purpose.” – krissinaa

“Nicole’s reading could not have come at a better place in my life. Just graduating after 20 years in school, Feeling pulled in a lot of different directions and beginning to wake up from a 3 year dissociative haze, I was lost. However, I knew I wanted to start expressing myself sexually again. I decided to try online dating, and met someone who I did connect with. However, my parents overbearing nature lead to me replicating their dysfunction and projecting my unresolved parent issues on to the individual I had met. I am so grateful to Nicole for giving me insight in order to do the psychoanalysis I needed, and finally regain all my memories in order stop the mental conditioning placed upon me as child. It took almost 25 years, but it finally happened. I have returned.” – B. Ogundipe

“Thank you so much Venusinthefifth for your insightful, encouraging, and ridiculously accurate natal chart reading. Your style makes a whole lot of information come across in a way that is palatable to even the newbiest of astro newbies.If any of you are thinking about getting an astro reading, I would *highly* recommend Nicole. ” – Otterofcups

“Hey all! Last week venusinthefifth offered a free mini astrology reading to the first four people in her inbox.  LUCKY FUCKING ME!  I made it in there in time :)I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I’d never had one before so I just asked for a general reading.Mind.Blown.

It was SO incredibly accurate and pointed out a shit ton of the inconsistencies and contradictions of my personality.  Things that very few people truly know about it.  She blew right past my outer personality (the part that you guys see most), said hi to it, and then proceeded to tell me about myself.  Like.. damn girl, you’re not supposed to know these things about me!  Some of these issues I’ve been working on and have been getting better at dealing with, and some are ones I still struggle with frequently.

She also  looked at my current transits (let’s pretend I understand all the terminology!!) to see what was going on in my life right now.  Also accurate af, with some thoughtful advice/suggestions thrown in there.

I’m definitely hooked and am going to be wanting another reading from this absolute diva”! – Queenofchalices

“I’ve been trying to understand my chart for almost a year now since I got introduced to astrology but I wanted more and decided a professional reading would be the way to go. I was after clarity and understanding, and if that’s what you desire, then Nicole’s got it for you. Her reading gave me insight into my talents and some suggestions on how I can go about life. Her intuition is amazingly spot on. Also, her customer service is friendly and refreshing 🙂 I definitely recommend her. “ – Rhode G.

“This is my second reading with Nicole, she did an incredible Saturn return/birth chart reading for me last year and she’s always spot on. She’ll give you actual aspects to your chart but she will always explain what each of them means, so no wishy washy “mystic sounding” stuff to fill the page. She really, and I mean really, knows what she’s talking about. I will definitely be returning for more readings in the future!” – Anya Gladun, Tattoos By Anya 

“I’ve been a follower of Nicole’s blog for a while. This Solar Return reading was my first from her, and I am overwhelmingly pleased with the results. Her ability in astrology exceeds far beyond simply reading the positions of your planets and providing a generic interpretation; she vividly explains the elements of your chart in a personalized and attentive manner. You can tell she has the Spirit of the Cosmos aiding her in this work. I highly recommend a reading from Nicole! Do it! Much love and light.” – Christopher P.

                “Nikki has been my astrologer for almost a year now, and has guided me through some interesting moments, via her cosmic charts and advice. I have been both humbled and thankful for her entrance into my sphere, as her readings have ALWAYS been on point – so much so that I am often left in awe and amazement. I have found myself going back and re-reading old lunar charts, my progressed chart, & even my natal chart laughing at how the advice (“predictions”) given to me by her have manifested. If you are looking for a better innerstanding, you are looking for Nikki. I have had her do every chart she offers, and I have NEVER been let down – rather lifted into a greater awareness of myself and this great UNIverse that we live in. At Namaste LOVELIGHT, we create in LOVE & Nikki IS LOVE! We are both humbled & honored to host her on our site, and invite you to be amazed by her divine gift!”

-Soni Butterfly

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