Solar Return

Sun enters Sagittarius – November 21st, 2016: Patience & Creativity

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venus is ascending

The Penny Dreadful Tarot & The Numerology Guidance Oracle

Happy Solar Return to you, Sagittarius! Patience and Creativity are two key words during your solar return for 2016/2017.

*This reading can also be applied to those with Sagittarius rising.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed/Patience

Finances (Pentacles) are being reformed for you in 2016/2017 and we see a similar theme that Scorpio is dealing with: living with less and managing your finances. Capricorn ruling your financial house encourages a maturation process when it comes to assets, values, money. Venus/Pluto conjunct in your financial sector reminds me of a hidden treasure; side projects and income earned from creative endeavors work best for you. This ties into the, Creativity card and Uranus Rx in the creative 5th house. Uranus, planet of extremes and awakening, trines Saturn (patience) in your sign Sagittarius, and while you’re ready to go full steam ahead with a project you’re…

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