Sun enters Sagittarius – November 21st, 2016: Patience & Creativity

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venus is ascending

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Happy Solar Return to you, Sagittarius! Patience and Creativity are two key words during your solar return for 2016/2017.

*This reading can also be applied to those with Sagittarius rising.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed/Patience

Finances (Pentacles) are being reformed for you in 2016/2017 and we see a similar theme that Scorpio is dealing with: living with less and managing your finances. Capricorn ruling your financial house encourages a maturation process when it comes to assets, values, money. Venus/Pluto conjunct in your financial sector reminds me of a hidden treasure; side projects and income earned from creative endeavors work best for you. This ties into the, Creativity card and Uranus Rx in the creative 5th house. Uranus, planet of extremes and awakening, trines Saturn (patience) in your sign Sagittarius, and while you’re ready to go full steam ahead with a project you’re…

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New Moon in Sagittarius – November 11th, 2015: Experimentation & Open Spirit

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Sandro_Botticelli_063 (1)
Pallas and Centaur, Botticelli (1482-83)

The Centaur’s arrow takes flight on November 11th bringing with it a New Moon @ 19’20 degrees 5:30 AM EST. The New Moon’s trine to Uranus brings forth an electric energy that propels us towards our own personal truth. Freedom and experimentation can bring us closer to the openness we need in order to bring about self-improvement. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist who’s constantly working on greater and bigger plans. Core beliefs and strong philosophical views about the world are also traits that Sagittarius posses. Remain broad-minded and spontaneous the results may surprise you.

New Moon’s are about beginnings. This is the perfect time to manifest what we really want.

Venus trines Neptune; the ultimate manifestation of creative expression and spiritual bliss. Idealism and escapism can improve artistic pursuits (for all of you creative types out there) Venus in Scorpio’s erotic nature coupled with the fantasy Neptune in Pisces expresses can have us fantasizing and daydreaming more than usual. Try not to go overboard, donning our rose-colored glasses can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Mars quincunx Chiron creating a somewhat difficult push for us to Sagittarius NMmanifest and take action; difficult aspects such as the quincunx always create a certain level of inner tension that forces us to hop in the driver’s seat and take control. We’re hell bent on coming to terms with being self-assertive, even if we find ourselves stumbling in the process. Mars in Libra already tends to struggle with avoidance and dodging unpleasant situations that need to be confronted head-on because the need for peace and tranquility is so strong. 

Pallas‘ conjunction to Pluto for me in this chart is more of a collective consciousness/energy. This is intense energy combined with the creativity, intelligence, and focused skill that Pallas (also known as Pallas Athene) possesses. Our insight at this time can help to transform others or have us shapeshifting into know-it-all’s who are obsessed with a particular thought process. Try and use this energy for personal advancement instead.