Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces – September 16th, 2016: Emotional Triggers & Practical Reasoning

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The Full Moon Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces [September 16th, 3:05PM EST] is overly sensitive (are we surprised?) with some major emotional triggers; the Pisces/Virgo axis is one of practical reasoning verses emotional responses. We have to be particularly careful how we handle this energy. Those with planets in Pisces/Virgo anywhere between 21-24 degrees will be especially sensitive to this energy, as well as those with planets in mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini)

The Moon’s conjunction to Chiron, Square to Mars, and opposition to Mercury may put us on the defensive and we have to be especially careful in how we communicate with others. The Moon is an emotional vehicle that may be difficult to steer when Chiron is involved, this is due to painful experiences linked to bonding with those around us and the past, yet with all aspects, both good and “bad,” there are opportunities that allow us to grow and evolve (if we’re willing to do the work)

The Sun’s opposition to Chiron creates the painful process of ego healing. The question, “Am I good enough?” may pop up with stressful Sun/Chiron aspects. This eclipse is pushing us,  some of us kicking and screaming, towards transmutation/transformation; we’re at the first stage of the alchemical process during this eclipse, where the soul (Pisces) is dealing with latent forces (Neptune, South Node also in Pisces) vivid dreams and intuitiveness are at an all time high.

Mars in Sagittarius is at the apex of a T-square involving the eclipse. Here we have the action-orientated philosopher bumping heads with Virgo Sun’s desire for order and Pisces Moon’s habit of expressing itself in nebulous ways. There is inner tension in terms of how we assert ourselves.

Venus in Libra opposes unpredictable and impulsive Uranus in Aries. It may be a challenge to remain diplomatic with so many emotional buttons being pushed. There’s a tug-of-war between playing nice (which Libra is known for) rebellion, and establishing ourselves as a distinct individual. There’s nothing wrong with being ourselves, but we need to have a gentle approach when doing so. This could also be a much needed lesson in obtaining a certain level of freedom within our relationships.


Pisces Season/Solar Return 2016

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Amphitrite, Nikolai Kalmakov (1873-1955)

The Sun entered Pisces on February 19th (12:34AM EST) this is a general 2016 reading for Pisces Sun and those with Pisces rising.

Jupiter’s expansive energies bring with it more prospects for love with its position in the solar seventh house of relationships and one-on-one partnerships. This is an instance where you need to be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. Jupiter is often affectionately called, “The Cosmic Santa Claus,” because of the gifts and rewards that often come when Jupiter transits a particular house in the natal chart. But sometimes Jupiter can increase problems; something that was once a small issue can quickly morph into something much bigger.

With Jupiter’s conjunction to the North Node in the seventh house a relationship that feels karmic in some way could be on the horizon for 2016. There could also be the possibility of more than one partner to choose from (remember, I said be careful what you ask for!) Pisces will certainly be exploring their options and finding it a bit easier to open themselves to the possibilities of love and romance. The seventh house can also be business partnerships. There will be those who are more than willing to extend an olive branch to you in 2016. This is further supported by Jupiter being the ruler of your career sector.

Sun enters PiscesSaturn, everyone’s favorite cosmic taskmaster, sits in the solar tenth house of career/vocation. The tenth house/Midheaven also represents the world at large and the kind of image we project. Those around you may be taking notice at how serious their little fish has become. Taking stock of your career and creating a solid foundation for yourself in terms of your vocational path will be of great importance to you. This may even come as a shock to you, Pisces! There will be some tough lessons and lots of hard work in this area of your life. Saturn’s trine to Uranus in your financial sector gives you the discipline and focus to find creative and unconventional ways to earn a living and tap into some extra cash. While there may be some ups and downs when it comes to your resources, the Part of Fortune in Aries is also in your financial house. The financial slump that many Pisces may have been feeling seems to be finally easing up a bit in 2016. Don’t sit back and wait for opportunities Pisces. Use your creative gifts, and Pisces has many, to bring your financial goals to fruition.

Pluto in your solar eleventh house may bring about a deepening of friendships or possibly some powerful transformation in terms of whom you socialize and align yourself with. The eleventh house is the house of social groups/organizations. You’ll be seeking out like-minded souls who share your beliefs and dreams. This isn’t about you think you’re better than anyone else; this is simply and instance where your needs are changing. The superficial just doesn’t cut it anymore and you would prefer to associate yourself with those on the same path.

Venus and Mercury in Aquarius in the twelfth house give off a clandestine vibe this year. Pisces, your thoughts will be more introspective this year. Ideas will be kept under wraps; you simply want to keep to yourself. This is the perfect placement for spiritual and occult studies. Pisces is very much in-tune with these frequencies naturally, so explore until your heart is content. A relationship (Venus) may also be going on behind closed doors. Keep your eyes and ears open for lovers/partners who may be keeping a secret.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in the first house may put wounds on display and it’s difficult to hide. You may not be seeing yourself clearly, Pisces. This can also cause some confusion when it comes to those you interact with on an intimate level. “Who am I?” is the major question for you in 2016. You’re on a major journey of self-discovery. Partners may also project these issues onto us. Creative/healing outlets such as color therapy can do wonders.

Planetary Trends – February 13th – February 21st, 2016

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Triumph of Neptune (Pisces ruler) standing on a chariot pulled by two sea horses (Latin: hippocampes). Mosaïque d’Hadrumète (Sousse) the mid-third century AD. Musée archéologique de Sousse.

Mercury entered Aquarius on February 13th (5:34PM EST) giving our thought process an abstract influence. The way we communicate and express ourselves will be more objective, detached and individualistic. Being mentally flexible and future-oriented (which is Aquarius’ gift) is the best approach. Look to the house Aquarius rules in the natal chart to see where these energies will be expressing themselves.

Venus has a rendezvous with Aquarius when it entered the sign on February 16th (11:17PM EST) building alliances with like-minded souls and unconventional pairings are just a few ways that Venus in Aquarius expresses itself. We may find ourselves desiring independence within our relationships taking on love with a more intellectualized approach. Dealing with rebellious partners? (Perhaps you’re the rebel) playing around with the thought of an open-marriage or communal living? Venus in Aquarius is very much open to various forms of love and non-traditional arrangements. There is no room, or patience, for gender-roles with this Venus sign either. Romance may possibly take a backseat to friendship. Either way, Venus in Aquarius can sometimes have a somewhat impersonal approach when it comes to the love department.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 19th (12:34AM EST) Compassion, sensitivity and deep soul-yearning are all Pisces traits. Deep emotions and hidden depths always come into play during Pisces season.

Mercury at 9 degrees Aquarius Semi-Sextile Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces on February 20th (3:13PM EST) Eccentric ideas coupled with idealism; our mystical/spiritual antennas may be more receptive than usual. Creative, perceptive and altruistic, metaphysical studies and exploration is ideal during this time.

February 20th (4:38PM EST) Sun at 1 degrees Pisces Semi-Square Pluto at 16 degrees Capricorn: Issues surrounding control and personal power may arise. Focus on your own willpower and transformation. Try not to project some of the more “darker” aspects of the ego onto others. Identity issues that are deeply buried may come to the surface. If something needs to be addressed, now is the time to do it.

Venus at 4 degrees Aquarius Semi-Square Chiron in Pisces at 19 degrees on February 20th (10:05PM EST) There may be some internal conflict between the need to be seen as a unique individual separate from the status-quo and wanting to merge and connect. Perhaps a difficult decision needs to be made when it comes to love or there’s some fear of rejection. Draw from past experiences. Chiron is also a great source of healing and learning.

Sun at 2 degrees Pisces Semi-Square Uranus in Aries at 17 degrees on February 21st (10:20PM EST) Feeling like an outsider isn’t always a bad thing. Celebrate your uniqueness without being a brat about it! Outbursts and temperamental behavior can create some tension during an already nervous/jittery day energy-wise. Pisces’ sensitivity coupled with Aries’ compulsiveness may backfire. Take a deep breath and look before you leap.

Full Moon in Pisces – August 29, 2015: Dreams And Empathic Energy

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Pisces constellationThe siren is calling during this Full Moon; the question is: Are we listening? The Moon’s conjunction to Neptune’s nebulous energy gives us a merging of emotions and strong empathic connections. Even those who may be non-believers when it comes to the idea of picking up on the feelings of others may find themselves touched by Neptune’s magic. The Pisces/Virgo axis encourages us to dream, and big dreams are on the cosmic menu with Jupiter’s conjunction to the Sun, but to not allow ourselves to get carried away. Caution is definitely needed with Jupiter’s opposition to the Moon; fantasy can create confusion and a lack of focus. The struggle between escapism and practicality will be strongly felt during this Full Moon. Grounding ourselves is a must. Poetry, music, writing and the arts in general are favored with this particular Full Moon. Be mindful when it comes to drugs and controlled substances. The need to dissolve, disappear, and not face reality may be tempting but detrimental in the long run. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t forget to create!WRIGJ1I

Healing stones for this particular Full Moon: I’ve chosen stones that embody grounding energy (Virgo) and Psychic abilities (Pisces)

  • Purple Fluorite – Opens Psychic channels and aides in grounding.
  • Black Onyx – Grounding; brings dreams to fruition.
  • Moonstone – Helps develop psychic powers.
  • Black Tourmaline – Aides in lucid dreaming.

September 19th–Full Moon in Pisces

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WRIGJ2BWhen thinking of Pisces, what comes to mind? Dreamy, vague, sensitive and altruistic, the Pisces full moon will have us wearing our hearts on our sleeves. We may be feeling some emotional repression and falling back on a “woe is me,” mindset. Buckle your seat belt: It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

This full moon is a “Harvest” full moon. This basically means we will be harvesting almost everything we have sown. The Pisces/Virgo access of this full moon is about compassion/spirituality (Pisces) Vs. Being practical/organized. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac. It represents the end and the beginning in some ways. You have two fish swimming in opposite directions; What is interesting is the Pisces moon makes no aspects. The Sabian symbol for this full moon is, “A Harvest Moon.”  Let go of past hurts (Easier said than done) and release what no longer works for you. Saturn is conjunct Venus, giving us discipline (Saturn) through love (Venus).  The Pisces Moon will allow us to flow into the earthly (Virgo) plane.

This energy is also about physical (Virgo) and Spiritual (Pisces) health. Focus on healing, maintaining a healthy diet (Virgo energy is often concerned about health). Stones to work with during this full moon:

  • Aquamarine – Assists with connecting to your spirituality
  • Bloodstone – For healing and personal power
  • Amethyst – Opens spiritual and psychic centers
  • Amber – Creates a sunny disposition
  • Crystal Quartz – Helps with meditation

March 11th–New Moon in Pisces: Compassion, Creativity & Spiritual Guidance

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Happy Birthday to me and Happy New Moon in Pisces to all of you! This is such a lovely inspiring New Moon with a whopping Seven Planets in Pisces; The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon, Neptune and the Planetoid Chiron. What does this mean for all of us energy-wise? Emotions, spirituality, vivid dreams and escapism will be at the forefront.  This is not the time to hold back emotionally. Everything we feel will over flow like a river.

Pluto makes a wide conjunction to the Vertex (Vx) and Sextiles Mercury/Chiron, giving this New Moon an almost fated feel to it. Pluto/Mercury aspects show us the power of language, the transformative energy of communication.  With Chiron involved we have the ability to heal ourselves with words and creative expression.  Jupiter @ 8 Degrees Gemini Sextiles Uranus in Aries, creating a sense of faith and truth. There may be sudden (Uranus) blessings (Jupiter) and a sense of spiritual freedom.  The Asteroid/Goddess Ceres is @ 23 Degrees Gemini allowing us to receive nurturing through communication (Mercury) sharing ideas, and being listened to. New Moons are the perfect time to make wishes. Wishes written down during the New Moon come to fruition during the Full Moon (There will be a Full Moon in Libra on March 27th)  All of this watery, healing Pisces energy (which I’m feeling strongly by the way) is the perfect time for us to reach out to others. There are strong spiritual overtones to this New Moon that cannot be ignored. Meditation, dreams and healing are all very Pisces in nature. Take advantage of this Neptunian energy to do some healing for yourself.

The Asteroid/Goddess Vesta in conjunct Jupiter. Astrologically, Vesta can symbolize devotion, meditation, magical ceremonies and rituals. With her being so close to Jupiter she points us in the direction of knowledge and expansive vision (Neptune) Vesta is also in Gemini—again, communication is a focal point for all of us at this time. Release and Heal!!  With Neptune’s conjunction with Mercury, art, creative writing, music and all forms of creative expression will benefit us. Channel your inner poet or composer. We’re all feeling a bit more inspired/creative/dreamy than usual. The down side to all of this Pisces energy, if the feeling of ‘drowning’ in some way, shape or form. You may be feeling unfocused, scattered and more emotionally overwhelmed than usual. Listen to your inner voice, spiritual guides or whatever brings you comfort.