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Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces – September 16th, 2016: Emotional Triggers & Practical Reasoning

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The Full Moon Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces [September 16th, 3:05PM EST] is overly sensitive (are we surprised?) with some major emotional triggers; the Pisces/Virgo axis is one of practical reasoning verses emotional responses. We have to be particularly careful how we handle this energy. Those with planets in Pisces/Virgo anywhere between 21-24 degrees will be especially sensitive to this energy, as well as those with planets in mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini)

The Moon’s conjunction to Chiron, Square to Mars, and opposition to Mercury may put us on the defensive and we have to be especially careful in how we communicate with others. The Moon is an emotional vehicle that may be difficult to steer when Chiron is involved, this is due to painful experiences linked to bonding with those around us and the past, yet with all aspects, both good and “bad,” there are opportunities that allow us to grow and evolve (if we’re willing to do the work)

The Sun’s opposition to Chiron creates the painful process of ego healing. The question, “Am I good enough?” may pop up with stressful Sun/Chiron aspects. This eclipse is pushing us,  some of us kicking and screaming, towards transmutation/transformation; we’re at the first stage of the alchemical process during this eclipse, where the soul (Pisces) is dealing with latent forces (Neptune, South Node also in Pisces) vivid dreams and intuitiveness are at an all time high.

Mars in Sagittarius is at the apex of a T-square involving the eclipse. Here we have the action-orientated philosopher bumping heads with Virgo Sun’s desire for order and Pisces Moon’s habit of expressing itself in nebulous ways. There is inner tension in terms of how we assert ourselves.

Venus in Libra opposes unpredictable and impulsive Uranus in Aries. It may be a challenge to remain diplomatic with so many emotional buttons being pushed. There’s a tug-of-war between playing nice (which Libra is known for) rebellion, and establishing ourselves as a distinct individual. There’s nothing wrong with being ourselves, but we need to have a gentle approach when doing so. This could also be a much needed lesson in obtaining a certain level of freedom within our relationships.


Planetary Trends – December 25th – December 30th, 2015

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Urania’s Mirror, 1825

The winter solstice brought with it the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn on December 21st; we’re now being guided towards the first Christmas Full Moon in 38 years. The Cancer Full Moon at 3 degrees greets us at 6:12 AM EST, bringing with it the nurturing and family-centered energy Cancer’s are known for and what better time to explore this kind of vibe than on Christmas? The Full Moon’s trine to Neptune in Pisces creates a dreamy aspect, the urge to escape the physical world and perhaps a softening of our emotional responses. Nostalgia and dreams pertaining to the maternal nurturing we received as children, and possibly as adults, may color our emotional make-up. The Cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Libra, Capricorn) will more than likely feel this energy a bit more intensely than others.

The Moon’s location in the solar 4th house conjunct the IC does bring about a concentrated emotional focus on family and the mother/father axis (4th/1oth houses) The 4th house is the physical home as well as childhood experiences. The holiday season always has us reminiscing about the past.

Xmas Full MoonVenus’ sextile to both Mercury and Jupiter sweetens this Full Moon further. Extravagance (Venus/Jupiter) and pleasant interchanges (Venus/Mercury) are perfect for gatherings and being with those we love. The inner tension we may have been feeling these past few weeks seems to be easing up a bit. There may be a lot of temptation to indulge and over do it today. You only live once, so why not?

Mercury Trines Jupiter at 3:18 PM EST. Expansion, over-flowing of ideas and sharing thoughts with those who have similar interests could be the focus. Mercury/Jupiter aspects are known for their tall tales and curiosity; a wonderful aspect for socializing

Uranus stations direct at 10:52 PM EST This will surely have us releasing a sigh of relief, especially those with a large number of planets in Cardinal signs. While Uranus can bring about freedom, excitement and change, it can also usher in extreme chaos that threatens to shake up our sense of security. Uranus’ square to Pluto in Capricorn certainly wasn’t helping matters. The turbulent roller coaster ride we’ve been on may be finally settling down a bit; don’t get too comfortable, though. Uranus will still be rattling our cages, but we’ll be better equipped to handle it.

Healing Stones for this Full Moon: These are perfect stones for love and healing. The holidays in particular can often trigger old wounds.

  • Rose Quartz
  • Pink Moonstone
  • Moonstone
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Clear Quartz

Mercury Squares Mars on December 29th 9:52 AM. Verbal confrontations and communication battles could have us blowing our stack. Anyone who comes for us or poses a threat may walk away with more than their feelings hurt. Keep a cool head (and mouth)

Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius on December 30th at 2:16 AM EST. The constant need to explore and have freedom may have us struggling to hang in there for the long haul. Sagittarius tends to view love and relationships in a very broad-minded kind of way and this can create problems for those who may be looking for a more concrete expressions of love (I’ll be doing a post on Venus in Sagittarius)

Happy Holidays!

Gemini Full Moon – November 25th, 2015:Detachment & Mental Sensation

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The Gemini full Moon at 3 degrees ushers in the need to communicate/verbalize our emotions. As someone with a Gemini Moon, I can attest to the fact that security is obtained from being mentally stimulated; this current energy may have us feeling fickle, changeable, excited and inquisitive.

Gemini Constellation, Urania’s Mirror, 1825

Emotions and moods are often magnified with Full Moon’s and The Moon’s opposition to Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun in Sagittarius may have our emotional make-up clashing with our ego and ability to be subjective. Saturn’s conjunction to the Sun and opposition to the Full Moon could make us feel particularly defensive; not all criticism is a personal attack. Domestic responsibilities may feel a bit burdensome, but we certainly have the ingenuity to make things work out in the long run with the Moon’s trine to both Ceres and Mars.

Gmini Full MoonMother to Persephone, Ceres is very much the protector and nurturer. We find the support we need through logical action (Mars) and Ceres’ sextile to Mercury/Saturn in Sagittarius creates an interesting mix of the eccentric and philosophical. Personally, I think one of the best ways to express this energy is through mental pursuits and verbal expression. Now is not the time to hold everything in; this Full Moon has a powerful air element: a grand-trine in Air that consists of the Moon, Mars, and Ceres. Again, the key is expressing ourselves through the mind. The Air realm is about mental sensation. Sometimes detaching ourselves mentally from a situation is the best medicine.

*How have you been expressing and feeling this current Full Moon energy?

Full Moon in Taurus – October 27th, 2015: Earthly Values & Transformation

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Taurus constellationThe divine and the sensual merge today with the full moon in sensual and earthy Taurus. This energy is laced with values and our ability to get our needs met. While Taurus is known for its stubborn and unyielding nature, the Moon’s conjunction to the part of fortune rewards our self-determined nature. Today we’re being blessed with the ability to see the beauty in life; after all, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The bull has this wonderful gift that allows them to not only enjoy the sensual pleasures in life, but to encourage others to do the same. We’re feeling both solid and dependable. The earth vibe continues with Jupiter’s conjunction to Venus in Virgo. Our practicality and dedication is expanded. The energy is dependable and reliable. Jupiter and Venus’ trine to Pluto in Capricorn encourages manifestation and transformation. Finances, resources, all that we desire is at our finger tips. We have the magic to bring all of these needs to fruition.

Earth in Taurus (Earth is always in the opposite sign of the Sun) gives us the earthly grounding support we need. These past few super moons had a lot of us feeling on edge emotionally. This current energy puts our feet and emotions on solid ground.

Venus’ opposition to Chiron in Pisces is encouraging us to release wounds surrounding our lack of faith. Pisces can often feel victimized and insignificant in this world of ours. Venus in Virgo instills a sense of modesty; be responsible and practical when it comes to extending your healing energy to others. Use Chiron’s healing energy to let go of old wounds and to stop beating up on yourself. Virgo energy can be quite the perfectionist. The universe reassuring us that it’s okay to use your “training wheel” if you need to!

Healing Stones for the Taurus Full Moon: The focus should be on energy centers in the body that encourage grounding and stability. Here are a few stones that can balance the base energy in the body. When we ground the body and mind we have a stronger sense of self and feel better equipped to focus on goals and manifest dreams.

  • Black Star Diopside – A stone that is pure will-power! Taurus’ are known for their dedication and hard work.
  • Ruby – Extremely stimulating and can often give one the push you need to make things happen.
  • Black Onyx – Black Onyx brings form to our thoughts. Taurus energy is very much about results. 
  • Obsidian – This stone is usually used for magic and scrying purposes; I though it would be a good addition for manifesting dreams and bringing forth tangible results.

Full Moon in Pisces – August 29, 2015: Dreams And Empathic Energy

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Pisces constellationThe siren is calling during this Full Moon; the question is: Are we listening? The Moon’s conjunction to Neptune’s nebulous energy gives us a merging of emotions and strong empathic connections. Even those who may be non-believers when it comes to the idea of picking up on the feelings of others may find themselves touched by Neptune’s magic. The Pisces/Virgo axis encourages us to dream, and big dreams are on the cosmic menu with Jupiter’s conjunction to the Sun, but to not allow ourselves to get carried away. Caution is definitely needed with Jupiter’s opposition to the Moon; fantasy can create confusion and a lack of focus. The struggle between escapism and practicality will be strongly felt during this Full Moon. Grounding ourselves is a must. Poetry, music, writing and the arts in general are favored with this particular Full Moon. Be mindful when it comes to drugs and controlled substances. The need to dissolve, disappear, and not face reality may be tempting but detrimental in the long run. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t forget to create!WRIGJ1I

Healing stones for this particular Full Moon: I’ve chosen stones that embody grounding energy (Virgo) and Psychic abilities (Pisces)

  • Purple Fluorite – Opens Psychic channels and aides in grounding.
  • Black Onyx – Grounding; brings dreams to fruition.
  • Moonstone – Helps develop psychic powers.
  • Black Tourmaline – Aides in lucid dreaming.

Full Moon in Taurus – November 6th 2014

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tumblr_inline_neksxe4sk91qgdulkRight of the heels of last month’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio we have a grounding Full Moon in Taurus upon us on November 6th (5:23PM EST)This particular eclipse is a cosmic soup that contains some pretty intense energy (both painful and healing). Self-care is really what this eclipse is about.

Let’s get the rough spots out of the way first.

Pluto forms a beautiful trine to the Moon encouraging us to vent, let go of emotional baggage and allows one to purge themselves of all the unpleasant/useless decay that’s been keeping us up at night. Pluto is a planet of transformation and with it so close to the eclipse Moon, expect a lot of stuff that you thought you were over to come right back up to the surface! As much as this sucks, it’s a part of the purging process. The quicker you release it—the better.

Saturn opposes Vulkanus making us feel weak and ineffective and this leads us to Ceres, the asteroid of early nurturing (how we were nurtured and how we nurture others) Ceres conjuncts Vesta and squares Neptune creating an inner tension that points to a yearning for nurturing, neediness and using guilt trips in order to make people take care of us—don’t do it! Food sensitivities, stomach aches, not eating, feeling undeserving of nurturing and even turning to controlled substances as a form of nurturing can often be a problem with stressful aspects between Ceres/Neptune. These are all self-care issues; be kind to yourself and please take care of you.

Taurus Energy: Stability and Values

The Taurus energy of this full moon creates an almost compulsive need for stability and earthy physical sensations (and that same Taurus energy will give us the tangible results we desire) We need love and want love desperately with this full moon and with Venus in Scorpio, the intense desire for love can be almost obsessive. Passionate and overwhelming, Venus in Scorpio wants the closeness, but trust issues may make us hesitant to fully commit to something so powerful. Yet the sweet Sun/Venus conjunction stimulates our charming side, increases our need to be around those we love and care about, and gives us that little extra push we need to take a chance when it comes to love; not just loving others, but ourselves as well.

Chiron trines the Sun, sextiles the Moon and conjuncts Neptune. This is a beautiful healing combination. Chiron isn’t just the centaur who mentored Achilles— astrologically he gives insight into wounds and gives us the tools we need to heal them properly; issues surrounding self-esteem (Sun) and emotional pains (Moon) are both healed and soothed by Neptune in Pisces. This is the perfect aspect for meditation, healing practices and spiritual work. This is especially needed for those with their Moons/Suns in either Scorpio or Taurus.

Healing Stones for Taurus:

  • Angel Wing Agate
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Agate
  • Azurite
  • Carnelian
  • Emerald

September 19th–Full Moon in Pisces

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WRIGJ2BWhen thinking of Pisces, what comes to mind? Dreamy, vague, sensitive and altruistic, the Pisces full moon will have us wearing our hearts on our sleeves. We may be feeling some emotional repression and falling back on a “woe is me,” mindset. Buckle your seat belt: It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

This full moon is a “Harvest” full moon. This basically means we will be harvesting almost everything we have sown. The Pisces/Virgo access of this full moon is about compassion/spirituality (Pisces) Vs. Being practical/organized. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac. It represents the end and the beginning in some ways. You have two fish swimming in opposite directions; What is interesting is the Pisces moon makes no aspects. The Sabian symbol for this full moon is, “A Harvest Moon.”  Let go of past hurts (Easier said than done) and release what no longer works for you. Saturn is conjunct Venus, giving us discipline (Saturn) through love (Venus).  The Pisces Moon will allow us to flow into the earthly (Virgo) plane.

This energy is also about physical (Virgo) and Spiritual (Pisces) health. Focus on healing, maintaining a healthy diet (Virgo energy is often concerned about health). Stones to work with during this full moon:

  • Aquamarine – Assists with connecting to your spirituality
  • Bloodstone – For healing and personal power
  • Amethyst – Opens spiritual and psychic centers
  • Amber – Creates a sunny disposition
  • Crystal Quartz – Helps with meditation