Angela Davis

The Astrology of Angela Davis: Radical Goddess Aspects in the Natal Chart

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When looking at Angela Davis’ chart, there is no denying the brilliance, bravery and non-traditional energies she embodies. She pretty much emerged from the womb ready to take on the world!

Pink Angela
Angela Yvonne Davis, Aquarius

Early nurturing influences

Born Angela Yvonne Davis on January 26th 1944, in Birmingham, Alabama (at 12:30 PM) her most elevated planet is her Sun in Aquarius right on the Midheaven. Aquarius, more than any sign in the Zodiac, is always more than willing to fight for the collective consciousness and embrace radical concepts. Her Sun conjuncts the South Node in Aquarius and trines Neptune in Libra in the 6th house of service; It has been her life’s purpose to serve humanity and possibly in a past life (South Node) as well. This spirit of activism was influenced heavily by her mother. Angela’s Moon, associated with the mother and nurturing, is in Aquarius as well and trines Ceres (mother to Persephone, nurturing, parenting) in thought provoking and intellectual Gemini in the 3rd house of communication. Angela’s mother was a leading organizer of The Southern Negro Youth Congress whose influences were heavily colored by the communist party. Her Moon/Ceres aspect in air is a huge indicator of intellectual (Gemini) and progressive (Aquarius) nurturing (Moon/Ceres)

Ceres’ gift to the world was through nourishment/food/harvest. Her placement in Gemini intensifies the need for knowledge and sharing it with others through support and education (she’s the former director of the feminist studies department at the University of California)

Her Pluto in the 4th house gives clues into the intense/dark racial climate Angela dealt with in her living environment. The 1963 church bombings took place in Alabama and this had a huge impact on Angela. While painful, the experiences were life altering and transformational on a deep psychological level. Pluto’s opposition to her Sun is indicative of power struggles from the powers that be and her refusal to allow those in control to rule over her in anyway.

Her Aquarius Sun is at the apex of a lovely and inspiring kite formation in air, which consists of Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Libra, and Pluto in Leo anchoring the aspect. Here we have the freedom fighter with an idealist touch (nearly all of Angela’s planets and goddess asteroids are in air signs) with her Sun conjunct the Midheaven (the collective and how the world at large viewed her and continues to view her) trine Neptune she has become somewhat of a mythological figure and savior (Neptune) to the masses, even if she doesn’t view herself that way.


Feminism and Women’s Issues

Juno in Aquarius is the radical bride. She commits to no one, yet everyone. Juno is also associated with womanhood, marriage, and childbirth. Angela is a staunch supporter of reproductive rights and the rights of women. Her passion is further ignited by Vesta in Gemini in conjunct Uranus and trine her South Node/Sun conjunction. Her we have a deep commitment to serving her inner intellectual/goddess and with its placement in the 1st house it shows a deep desire for individualism and emancipation while sharing these same gifts with the people/women.

Juno is conjunct her Moon in Aquarius. Her activism certainly provides emotional comfort.

Angela’s strong desire to reform and transform extends to the industrial prison complex. The 12th house rules institutions, prison being one of them. Her 12th house ruler (Mars) is conjunct Uranus! Uranus is the archetypal symbol of freedom and transcending traditional restraints that hinder growth. Pallas (Athena) warrior-goddess of wisdom and aid to those in battle, sits in the 12th house in Aries revealing her to be a powerful ally to a group that is often hidden/ignored (12th) This of course included her ties to the Black Panthers and the Communist Party.

Philosophy and Social Consciousness

Mercury in disciplined Capricorn sits in the 9th house of higher-education, philosophy, and foreign travel. While studying French, Angela had a deep interest in philosophy and philosophical thought. Mercury/Capricorn gives one a mature and sober thought process. Even as a child her thinking was advanced. She was awarded a scholarship to Brandies University. The ruler of her 9th house (Saturn) is in Gemini in the 3rd house of writing and communication; Saturn conjuncts Ceres and trines her Moon. To say learning and philosophical thought feeds her emotionally is an understatement. Another curious find is her connection to German-American philosopher, Herbert Marcuse. Angela met him during a rally and he became a mentor to her. Herbert’s Mercury forms a wide conjunction to her Jupiter and his Jupiter conjuncts her Neptune and trine’s her Sun. This is a pleasant and supportive meeting of the minds that encourages expansive thinking. She credited him for helping her to merge her academic and revolutionary ideologies.