The Astrology of Jean-Michel Basquit

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Jean-Michel BasquitChart

I was having a conversation with a Capricorn friend about Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was a Capricorn as well, so I started talking about his artwork and creative expression. I don’t have a birth time for him, so I’m focusing on planetary aspects (not houses) I created his natal chart on the right. The inner ring is his natal chart and the outer ring are the transits that were taking place when he died at the age of 27 on August 12, 1988.

There is no time of death, but his girlfriend at the time mentioned how Jean-Michel would sleep all day and she became worried when he didn’t come down by mid-afternoon. I chose the time above because transiting Vx (Vertex) was in Pisces right on his natal Moon. The Vertex is not a celestial body. It’s a mathematical point that often points to fated events that are beyond our control.

The one thing that stood out for me when I was looking at his chart and transits, was the Arabian part of fortune. Also known as Arabic parts or lots, the part of fortune is a mathematical calculation. The part of fortune is calculated by Ascendant+Moon-Sun/+ Sun. Like it’s name, the part of fortune points to just that: Fortunate events and gifts. In 1968, Jean-Michel was hit by a car when transiting part of fortune was in Aquarius conjunct his Venus. Venus astrologically is linked to creative/artistic expression and aesthetics. Jean-Michel’s mother bought him an anatomy book while he recovered from multiple injuries. The accident was in fact fortunate for him, because it played a major role in his creative outlook.

Jean-Michel’s moon was in creative and sensitive Pisces. The moon symbolizes the mother archetype, childhood and nurturing. Those with Pisces moon tend to have mother’s who are fragile, creative and victims in some way. Jean-Michel’s mother was institutionalized in 1970 when he was 11 years old. Earth and water are strong in his chart, giving him great artistic vision (water) and the discipline (Earth) to bring creative ideas to fruition. His natal Neptune in dark/sexual Scorpio was Square Venus, Trine Mars and Sextile Pluto. His dark images (Pluto) often had spiritual (Neptune) undertones in them. Symbols such as skulls, crowns and halos were prominent in his work. Basquiat2

His Sun and Moon were in the early degrees of Capricorn/Pisces. Signs in early degrees are often impulsive and an almost obsessive need to forge ahead and move onto the next thing. Cardinal energy is very strong in his chart. Cardinal signs (he has four planets in cardinal signs) are known for being initiators and at 15 he ran away from home and was eventually banned from the household. I find that Capricorns are often like little adults in a child’s body when they’re young. The father figure archetype in the home is often overbearing and the home environment in general is heavy and oppressive in some way. Jean-Michel’s work had a very grave/dark serious tone to it and this probably stemmed from his inner life. His artwork was truly an avant-garde healing tool (Chiron in Aquarius)

His natal Neptune while connected to artistic expression, spirituality and higher consciousness, is also linked to drugs and escapism. In 1997 his depression and drug use increased. While depression impacts all of us at one point in our lives, I find Capricorns in particular struggle with emotional “heaviness.” Jean-Michel’s Jupiter, Saturn and the asteroid Juno were all in Capricorn. His Pisces moon opposed his Pluto/Uranus conjunction. This points to intense, powerful moods that are often overwhelming. At the time of his death, transiting Pluto (Death/transformation) was in Scorpio conjunct his natal Neptune (drugs) Transiting Neptune was also conjunct his Sun as well as transiting North Node in Pisces on his natal Moon. The North Node points to what we struggle with in terms of ones soul-purpose; add Pisces to the mix and struggles surrounding dependence/addiction may arise.

With his Moon in Pisces (like Michael Jackson) he may have had issues with boundaries and surrounding himself with the wrong people.

He left behind 917 drawings, 25 sketchbooks, 85 prints and 171 paintings.


Positive Uses of Neptune in Pisces–Update

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Sky Writer

(c) by Donna Cunningham, 4-17-15

A few months back, I asked my readers to share the positive ways they were using transits by Neptune in Pisces.  The responses were quite uplifting….most of the time.  Some used it as a gripe session, which wasn’t quite the point. I’m very sorry if you’re drowning in a Neptunian sea right now, and, yes, it can sometimes be very painful.  However, one way to move out of a state like that is to learn ways of using Neptune well and focus on them while avoiding the less constructive expressions.

It’s a process, like most transits.  What often happens in the early stage is that you bottom out on self-sabotaging ways you’ve been using the natal planet that’s being transited and in the matters of the house being affected.  Typically, you’re burned out and it’s too hurtful to keep on doing that, but you feel stuck–a sense of…

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Full Moon in Taurus – November 6th 2014

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tumblr_inline_neksxe4sk91qgdulkRight of the heels of last month’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio we have a grounding Full Moon in Taurus upon us on November 6th (5:23PM EST)This particular eclipse is a cosmic soup that contains some pretty intense energy (both painful and healing). Self-care is really what this eclipse is about.

Let’s get the rough spots out of the way first.

Pluto forms a beautiful trine to the Moon encouraging us to vent, let go of emotional baggage and allows one to purge themselves of all the unpleasant/useless decay that’s been keeping us up at night. Pluto is a planet of transformation and with it so close to the eclipse Moon, expect a lot of stuff that you thought you were over to come right back up to the surface! As much as this sucks, it’s a part of the purging process. The quicker you release it—the better.

Saturn opposes Vulkanus making us feel weak and ineffective and this leads us to Ceres, the asteroid of early nurturing (how we were nurtured and how we nurture others) Ceres conjuncts Vesta and squares Neptune creating an inner tension that points to a yearning for nurturing, neediness and using guilt trips in order to make people take care of us—don’t do it! Food sensitivities, stomach aches, not eating, feeling undeserving of nurturing and even turning to controlled substances as a form of nurturing can often be a problem with stressful aspects between Ceres/Neptune. These are all self-care issues; be kind to yourself and please take care of you.

Taurus Energy: Stability and Values

The Taurus energy of this full moon creates an almost compulsive need for stability and earthy physical sensations (and that same Taurus energy will give us the tangible results we desire) We need love and want love desperately with this full moon and with Venus in Scorpio, the intense desire for love can be almost obsessive. Passionate and overwhelming, Venus in Scorpio wants the closeness, but trust issues may make us hesitant to fully commit to something so powerful. Yet the sweet Sun/Venus conjunction stimulates our charming side, increases our need to be around those we love and care about, and gives us that little extra push we need to take a chance when it comes to love; not just loving others, but ourselves as well.

Chiron trines the Sun, sextiles the Moon and conjuncts Neptune. This is a beautiful healing combination. Chiron isn’t just the centaur who mentored Achilles— astrologically he gives insight into wounds and gives us the tools we need to heal them properly; issues surrounding self-esteem (Sun) and emotional pains (Moon) are both healed and soothed by Neptune in Pisces. This is the perfect aspect for meditation, healing practices and spiritual work. This is especially needed for those with their Moons/Suns in either Scorpio or Taurus.

Healing Stones for Taurus:

  • Angel Wing Agate
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Agate
  • Azurite
  • Carnelian
  • Emerald

I’m on hiatus

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I know I haven’t written here in quite some time. Last month (February 28th to be exact) while transiting Uranus in Aries entered my 6th house of heath (conjunct natal Chiron) a cyst on my ovary burst sending me to the emergency room. I’ve been experiencing fatigue for months and didn’t know what was going on. I’m a pretty energetic person (Uranus on my Ascendant and square natal Mars!) so I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know what it was. I also found out I have multiple fibroids when I was given a sonogram in the emergency room. I have a doctors appointment next month with my OBGYN. I believe in taking control of my own healing. After all, I have the wounded healer Chiron in my 6th house of health. Transiting Chiron in Pisces is conjunct my natal Venus. Venus in medical astrology is linked to the ovaries, so I’m not in the least bit surprised I’m going through these health issues. My Venus is also in the 5th house of children so the fibroids and cyst have had an impact of my fertility.

I’m going to use this hiatus for self-care, studying healing (My Chiron in the 6th is ushering me in this direction!) and studying medical astrology. I’ve also been focusing more on Hygeia in the natal chart. She’s currently in Taurus touching my natal Venus. These are all cosmic signs that I need to focus on myself and my health. As a Pisces I tend to put people’s needs before my own, even when I’m sick. I need to tell myself over and over again that taking care of me doesn’t make me a selfish person!

September 19th–Full Moon in Pisces

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WRIGJ2BWhen thinking of Pisces, what comes to mind? Dreamy, vague, sensitive and altruistic, the Pisces full moon will have us wearing our hearts on our sleeves. We may be feeling some emotional repression and falling back on a “woe is me,” mindset. Buckle your seat belt: It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

This full moon is a “Harvest” full moon. This basically means we will be harvesting almost everything we have sown. The Pisces/Virgo access of this full moon is about compassion/spirituality (Pisces) Vs. Being practical/organized. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac. It represents the end and the beginning in some ways. You have two fish swimming in opposite directions; What is interesting is the Pisces moon makes no aspects. The Sabian symbol for this full moon is, “A Harvest Moon.”  Let go of past hurts (Easier said than done) and release what no longer works for you. Saturn is conjunct Venus, giving us discipline (Saturn) through love (Venus).  The Pisces Moon will allow us to flow into the earthly (Virgo) plane.

This energy is also about physical (Virgo) and Spiritual (Pisces) health. Focus on healing, maintaining a healthy diet (Virgo energy is often concerned about health). Stones to work with during this full moon:

  • Aquamarine – Assists with connecting to your spirituality
  • Bloodstone – For healing and personal power
  • Amethyst – Opens spiritual and psychic centers
  • Amber – Creates a sunny disposition
  • Crystal Quartz – Helps with meditation

July 8th: Cancer New Moon–Nurturing Ideas

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WRIGJ3BCancer is associated with powerful emotional attachments, our past, family and childhood. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and expansive Jupiter in the sign of the crab this energy will be magnetized. Cancer encourages us to be in tune with our emotional needs as well as the needs of those around us. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so this New Moon will be particularly potent.

The Cancer sun squares Uranus in Aries creating a restless and spontaneous tension that will push us to seek more adventure, freedom and self discovery. We may find ourselves feeling a juxtaposition of emotionalism and instability. With the Moon in Cancer our moods will be fluctuating and our need to withdraw will be strong. Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel in order to heal, and then keep it moving. With the Sun (ego/self) so close to the Moon (emotional needs) we have to be careful of being one-sided about things. Yet we know what we need (moon) and how to go about getting it (sun)

Mercury rules communication, how we express ourselves and our thought process. Our way of thinking may be based more on intuition and feeling than actual logic. Mercury forms a conjunction with the new moon; communication will be especially important this time around. Mercury went retrograde on June 26th at 22 Degrees and will station direct on July 20th at 13 Degrees. Think before you speak, for our emotions are super strong during this period. Retrograde phases are also excellent for reviewing work and taking the time to review all aspects of your life as well. There is a strong creative energy with this new moon as well. We can nurture (moon/Cancer) our creativity in new ways. New Moons are all about fresh starts so use this energy to start new projects connected with lunar/cancer: such as renovating your home, decorating, planning family outings, cooking, taking care of loved ones and treating yourself.

Taurus Solar Eclipse 2013: The Material Plane

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I’ve been meditating on this chart for the past few days, mainly because this Eclipse will land in my natal 8th house conjunct my Vertex @ 22 Degrees Taurus. The past few months have been a roller coaster ride for me and I’m still trying to make sense of it all. As a Pisces I don’t find myself focusing on money and resources too much (could it be my Neptune in the second house?) But after a court case I had last month (which ruled in my favor) I’ve been really taking some time out to think about how I view money and how I tend to handle money matters. I think this Solar Eclipse is going to give us some insight into resources, what we value and our financial situations.

Taurus is very much a sign associated with security and comfort. Ruled by Venus this sign is extremely fixed in nature and isn’t very quick to budge. Once Taurus digs it’s heels in you can forget it! This Eclipse is telling us to dig in our heels in terms of creating a solid foundation for ourselves.  Lord of the underworld Pluto is opposite Ceres in Cancer. Ceres was Persephone’s mother and goddess of the harvest. Ceres symbolizes not only loss, but fertility and re-birth.  She represents separation with the hopes of a reunion. Have your lost something that you hope will return? Now is the time for us to accept that while we may have lost something, the Universe is making room for us to gain so much more. Pluto will force us to dig through quite a bit during this Eclipse. There is definitely a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow but we’re going to have to be extremely disciplined and focused in order to get our hands on it.  We will be forced to make some decisions in terms of home, career and money. I also see us dealing with family dilemmas that we may have been avoiding, especially in our homes.

Personally I know I’ll be forced to climb a lot of mountains to get what I want. This Eclipse will be making some lovely aspects to my Natal Sun, Venus and Mars, yet I know there is still quite a bit of work I need to do in terms of grounding myself and setting clear goals. I want to spend more time working on this site, interacting more with clients. I feel like my eyes have been opened to certain realities and the Universe has given me a second chance to correct a lot of things. I feel thankful and humbled. My New Moon wishes during this Eclipse will be about prosperity and balance between my spiritual/metaphysical world and the physical world.

Healing Stones For Taurus

  • Agate – Protects from stress and draining energy
  • Azurite – Wonderful for the third-eye and detoxifying the body
  • Emerald – Heals the heart and it’s at it’s most powerful during full/new moons.