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Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces – September 16th, 2016: Emotional Triggers & Practical Reasoning

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The Full Moon Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces [September 16th, 3:05PM EST] is overly sensitive (are we surprised?) with some major emotional triggers; the Pisces/Virgo axis is one of practical reasoning verses emotional responses. We have to be particularly careful how we handle this energy. Those with planets in Pisces/Virgo anywhere between 21-24 degrees will be especially sensitive to this energy, as well as those with planets in mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini)

The Moon’s conjunction to Chiron, Square to Mars, and opposition to Mercury may put us on the defensive and we have to be especially careful in how we communicate with others. The Moon is an emotional vehicle that may be difficult to steer when Chiron is involved, this is due to painful experiences linked to bonding with those around us and the past, yet with all aspects, both good and “bad,” there are opportunities that allow us to grow and evolve (if we’re willing to do the work)

The Sun’s opposition to Chiron creates the painful process of ego healing. The question, “Am I good enough?” may pop up with stressful Sun/Chiron aspects. This eclipse is pushing us,  some of us kicking and screaming, towards transmutation/transformation; we’re at the first stage of the alchemical process during this eclipse, where the soul (Pisces) is dealing with latent forces (Neptune, South Node also in Pisces) vivid dreams and intuitiveness are at an all time high.

Mars in Sagittarius is at the apex of a T-square involving the eclipse. Here we have the action-orientated philosopher bumping heads with Virgo Sun’s desire for order and Pisces Moon’s habit of expressing itself in nebulous ways. There is inner tension in terms of how we assert ourselves.

Venus in Libra opposes unpredictable and impulsive Uranus in Aries. It may be a challenge to remain diplomatic with so many emotional buttons being pushed. There’s a tug-of-war between playing nice (which Libra is known for) rebellion, and establishing ourselves as a distinct individual. There’s nothing wrong with being ourselves, but we need to have a gentle approach when doing so. This could also be a much needed lesson in obtaining a certain level of freedom within our relationships.


Lunar Eclipse in Aries – September 27/28, 2015: Enthusiasm & Leadership

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Aries-constellationAries Moon always wants its way; the child that holds his/her breath until they get what they want. This is a passionate and enthusiastic eclipse that is encouraging us to be trailblazers in whatever area Aries rules in our charts. Aries energy is notorious for its wild impulsiveness (Jackie Chan, known for his death-defying stunts, is an Aries) and is more than likely the guy doing wheelies on his motorcycle without a helmet. We’re feeling bold and more than ready to take some risks. Saturn’s trine to the Aries Moon provides a much-needed safety net for our reckless antics, but be mindful of what you say and how you say it with the Moon’s opposition to Mercury. Being diplomatic and biting our tongue may be a bit of a challenge with the dark goddess, Lilith, in Libra. We desperately want to play nice (like most Libras) but the fiery Aries energy may possibly win in the end. Lunar EclipseIntimate relationships may be challenged as well with Juno in Libra conjunct the Sun, opposite Moon/Vesta. There’s a tug of war between wanting to belong and the sacred need for independence. The challenge is how do we focus on ourselves (Aries) without shutting others (Libra) out.

Healing stones for the Lunar Eclipse: I’ve chosen stones that embody the passionate fire that Aries possess. Anger can be transmuted into positive energy.

  • Red Jade – assists in calming/soothing anger. ancients believed it aided in excessive bleeding.
  • Red Jasper – Brings forth courage and stamina.
  • Ruby – Passion, energy, vitality and stimulates sexual energy.
  • Red Calcite – Boosts willpower, increases motivation.