Libra New Moon – September 30th, 2016: Liberation & Re-Birth.

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venus is ascending

This New Moon (8 degrees) squares Mars/Pluto and quincunxes Neptune/South Node (Spiritual understanding) in Pisces. There’s a karmic/past life element with the Neptune/South Node conjunction as well, and this ties into the “Karmic Completion”card; heightened sensitivity (Neptune) from previous lives (South Node) and spiritual gifts from past incarnations. This New Moon reminds me of a baby coming through the birth canal; quite frightening, yet liberating.

Pluto’s (“Rebirth” card) square to the New Moon can create issues with power struggles. Are we harnessing our power or giving it away for the sake of peace (Libra)? What seems like conflict can actually push us into transformation/change and bring about positive libra-nm2transitions (“All is well”) Things are not as bad as they seem–or feel. Pluto’s direct station (September 26th) felt like “demons” being released, and that’s Pluto’s job. Emotional and psychological purging can be overwhelming yet necessary.

This New…

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Mars enters Capricorn, September 27th, 2016: Focused & Cautious Ambition

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venus is ascending

The Tarot of Cat People

Victim hood and feeling as though we’ve been treated unfairly is what drives us to accomplish and achieve. We certainly have something to prove, and if any sign can get the job done its, Capricorn.

This is a spread that symbolizes achieving the impossible dream, believing in yourself and new plans (7 of Swords) Mars in Capricorn expresses itself in cautious, yet ambitious ways; The Ace of Swords, while associated with Air/Mercury, functions in a very Mars-like way (especially within this spread) being assertive (Mars) and initiating (swords) ideas and solid plans (Capricorn) is what’s being asked of us. Mars in Capricorn is telling us to get to the heart of the issue, maintain self-discipline and make things happen. This isn’t a pie in the sky scenario. Capricorn requires tangible/earthy results.

In your chart, see what house is ruled by Capricorn (and any Capricorn planets…

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Ask Astro Star Kards – By Arlene Asin

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This is an interesting little deck that isn’t so little. These cards were given to me as a gift and I was quite excited when I saw them. There aren’t many astrology-themed decks out there (at least not ones I like) so I was fascinated as I began to inspect the cards. The deck contains 90 cards and there are four sets of cards: Houses, Aspects, Signs and Planets. It can be a bit tedious to shuffle because each set of cards has to be shuffled separately before placing them down for a reading. Despite this small inconvenience, the deck is a joy to work with.

The deck comes with a 96-page book that includes various spreads; from a Celtic cross spread to two different horary spreads, this deck has a little something for everyone. Some basic understanding of astrology helps when working with these cards, but the instruction book gives more than enough info for newbies. With it’s similarities to flash cards, this deck makes a wonderful learning tool to those new to astrology.