An Independent Little Spirit

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Raising an independent 10 year old is harder than I thought.

venus is ascending

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle

The Full Moon in Pisces is slowly approaching and as a Pisces Sun I’m definitely feeling it’s pull. My daughter, seems to be feeling it as well. She’s a Libra with a Pisces Moon (her Moon is conjunct my Sun/Mercury) and she’s quite sensitive. Uranus is conjunct her Moon (Uranus trines my Moon) so she is quite the independent spirit.

My daughter also has a Moon/Pluto square and her Sun is tightly conjunct my Pluto in the 12th. I’ll admit, I winced when I first saw these planetary interactions. We’ve all read the chapters of astrology books that discuss the difficulties of Pluto aspects in synastry. I’m hyper aware of her aspects, especially today.

My daughter will be 11 next month and I am blown away by her self-awareness, confidence and independence at such a tender age. Today she went to a corner store (it’s…

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