Saturn stations direct, August 13th, 2016: XIII Abbess of Stars

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venus is ascending

The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus

In The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, the Abbess of Stars in the Queen of Swords. The image is Abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) she was an expert herbalist during her time and a gifted visionary. At the tender age of fourteen she was given to the church and became a nun. Her visions at a young age gave her fame.

Like Saturn, the Queen of Swords can be a harsh critic and like most concerned “parents,” Saturn, only wants what’s best for us. The Queen of Swords often serves up the truth with a painful sting and is more concerned with the head than the heart. She’s self-reliant and encourages us to be realistic (Saturn) when it comes to our expectations. How Saturnian is that? There’s also a feeling of sadness and repressed emotions. Saturn’s current square to Venus gives us a strong sense of…

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