Venus enters Capricorn – January 23rd, 2016: There’s beauty in commitment & responsibility

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Peter Paul Rubens, “Venus at a mirror,” 1615, Netherlands.

Love and finances take a more serious and mature approach when Venus enters Capricorn (January 23rd, 3:31 PM EST) Affections are expressed in dependable and tangible ways when Venus/Capricorn energies merge. Cautious when it comes to both love and money, Venus in Capricorn very rarely jumps into any kind of     commitment without cautiously weighing the pros and cons; they can often be fearful when it comes to love and relationships, coming across as aloof and somewhat standoffish. This has more to do with Venus in Capricorn’s loyalty and sense of responsibility. Consistency is necessary with this Venus sign. They may seem impersonal (and often cold at times) mainly because they aren’t interested in having their time wasted. Venus in Capricorn desires a love that is long-lasting, durable, and respectful.

Privacy is also an important necessity; wild public displays of affection aren’t this Venus’ cup of tea, unless there’s some aspect from Uranus, and even then, their kinky (Uranus) side is expressed behind closed doors. If there’s a Venus sign that is more than willing to do the work and invest their time on building a solid union, it’s Venus in Capricorn. Their disciplined approach to love and self-control may be a bit off-putting to someone who’s a bit needier, but the benefits of this particular Venus far outweigh the drawbacks.

A prime example is Sagittarius actor, Brad Pitt. His Venus in Capricorn is conjunct his Capricorn Moon, making him a dependable partner to Gemini, Angelina Jolie. He was more than willing to take on the responsibility of a large family (his Jupiter in the fifth house of children is conjunct Angelina’s Moon) and being the father to her two adopted children prior to having his own with her. Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, is the mature responsible father-archetype; bringing with it discipline and reliability. Considering Angelina’s past and troubled relationship with her own father (Saturn) I can see how she would desire these traits in a partner. Brad’s Venus sits in Angelina’s seventh house of partnerships and this is further proof of the solid support he offers her as a husband.

Resources, values, and money are of great importance and there can be a preoccupation with success and social standing at any cost if expressed in a more negative manner.

Looking at our own charts we need to ask ourselves how we can harness and express the energies that Venus/Capricorn expresses. Transiting the first house, for example, there may be focus on our identity, appearance and the physical body. A more conservative approach may be needed for us to take the initiative and there may be those who perceive us as such. Venus in Capricorn transiting the seventh house may have one desiring a more mature partner (or possibly drawing this type to us) or one who emanates Capricorn-like traits. Our significant other may project these qualities onto us subconsciously and vice-versa.

Where Venus travels in the natal chart is where there’s a focus on values, money, love, how we give/receive and how our affections are expressed.

From a personal stand-point, Capricorn rules my fourth house cusp. Childhood experiences may resurface or I could possibly spend time bringing more structure to my home environment. Venus is also aesthetics: in the fourth house a home with a simple earthy-look could be appealing.


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