Planetary Trends – January 13th – January 16th, 2016

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Mercury, God of communication, commerce and to some degree, trickery, is quite busy this week.

Mercury, with his symbols, Hendrik Goltzius, 1610

 January 13th (10:37 AM EST) Sun semi-square Neptune creates feelings of uncertainty and inadequacy may make it difficult for us to focus and make sound decisions. Our sense of self is clouded by the nebulous energy of Neptune in Pisces, making it difficult to get a clear grasp on what it is we really want and who we are. Sun/Neptune aspects (especially the stressful aspects) often force us to look outside of ourselves for direction. Interacting with those who can give us solid feedback can be beneficial.

January 13th  (5:59 PM EST) Sun trine Jupiter. We’re dreaming big and doing big when the Sun forms positive aspects to Jupiter in Virgo. There may be a strong need for us to have our egos stroked, don’t take it overboard. Expansive ideas and goals may be shared with others. We’re feeling positive and hopeful and simply want to spread the joy. Jupiter is a planet of faith and philosophy. Studying these topics can bring a sense of happiness and inner contentment. Be hopeful and dream big.

January 13th (7:26 PM EST) Venus Square Chiron. Wounds surrounding love and how we express love may pose a challenge, yet challenges can bring forth change and action. Venus is a planet associated with the arts. Art is the perfect conduit for healing (Chiron). Difficulties relating and interacting with others may be triggered by past experiences dealing with abandonment; sometimes it has to hurt before it heals. We’re on a quest of self-discovery. Use Chiron as a bridge to self-love and understanding.

January 14 (9:05 AM EST) Sun conjunct Mercury. Communication is vital to our identity and sense of self. Expression through writing is particularly strong and for those who are writers, the combined Capricorn energy gives you the focus and tenacity that’s needed to follow through on creative projects. The ego (Sun) and words (Mercury) are tightly intertwined with this aspect. We’re confident in our abilities to express ourselves. Just try not to let your internal dialogue drown everyone else out.

January 14th (9:15 PM EST) Mercury trine Jupiter. We have big ideas and aren’t afraid to share them or talk about them. Mercury/Jupiter is a master at spinning tall tales. Wonderful opportunity for problem solving and brainstorming with others. We’re more than willing to work with others and seek common ground.

January 15 (1:31 AM EST) Mercury semi-square Neptune. Mercury/Neptune aspects are often intuitive and creative in nature, yet when we’re dealing with tense energy such as the semi-square there may be a struggle to stay focused. Day dreaming and the inability to focus can puta damper on our thought process and our creative endeavors. Communication may be vague and lack of attention to details creates a major challenge. If possible try to too vague when expressing yourself; forgetting details and being half-assed is certainly not the way to go.

January 16th (10:25 AM EST) Mercury semi-sextile Venus. Our words are gentle and sweet, as are those who interact with us. There’s a feeling of charm and gentleness when we interact with others. There’s emphasis on art, beauty and creative writing.


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