Planetary Trends – January 7th – January 10th, 2016

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The Adoration of the Kings
The Adoration of Kings, Flemish (c. 1520s)

On January 7th (7:22 AM EST) The Sun at 16 degrees Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees; expect the unexpected when Capricorn’s methodical and industrious energy bumps heads with Uranus’ erratic nature. Squares are usually internal conflict, but it’s through these conflicts that we become inspired to transmute difficulties into learning experiences. We’re dancing to the beat of our own drummer and not interested in playing by the rules. Try not to be difficult for the sake of being difficult. Our dislike of monotony may have us seeking out radical changes.

January 7th (11:40 PM EST) Jupiter’s expansive nature slows down as it begins its retrograde phase. Restraint may be needed in order for us to get back on track. Jupiter is very much the planet of big dreams and over the top behavour; yet there’s a philosophical and spiritual tone to Jupiter’s nature. After all, it was Pisces’ original ruler.

This is a time of reflection and contemplation; Jupiter in Virgo retrograde period may have us feeling as though our hopes and dreams have been deflated. Was it all for nothing? Look to the house that is ruled by Virgo to see where you may need to cut back a bit in order to find focus. You may have to take it down a few notches and fall back from a situation that you were gung-ho about. Jupiter is also a planet of education and learning. You’re the best teacher in this situation. Trust yourself.

January 8th (9:15 AM EST) Sun at 17 degrees Capricorn Sextile Chiron in Pisces at 17 degrees. The ego (Sun) merges nicely with the need for self-transformation and healing. The climate is ideal for pursuing solutions to some of the wounds we may be dealing with. We may offer healing and counsel to those around us.

January 8th (11:11 PM EST) Venus at 12 degrees Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn. We may feel a bit cautious when it comes to love, especially if we feel there are no concrete guarantees; feelings of isolation or feeling unloved may color our attitude and thoughts. Know that this too shall pass and you are indeed deserving of love. Cracking down on finances may be needed. You’ll be surprised by the fact you can actually live with less.

January 9th (12:25 PM EST) Mars’ Quintile to Pluto allows us to tap into the rich gifts and opportunities that Pluto has to offer. The lord of the underworld isn’t all doom and gloom; Pluto is the ultimate transformer. Our focused energy (Mars) helps us get to the bottom and penetrate anything that gets in our way. We create alchemy though sheer willpower.

January 9th (8:30 PM EST) New Moon in Capricorn at 19 degrees (I’ll be doing a separate post for this)

January 10th (7:23 AM EST) Mercury in Capricorn Semi-Square Venus in Sagittarius. There may be some challenges when it comes to expressing ourselves. Conflict between our love nature and intellect may clash causing internal stress. Understanding others could pose a bit of a challenge as well. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge and the very thought of interacting with others seems daunting, take a step back.


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