Planetary Trends – December 8th – 10th, 2015

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The adoration of the Magi
The Adoration of Magi, Pieter Coecke van Aelst, 1502-1550

Yesterday, December 8th, we were reveling in our uniqueness when the Sun formed a trine to Uranus (9:37 PM EST) Our sense of individuality took center stage ushering in invetiveness and the need to separate ourselves from the flock. Uranus in Aries leads the pack when it comes originality and freedom; our dislike of monotony may have us feeling more reckless and adventurous than usual. Being unique always feels wonderful, but being difficult or combative just for the sake of standing out isn’t always the right approach. Our unpredictability may have frustrated more focused and disciplined souls. Sagittarius adds an additional layer of adventure and free spiritedness. This energy could also have us bumping heads with authority. We’re done following the rules.

On the 9th the Sun’s square to Chiron (5:03 AM EST) may have us licking our wounds a bit. This is a complete 360 from the ego boost we receive on the 8th. Sun/Chiron interactions, especially the stressful aspects, create a crisis of the ego/self. Chiron symbolizes transmutation; while the process of healing and transformation can be painful, the rewards are great. Chiron can be both healer and “killer.” Ego destruction can lead to better understanding of the self, thus leading us onto a path of enlightenment. Mentoring is also a Chiron trait. Counseling others can aid us in our own healing quest.

Mercury enters Capricorn today (the 9th) as well at (I plan on writing a separate post for this) 9:33 PM EST. Our communication efforts may be a bit more reserved than usual. Being overly cautious, which Capricorn can be, makes it difficult for us to express ourselves; Capricorns cautiousness can actually come in handy, giving us the discipline that’s required to complete projects that yield tangible results. This is a major shift from the pie-in-the-sky energy that Mercury in Sagittarius put forth.

On the 10th Mars opposes Uranus 8:30 PM EST. The need for independence, excitement and sexual thrills may put us on a path that leads to rebelliousness and reckless behavior. Mars/Uranus is always on a quest for newness. This can create impulsiveness that can backfire if we’re not careful. Arguments and bumping heads with those who may not see eye-to-eye with us may be a major hurdle as well. Mars in Libra’s agreeable nature clashes with Uranus in Aries’ need to be top dog. Play nice if you can!


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