Venus enters Scorpio – December 4th, 2015: Intense Feelings, Transformation, & Sexual Desires

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fernand-cormon-jealousy venus in scorpio
“Jealousy in The Harem,” Fernand Cormon, 1874

Venus enters Scorpio on December 4th at 11:19 PM EST. Venus is detriment when it’s in Scorpio. This sounds worse than it actually is; it simply means that the planet associated with love may have a difficult time functioning and expressing Venusian energy with Scorpio’s intense Plutonian energy involved. Venus in Scorpio creates the need for strong sexual desires and in some cases, the need may become so overwhelming that obsession takes over. Relationships are often deep, dark, and transformative in nature.

Venus in Scorpio certainly isn’t for the faint of heart! during this time we may find ourselves digging deeply into our love lives and how we express love  to those who are close to us. There may some internal conflict between wanting to merge with those we love and wanting to be secretive about our deepest feelings due to trust issues. Scorpio often struggles with being consumed by their feelings; power plays and struggles often arise in romantic relationships due to their compulsive need to control the situation and in some extreme cases, those they love.

We have to be especially cautious of  not using manipulation and sex as a tool to control those around us. Emotional control can backfire. Remember that. Being vengeful and calculating is the lower vibration of Scorpio.

The best way to deal with this kind of energy is to use and express love in a healing way (Scorpio’s make wonderful healers) that encourages growth and most importantly, transformation. No one rises from the ashes like a Scorpio. Scorpio has the ability to tap deeply into the psyche and explore all of the dark riches that dwell there. This allows them to uplift and encourage those around them. Scorpio’s are natural therapists. There’s no subject too dark or difficult for them to handle, and because of this gift, people tend to come to them for insight and emotional support.


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