Sun Conjunct Saturn – November 28th, 2015: Self-Worth Takes Time

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Saturn cutting off Cupid’s wings with a scythe (1802) Ivan Akimov

Transiting Saturn @ 7 degrees Sagittarius is currently conjunct the cosmic taskmaster, Saturn. We may be painfully aware of our shortcomings and feeling confident may be a bit of a challenge. Focusing on our faults and beating ourselves up simply isn’t the answer right now even though we may feel tempted to do so. Saturn is all about disciplined and patient effort; feeling good about ourselves doesn’t happen overnight.

Saturn’s Square to Neptune can create self-defeatist attitudes and we don’t want that, now do we! We can be our own worst enemy with this aspect. As someone who has the Saturn/Neptune opposition I can’t count the number of times I’ve unnecessarily shot myself in the foot. Try to have realistic (Saturn) dreams (Neptune) and work on forgiving yourself. None of us are perfect; work on your flaws but don’t allow them to take over and inhibit your growth. Like the picture above, Saturn can often make us feel as though our wings are being destroyed. The desire to soar and stretch our wings can feel like a daunting task with stressful Saturn aspects, but it can be done.

I’ve been thinking of Saturn quite a bit since it’s quite dominant in my chart (Saturn forms a tight square to my ascendant ruler, Venus, and opposes my Neptune) When not expressed in healthy ways Saturn can lead to fear and too much self-reliance. This can lead to feelings of isolation and perceived rejection. Stressful Saturn aspects can make us cold and defensive. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts; everyone is not out to get you. Leave yourself open to the possibility of love and support. Saturn often gets a bad rap. He’s labeled a cosmic meany who’s sole purpose is to make our lives a living hell.

Like a fine wine, Saturn truly gets better with time. Take this difficult energy for what it is and turn it into a learning lesson. That’s what Saturn has been trying to do all along: self-worth is obtained through focus and diligence.


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