Gemini Full Moon – November 25th, 2015:Detachment & Mental Sensation

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The Gemini full Moon at 3 degrees ushers in the need to communicate/verbalize our emotions. As someone with a Gemini Moon, I can attest to the fact that security is obtained from being mentally stimulated; this current energy may have us feeling fickle, changeable, excited and inquisitive.

Gemini Constellation, Urania’s Mirror, 1825

Emotions and moods are often magnified with Full Moon’s and The Moon’s opposition to Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun in Sagittarius may have our emotional make-up clashing with our ego and ability to be subjective. Saturn’s conjunction to the Sun and opposition to the Full Moon could make us feel particularly defensive; not all criticism is a personal attack. Domestic responsibilities may feel a bit burdensome, but we certainly have the ingenuity to make things work out in the long run with the Moon’s trine to both Ceres and Mars.

Gmini Full MoonMother to Persephone, Ceres is very much the protector and nurturer. We find the support we need through logical action (Mars) and Ceres’ sextile to Mercury/Saturn in Sagittarius creates an interesting mix of the eccentric and philosophical. Personally, I think one of the best ways to express this energy is through mental pursuits and verbal expression. Now is not the time to hold everything in; this Full Moon has a powerful air element: a grand-trine in Air that consists of the Moon, Mars, and Ceres. Again, the key is expressing ourselves through the mind. The Air realm is about mental sensation. Sometimes detaching ourselves mentally from a situation is the best medicine.

*How have you been expressing and feeling this current Full Moon energy?

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