Mars enters Libra – November 12th, 2015: Diplomatic drive & Passive-Aggressiveness

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The Parnassus. Mars (Ares) and Venus(Aphrodite) and dancing maidens below. Painting by artist Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506) Date: 1497
The Parnassus. Mars (Ares) and Venus(Aphrodite) and dancing maidens below. Painting by artist Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506) Date: 1497

What happens when Mars, ruler of the God of war (Ares/Aries) crosses paths with Venus ruled Libra, known for it’s diplomacy and accommodating nature? There may be some serious issues surrounding exerting our dominance and we want. This is one of the main reasons why Mars in Libra is considered detriment: Libra’s desire to not ruffle feathers creates a certain level of internal conflict when Mars comes into the picture. How can we go for what we want and desire without coming across as rude or aggressive? How can we feel comfortable standing our ground yet maintain balance and peace? Libra in Mars is perfect for diplomacy and mediators, yet, when expressed negatively, we get suppressed anger and passive-aggressive behavior. Mars in air signs often has issues expressing the doing energy. More time is spent thinking about taking action than actually doing it.

Our interactions with others may also be highlighted. Libra is the sign most associated with relationships, unions and our intimate interactions with others. They key is respect and mutual understanding. Mars in Libra may force us to examine how we co-exist with others. Being graceful (one of Libras qualities) is a wonderful attribute to have, but being agreeable when you really want to let those around us know where we stand can create feelings of hostility. Luckily Mars’ conjunction to Venus and sextile to Saturn gives us a certain level of maturity, charm, and caution when it comes to us expressing Martial desires. We can certainly express what we want with both sensitivity and respect.

Make sure to look to the house in your natal chart that is ruled my Libra as well as where your natal Mars falls. This can give further insight into how this planetary energy will manifest and express itself. Mars in Libra transiting 4th house may bring forth the need to put our foot down when it comes to issues surrounding home and our living situation. Those annoying roommates you’ve been letting slide by on the rent may have to be confronted once and for all. Mars in Libra transiting the 6th house may have us focusing on our service/duties in the work place; is what we contribute being appreciated? How can one assert themselves in this environment without obsessing over being liked and accepted? These are just a few examples on Mars in Libra through some of the natal houses.


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