Mercury Trine Neptune – November 6th, 2015: Communication & The Spirit

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The Oracle of Visions & The Crystal Oracle
The Oracle of Visions & The Crystal Oracle

When the planet of communication (Mercury) combines energies with the planet of mysticism and illusions (Neptune) expect the need for creative and imaginative exploration to intensify. Mercury entered Scorpio on November 2nd ushering in a deep/probing urge to express ourselves passionately, and in some cases, with no words at all. Scorpio has the ability to tap into the deepest parts of the psyche (often telepathically) and when these gifts are merged with the universal longing of transcendence that Neptune provides, magic can certainly happen.

Today I decided to work with two oracle decks for further insight into the Mercury/Neptune trine, what our central focus should be, and how we can use this energy constructively and to our benefit. 

The very first card is, Knowledge. Here we have a woman armed with books, scrolls and information (all very Mercurial in nature) This symbolizes our thought process. Mercury is very much a guide of souls. We are being encouraged to use our psychic gifts and intuition in order to make better decisions. While Neptune can often make the messages we receive blurry, it’s trine to Mercury creates a sense of inner knowing.

The Next Card is, Tumbled Stones. Here we have rainbow/universal healing. This ties in perfectly with Neptune’s desire to merge with the collective consciousness; blessings, healing and dreams should be our focus during this time.

The final card is the, Wonder of creation. A seer/guardian angel watches closely over a new life forming in the center of an astrological chart. Neptune is very much a creative and artistic planet. Mysteries and the unknown are quite Neptunian as well. We need to understand that we are not alone in the universe. Pay close attention to your dreams/visions and signs. There’s valuable information that may be available to us. If possible, try to take some time to communicate (Mercury) with the spirit (Neptune) Pay especially close attention to your sixth sense; If possible marry the analytical and the spiritual.


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