Lorena Bobbit & The Dark Goddess

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photovisi-download (4)Yesterday, while looking at my transits during an ectopic pregnancy that almost killed me, I started to think about Dark Moon Lilith in the astrological chart. Transiting Lilith was transiting my 5th house (children) when I needed emergency surgery for internal bleeding when my fallopian tube almost burst. Lilith fascinates me, but Dark Moon Lilith in particular, intrigues me. There are three Lilith’s that are channeled in astrological analysis. Spending 10 days in each sign, Dark Moon Lilith takes approximately 119 days to travel around our planet. Darkstar Astrology describes Dark Moon Lilith as:

“Dark Moon then can work two ways like the myth, we either face our Demons or release them safely or we bury them. If they are allowed to fester they become enraged.”

This brings me to one of Lilith “daughters,” Lorena Bobbit. Lorena was thrust into the public spotlight after she severed her abusive husband’s penis on June 23rd 1993. After sustaining years of physical and sexual abuse, she reached her breaking point. Lorena was born on October, 31st 1970, in Quito, Ecuador. She married John Wayne Bobbit when she was just 19 years old (he was 22) she was raped by her husband the night of the attack. The outer wheel is Lorena’s chart. Transiting Pluto (which is often associated with assault /Persephone myth/power struggles) was conjunct her Moon/Venus conjunction and opposite Saturn/Juno (marriage/divine consort/wife to Jupiter) transiting Pluto was also conjunct her natal Dark Moon Lilith. There are three Liliths that are used in astrology, and Dark Moon is the most vicious. She’s associated with revenge, assault, nightmares, toxins, emotional pain and the shadow. Lorena had finally had enough.

On June 23rd, at around 5am,  Lorena used a 12” kitchen knife to end her suffering. The first thing that struck me was the powerful amount of Scorpio energy in her chart. With Juno in Taurus conjunct Saturn, a spouse that can provide her with stability and financial security is of the utmost importance. During the trial, Lorena complained of abuse and financial instability.  The night of the attack, transiting Venus in Taurus (event 12th house) was opposite transiting Pluto (abduction/assault ) in Scorpio conjunct her Juno/Saturn conjunction. Lorena Bobbit attack chart

Dark Moon Lilith isn’t an actual celestial body. She’s a mathematical point (similar to the lunar nodes) There’s an actual asteroid named Lilith (one of the three Liliths used, also known as “1181″) that played a role in this attack as well. Asteroid Lilith is very much the freedom-fighter/feminist and healer. Transiting asteroid Lilith in Libra was conjunct Lorena’s Mars/Uranus conjunction opposite her natal Vertex (fated events) it was through the attack (Dark Moon Lilith) that she was liberated and freed (asteroid Lilith).

Her natal Dark Moon Lilith is in Scorpio conjunct her Moon and opposite natal Hades. Her husband messed with the wrong woman. Venus in the 12th of the attack chart is very behind closed doors. Her Juno/Saturn/Hades conjunction in the event chart 12th describes the hidden abuse/attacks she was subjected to by her own husband that night. For me, transiting Pluto conjunct her natal Dark Moon Lilith, was very much the trigger.

Pluto’s role here cannot be ignored. Transformation is often obtained through crisis. With the large amount of Scorpio in her chart (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter and Vesta!) she rose like a phoenix from the ashes of abuse.

Her natal Hades was also conjunct Venus in the event chart. This woman went through hell. Her natal Saturn in Taurus is what restrained her (her Saturn is conjunct Juno and opposite her Scorpio Sun) because I’m surprised she didn’t kill that man looking at these transits.

Another worthy note: Transiting Dark Moon Lilith in Taurus was conjunct her Saturn/Juno/Hades.

Her natal Nessus, which is associated with abuse, at 18 degrees Gemini, forms a tight conjunction to the event’s ascendant at 19 degrees square her natal Venus/Moon conjunction. Nessus, a centaur in Greek mythology kidnapped Princess Dejanira. Her name translates into: “Destroyer of her husband.”

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