The Astrology of Machiavelli – Part One

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machiaLast night I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to create a chart for Machiavelli. Luckily for me, his birth time is in his biography. He was born May 2nd, 1469 at 11:07 p.m. in Florence, Italy. I’m using the gregarian calendar for his chart calculations (May 11th)

Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune had not been discovered at the time of his birth, but I will be using them to give some insight into his personality (just because something hasn’t been discovered doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist)

I’ve divided this analysis into two parts. In Part two I’ll discuss his imprisonment and death.

Born the third child and only son to his parents, Niccolo, has Capricorn rising and his Sun is also in earth (Taurus)The ruler of the ascendant, Saturn, sits in the third house square his natal moon and trine the ascendant; this gives clues to an individual that is quite austere in terms of their emotional makeup and how they present themselves to others. Stressful aspects between Saturn/Moon can also point to a somewhat stern mother or a home environment where the child is given a tremendous amount of responsibility, or a home life that is barren or deprived,  creating a child that’s more emotionally mature than his/her peers.

There’s an overall feeling of emotional heaviness combined with an almost child-like enthusiasm in his chart. He was quite close to his father (Sun trine Ascendant) and very little is known about his mother. She died shortly before his Saturn return.

tumblr_nun57pCKJu1ursyu3o1_r1_1280Responsibility is very much a Saturn trait; his given responsibilities in both diplomatic and military affairs points to the strong Saturnian nature in his chart. Venus (diplomacy) is in Aries (war) and sits in the 3rd house of communication.

Jupiter opposes his Moon and squares his ascendant ruler. I don’t want to go as far as calling him a “liar,” but he was definitely known for his tall tales and grandiose perception of himself. His Jupiter/Moon opposition is also generous and despite his tough childhood, he did have a playful spirit.

His Aquarius Moon square Saturn in Taurus reveals internal conflict between traditional structure and radical/unconventional (Aquarius) ideas (Moon trine Mercury in Gemini)

There’s a strong emphasis on communication, learning, and creativity in his chart: Mercury rules his 5th (creativity) and 6th (service) respectively. Mercury is quite strong since it’s in its own ruler (Gemini) he wrote numerous comedies, carnival songs (the 5th house is also pleasures and fun) as well as poetry.


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