Full Moon in Pisces – August 29, 2015: Dreams And Empathic Energy

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Pisces constellationThe siren is calling during this Full Moon; the question is: Are we listening? The Moon’s conjunction to Neptune’s nebulous energy gives us a merging of emotions and strong empathic connections. Even those who may be non-believers when it comes to the idea of picking up on the feelings of others may find themselves touched by Neptune’s magic. The Pisces/Virgo axis encourages us to dream, and big dreams are on the cosmic menu with Jupiter’s conjunction to the Sun, but to not allow ourselves to get carried away. Caution is definitely needed with Jupiter’s opposition to the Moon; fantasy can create confusion and a lack of focus. The struggle between escapism and practicality will be strongly felt during this Full Moon. Grounding ourselves is a must. Poetry, music, writing and the arts in general are favored with this particular Full Moon. Be mindful when it comes to drugs and controlled substances. The need to dissolve, disappear, and not face reality may be tempting but detrimental in the long run. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t forget to create!WRIGJ1I

Healing stones for this particular Full Moon: I’ve chosen stones that embody grounding energy (Virgo) and Psychic abilities (Pisces)

  • Purple Fluorite – Opens Psychic channels and aides in grounding.
  • Black Onyx – Grounding; brings dreams to fruition.
  • Moonstone – Helps develop psychic powers.
  • Black Tourmaline – Aides in lucid dreaming.

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