New Moon in Leo – August 14th, 2015: Royalty and Loyalty

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WRIGJ2This is a radiant New Moon with lot’s of star power. I wouldn’t expect anything less of regal Leo. We’re definitely feeling ourselves with the New Moon conjunct expansive Jupiter but we’re more than willing to share the love with the conjunction to Venus and Eros. The trine to radical Uranus in Aries encourages us to stand out from the pack and exploit our uniqueness. Our pride is magnified this New Moon; we’re not interested in taking a backseat to anyone or anything during this time. Those around us are either for us or against us. Leo expects complete devotion and loyalty. It’s all or nothing. 

Practical Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces points to creativity and strong imaginative skills, yet we may have some issues when it comes to the follow through. Our antennas are definitely sensitive to the thought and ideas of others. Try not to take it too personal. Dreaming is wonderful, healing in fact, but bringing dreams and ideas to fruition requires discipline. Scattered ideas an miscommunication may leave us feeling mentally drained and a bit exhausted.

Venus conjunct Jupiter has us feeling generous and indulgent. Venus’s square to Saturn fortunately reign us in, giving us a cosmic reminder not to go overboard.

Vesta, daughter of Cronos/Saturn and Rhea, is the goddess of sacred spaces. Astrologically she symbolizes the sacred in every day life; Vetsa in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn; here we have the internal struggle of intergrating service/sacrifice and power/transformation. This New Moon certainly gives us the tools we need to face the challenge.

Healing stones for this particular New Moon:

I’ve chosen stones that embody the fiery/solar energy of Leo. Red and Orange stones in particular embody fire, energy, passion and the Sun.

  • Red Jasper – For courage (perfect for Leo’s lion symbolism) and self-esteem issues.
  • Garnet – For strength, will power and bringing dreams/goals to fruition.
  • Rubicelle – For releasing blockages and releasing fear.

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