The Astrology of Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette Chart

“She was not a guilty woman, neither was she a saint; she was an upright, charming woman, a little frivolous, somewhat impulsive, but always pure; she was a queen, at times ardent in her fancies for her favourites and thoughtless in her policy, but proud and full of energy, a thorough woman in her winsome ways and tenderness of heart, until she became a martyr.” –  The Life of Marie-Antoinette – Maxine de la Rocheterie

This quote describes her chart perfectly. Marie was born on November 2, 1755 @ 7:30 PM in Vienna, Austria.She had Cancer rising and the ruler of the first (Moon) was in the 5th house of love affairs, Children, gambling and pleasure. Her Jupiter/Moon conjunction in Libra is the charming aspect you always hear when people describe her. Most of her frivolous nature is due to her Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Vertex and Hades all in the 5th house (Pleasure) it ultimately became her downfall (Hades)

Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Marie Antoinette, 1783

She has quite a bit of water in her chart with her Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio and her Mars/Ascendant in Cancer. Her Moon/Saturn square points to a somewhat restrictive mother or a mother who may have emotionally distant in some way. Marie had a somewhat tense relationship with her mother but there was a tremendous amount of love between the two. Moon/Saturn aspects can also indicate a child that may have had to grow up quickly or had to deal with a certain amount of emotional responsibility at an early age. Marie was just 14 when she married the future Louis XVI.

Neptune is Square her Sun, Venus and Sextile her Jupiter. She was someone with little to no boundaries and lived in a dream (Neptune) world detached from reality. I think the tight Square from Saturn to her Libra Moon caused a lot of emotional heaviness, sadness and feeling weighed down by life/responsibilities that caused her to submerge herself in her overindulgent Neptune in Leo. Neptune/Venus aspects give one a deep love of beauty/beautiful objects/art, but it can also give a person poor judgement because one looks at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Her impulsive nature stems from her Mars in Cancer in the first house Square her Libra Moon in the 5th. Her Uranus South Node conjunction in Pisces close to the midheaven gives clues into her public image. Uranus is quite unpredictable and “out-there” and it’s a difficult planet to pin down. Uranian energy hates rules, regulations and any kind of restrictions and it trines her Sun/Venus conjunction in Scorpio in the 5th house.

The South Node is linked to past life issues and what we’ve mastered. We’ve mastered these gifts because we’ve honed them and done them before in our previous incarnation. The North Node is what we need to work on now and Marie’s N.Node was in meticulous/organized Virgo in the 4th house. Her Karmic lesson was in taking care of 4th house matters (home matters/responsibility)


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