The Astrology of Octavia Butler

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Octavia Butler“I began writing about power because I had so little” Octavia Butler

Last month (June) was Octavia Butler’s birthday. I planned on posting something about her yesterday, but got sidetracked by some other things. There was no birth time available for Octavia so I chose noon. Being the amazing writer that she was I wanted to see how her Mercury functions within her chart. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Mercury, Venus and the Moon are quite strong in her chart as well as Uranus.

It doesn’t surprise me that she was such an amazing writer and creative force with these two planets (Uranus/Mercury) prominent in her chart.Uranus is very much associated with sci-fi and progressive thinking (Octavia explored issues such as race, gender and religion) Uranus is the avant-garde, quirkiness; the individual that thinks outside of the box and is often an outsider. Often those with Uranus in the chart stand out it some way. She was almost 6 feet tall and spoke of being “awkward” as a child.

Octavia E. Butler

What intrigued me the most was the asteroid, Pallas,in Pisces @ 16 degrees square her Uranus in Gemini. Pallas is very much the defender of wisdom and how we tend to process information. She can also give insight into the wisdom we posses and how we chose to express that wisdom. Pisces is the poet, the spiritual visionary who can tap into the universe. This is the perfect placement for someone who writes fantasy and science-fiction. Squares often point to internal blockages and obstacles that force us to work harder. Pallas Square Uranus and her Uranus Quincunx Mercury aspect is linked to her slight dyslexia in her youth. Stressful aspects between Uranus/Mercury can be someone who has an unconventional way of processing information and can also point to genius (Uranus is associated with brilliance)

Again, while I don’t have a birth time (I used noon which is an ambiguous time astrologers use when we don’t have an accurate birth time) I find it ironic that there are so many planets in the 9th. The 9th house is associated with publishing. Her 5th house ruler (Uranus) sits in the 9th as well. The 5th is associated with creativity. Neptune in the first also points to a mystical individual with strong intuitive skills and an amazing imagination (she was hooked on fairy tails in her youth. With these planetary positions, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was born mid-day.

Her Moon in Leo is trine Ceres (nurturing, mother of Persephone and the ultimate caregiver) in Aries. This aspect is extremely important to me because it sheds light on how supportive the women in Octavia’s life were. Her mother (Moon/Ceres) in particular nurtured and supported her dreams of becoming a writer. Her mother bought her a Remington type writer (which I’m sure was a huge purchase for a black mother who was a domestic worker) when she was 12 and encouraged her daughter to read and explore by bringing Octavia discarded books from the white families she worked for.

It’s so important for parents to support their children’s dreams no matter how big or small.


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