Astrological Analysis of Cult Leaders (Jim Jones)

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Cult Leader, Jim Jones
Cult Leader, Jim Jones

I’m currently looking at the charts of cult leaders. Jim Jones (Jonestown massacre) had Capricorn rising with Neptune (spirituality) trine his ascendant. Neptune also trines his Mercury (communication) in Taurus. He knew just what to say to the people who followed him. I’ve noticed Neptune/Mercury aspects with other cult leaders as well. It’s the selling of a fantasy/salvation (Neptune) through words (Mercury)

His Aries Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto hints at an individual who’s emotionally erratic, controlling and manipulative. Jim definitely has the chart of a charismatic pied-piper. Venus in Aries trines Mars, conjuncts his Moon and squares Jupiter. This is a charismatic individual with strong leader qualities (Aries) who would promise people the world. Venus is actually quite strong in his chart. His obsession with controlling his followers is even more pronounced with his Venus square Pluto/Saturn.

“Saturn Devouring His Child,” 1636, Peter Paul Rubens

His ascendant ruler, Saturn, sits in the first. Saturn/Chronos was the mythological father that ate his own children with the fear of one of them overthrowing him as the king of the God’s. How revealing is it that Jim Jones wanted his followers to call him either, “Father,” or “Daddy,” and ultimately led his children/flock to their deaths.

He also has Pluto in Cancer sextile his Taurus Sun. What’s revealing is Pluto sits in the 7th house of partnerships. All planets have a “shadow”; Pluto isn’t just transformation; it’s linked to tyranny, abuse of power and manipulation. Combine this energy with the darker side of Neptune (drugs, delusion, deception) and you get a dangerous mix.

Jupiter is also conjunct his Pluto so this is an individual with an insatiable need for power. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. His Jupiter is also sextile his Sun creating a man with an inflated sense of self/ego (Sun).

I’m trying to compare charts to see if Neptune/Pluto plays a role as well as Jupiter and the 9th house (the 9th house is religion/philosophical views) Jim’s Neptune sits in the 9th and trines the 9th house ruler (Mercury) adding an interesting mix to his religious fanaticism.

His Libra Midheaven made him quite charming; the MC is linked to ones public image and former members discussed how persuasive and “charming” Jim was. He had a Venus/Moon conjunction in Aries and he definitely knew how to play on the emotional needs of his followers.

* Waco, TX cult leader,David Koresh (the leader of Branch Davidians religious sect) had a Neptune/Mercury aspect as well (the square) and Saturn was also dominant in his chart. I’ll be exploring his chart next week.


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