The Astrology of Tupac Shakur

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Tupac Natal Chart

Tupac’s birthday was upon us on the 16th of June. I decided to take a peek to see what I could pick up on astrologically. Since there is no birth time for ‘Pac there’s been some debate on what sign his natal Moon is in. Is it fiery Aries or sensitive Pisces? Emotionally Tupac was both sensitive and fiery. His short fuse and warrior spirit would certainly be fitting of an Aries Moon, yet his poetry, spiritual/mystical beliefs (He was a strong believer in astrology) and strong connection to the divine feminine (women) points to a Pisces Moon. I’ve given him the ambiguous noon as a birth time since I don’t have one. This gives him a moon in the early degree of Aries, 2 degrees to be exact.

Air is the strongest element in Tupac’s chart. His Sun, Mercury, Venus and the asteroid Ceres are all in Gemini as well as the Arabian part of fortune. (That’s the little circle with the “X” in the center) Those with Air strong in their charts have a strong desire to learn study and know. The abundance of Gemini energy in his chart made him quite mercurial in nature: His ideas and philosophies shifted often and he was interested in a variety of subjects. Gemini needs constant mental stimulation and Tupac studied poetry, ballet, jazz and acting while at the Baltimore School for The Arts.

There are three aspects that stand out in his chart: his Venus/Neptune opposition, his Moon/Neptune square and his Saturn/Jupiter opposition. Tupac2

Tupac’s Moon/Neptune Square: The Moon in our chart points to our emotional and what nurtures us. It can also give is some clues into our mother/mother archetype. Tupac’s mother Afeni was very much a warrior in her own right, so ‘Pac’s Moon may very well be in Aries. His Moon squares Neptune, the planet of mystery, spirituality and divinity. Men with Moon/Neptune aspects tend to have an almost divine love of women and often put them on a pedestal. A pedestal that the woman of ‘Pac’s affection would find difficult to stay on. Moon/Neptune is very much in line with Isis/the virgin mother. His relationship and feelings about women were quite complex in nature.

His Venus (Love) opposes Neptune! Here we have the poet and hopeless romantic. What’s interesting is Jada Pinkett Smith’s Saturn, which deals with Karma and past life events, is conjunct ‘Pac’s Venus. This creates strong karmic ties between two people that are difficult to break. Jada’s Virgo Sun/Moon conjunction was conjunct ‘Pac’s Pluto! That’s a powerful connection. The Pluto person (Tupac) often has a strong hold over the person their Pluto touches. Jada has openly talked about what a huge influence ‘Pac had on her and how protective he was of her.

One of the most challenging aspects in his chart is his Saturn/Jupiter opposition. This created an internal struggle for him between knowing his self-worth and often feeling he wasn’t loved and appreciated enough. This could point to the kinds of people he chose to associate with (Suge Knight, etc…) oppositions tend to be projected onto other people and “Pac was often stubborn and difficult to deal with. This is all linked to his feelings of abandonment and self-worth.

At the time of his murder, his Progressed Sun and Moon were both in water signs (Cancer & Pisces) he was going through some intense emotional/psychological changes and often talked about wanting to leave death row and focus on films. Transiting Pluto (death/transformation) was conjunct his Neptune at the time of his murder. Neptune is also associated with mystery. Transiting Uranus was approaching a conjunction to his natal Mars at the time of the shooting. Mars is often associated with violence and Uranus points to events that are shocking and sudden. His murder was both.


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