Positive Uses of Neptune in Pisces–Update

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Sky Writer

(c) by Donna Cunningham, 4-17-15

A few months back, I asked my readers to share the positive ways they were using transits by Neptune in Pisces.  The responses were quite uplifting….most of the time.  Some used it as a gripe session, which wasn’t quite the point. I’m very sorry if you’re drowning in a Neptunian sea right now, and, yes, it can sometimes be very painful.  However, one way to move out of a state like that is to learn ways of using Neptune well and focus on them while avoiding the less constructive expressions.

It’s a process, like most transits.  What often happens in the early stage is that you bottom out on self-sabotaging ways you’ve been using the natal planet that’s being transited and in the matters of the house being affected.  Typically, you’re burned out and it’s too hurtful to keep on doing that, but you feel stuck–a sense of…

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